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PSF Meeting Minutes for Aug. 11, 2015

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The Python Software Foundation
Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

August 11, 2015

A regular meeting of the Python Software Foundation ("PSF") Board of Directors was held over Group Conference Call via phone and Internet Relay Chat beginning at 21:00 UTC, on August 11, 2015. Ewa Jodlowska took notes/minutes.

All votes are reported in the form "Y-N-A" (in favor-Y‚opposed-N‚abstentions-A; e.g. "5-1-2" means "5 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstentions").

1   Attendance

The following members of the Board of Directors (7 of 11) were present at the meeting: Diana Clarke, Carol Willing, Lynn Root, Anna Ossowski, Van Lindberg, and Marc-Andre Lemburg. Ashwini Oruganti voted by proxy. Ewa Jodlowska (Director of Operations), Betsy Waliszewski (Secretary/Administrator) and Kurt B. Kaiser (Treasurer) were also in attendance.

2   Minutes of Past Meetings

The 28 July 2015 Board meeting minutes were voted on and approved.

RESOLVED, that the PSF approve the minutes at as representing a true and accurate record of the July 28, 2015 meeting.

Approved, 7–0-0.

3   Votes Taken Between Meetings

There were no votes taken between the July 28, 2015 and August 11, 2015 meetings.

4   Votes Taken Over Email

4.1   Django Girls Seattle 2015

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation grant $630 USD to the Django Girls Seattle workshop happening August 7 & 8th, 2015

Approved, 11-0-0, August 4, 2015.

5   Reports

5.1   Sprints Working Group

  • Nothing to report for July 2015

5.2   O&E Working Group

  • Nothing to report for July 2015

5.3   Trademarks Working Group

  • Intel ® Distribution for Python*
  • NZPUG logo: image+text
  • Python Logo in a selection of Python Tutorial videos
  • Python logo on a t-shirt
  • Python name and logo on the user interface (Intel)
  • Python logo in a book about Introduction to Statistics with Python
  • Logo for mwclient
  • Python logo as part of the cover design of a book on Python programming
  • Derived Python logo concept for use in baby onesies
  • Python logo on PUG logos
  • First Python Conference in Khmelnitskiy City, Ukraine
  • Python coffee mug
  • Cython Logo for Coffee Mug
  • Logo in a book about BIG DATA
  • T-Shirt designs for personal use
  • Heroku Python Buildpack
  • Use of Python logo on personal website, business card, etc.

5.4   Scientific Python Working Group

  • Nothing to report for July 2015

6   PyCon ZA 2015 Sponsorship

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation sponsor PyConZA 2015 in the amount of 25,000 RAND (approx 1970 USD), which corresponds with their Silver Level Sponsorship

Approved, 7-0-0.

7   Django Girls Krakow #2 Grant

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation grant $750 USD to the Django Girls Krakow workshop happening on the 22 - 23 rd August

Approved, 7-0-0.

8   South American O&E by Manuel Kaufmann

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation grant $5,000 USD to Manuel Kaufmann to support continued lectures and educational courses around different cities in South America

Approved, 7-0-0.

9   Hiring Betsy Waliszewski

RESOLVED, that the PSF agrees to the hire Betsy Waliszewski as Event Coordinator and Administrator based on the offer letter sent by Van Lindberg on June 26, 2015 (retroactive start date of August 3, 2015) to the PSF Board.

Approved, 7-0-0.

10   Other Business

  • BBC Microbit Update: Van took the todo item to send the board an update on the BBC Microbit
  • Amending the PyPI Terms & Conditions: The board brought up the discussion about updating the PyPI terms. This discussion will continue on the psd-board-public mailing list.

11   Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 21:46 UTC.