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Newest success stories

Abridging clinical conversations using Python

Python powers major aspects of Abridge’s ML lifecycle, including data annotation, research and experimentation, and ML model deployment to production. Read more

Python for Financial Machine Learning at Union Investment

Python and its broad variety of libraries are very well suited to develop customized machine learning tools which tackle the complex challenges posed by financial time series. Read more

Python provides convenience and flexibility for scalable ML/AI

Python's convenience has made it the most popular language for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Python's flexibility has allowed Anyscale to make ML/AI scalable from laptops to clusters. Read more

Python in a classic enterprise setting - hand-rolled microservices for supply chain / ERP

Think Python isn't ready to play in the enterprise space? think again., an online retailer, has built a full suite of Python microservices to support its entire back-office supply chain, from purchasing through to inventory, warehouse integration, ecommerce and more. Read more