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Python Software Foundation FAQ

What is the Python Software Foundation?

From the PSF Mission Statement:

The mission of the Python Software Foundation is to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers.

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) is a non-profit membership organization devoted to advancing open source technology related to the Python programming language. It qualifies under the US Internal Revenue Code as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) scientific and educational public charity, and conducts its business according to the rules for such organizations.

The PSF is a corporation according to U.S. tax law, incorporated in the state of Delaware. Our federal taxpayer ID ("04 number") is 04-3594598.

For a quick overview of the PSF's activities, please see the our About page.

Who are PSF members?

For the full list of members, please refer to the membership roster. For information about membership, please see the membership FAQ.

Who are on the PSF board? Who are the officers?

The PSF board and officers are also listed on the membership roster.

How do I reach the PSF?

For general inquiries, please email For sponsorship questions, please email For accounting questions, including how to send ACH, wire, Zelle, or other payments to the PSF or suspicious checks, please contact

Postal address:

Python Software Foundation
9450 SW Gemini Dr. ECM# 90772
Beaverton, OR 97008

Fax: 1-858-712-8966

How do I join the PSF?

See the membership FAQ for detailed information on both basic membership and the other kinds of membership available to individuals.

Sponsorship is also available for organizations. See the sponsorship page for details.

How can I follow PSF activities?

Sign up to receive our newsletter! It is currently sent out about every other month.

Python Software Foundation News is a blog announcing and discussing PSF activities.

You can follow us on Twitter , Mastodon, and LinkedIn as well.

You can sign up here for psf-members-announce, which is a moderated, very low traffic list used for announcements to the PSF members, primarily regarding elections.

How can I provide feedback?

For questions about the PSF, or for comments on the PSF web pages, please write to

For questions about Python, please write to

For comments on the web pages, please write to