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Vacation rental marketplace development using Python

When making this vacation rental marketplace we employed Python and its tools to work out complex business logic that involves data analysis and system administration. Read more

Python Powered CrossCompute Report Automation for eReliability Tracker Leads to Cost and Time Savings for the American Public Power Association

Transform a 3-6 month labor intensive process into a highly flexible automated report that can leverage the full analytical power of Python. Read more

Why Python Matters for the VR Community

Easy to learn and read, and with a huge scientific community behind it, Python has been at the heart of our VR software development from the start. Novices and experts alike enjoy Python for VR scripting more than ever. Read more

Deliver Clean and Safe Code for Your Python Applications

"Some of the things [SonarCloud] spots are impressive (probably driven by some introspection and/or type inference), not just the simple pattern matching that I am used to in most of the flake8 ecosystem." - Peter J. A. Cock - maintainer of BioPython Read more

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