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Newest success stories

Carmanah Lights the Way with Python

Python's particular mix of features helps embedded developers be more effective when programming a PC. While these developers are well familiar with C (by far the most popular high level language for embedded systems) a C program written for a standard desktop or server is quite different in style from one for a microcontroller. Read more

Python is Rackspace's CORE Technology

Python is Rackspace's CORE Technology

Rackspace uses Python to implement its enterprise data systems and to achieve true object reuse. We do this through a central customer information system called "CORE," which is used both for CRM and ERP. Python and CORE are key factors that enable Rackspace to provide fanatical support and fast customer service. Read more

WordStream Uses Python as Their Platform of Choice

WordStream provides keyword management solutions for search marketers worldwide and uses Python as the basis of their product technology. Python's increased productivity, reliability and extensibility has enabled WordStream to gain a strategic advantage over its competition. Read more

Enovad Used Python to Deliver its Armadillo Commercial Anti-Spam Software

Python helps Enovad deliver the feature-rich Armadillo commercial anti-spam product ahead of schedule. Read more