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Newest success stories

Python in a classic enterprise setting - hand-rolled microservices for supply chain / ERP

Think Python isn't ready to play in the enterprise space? think again., an online retailer, has built a full suite of Python microservices to support its entire back-office supply chain, from purchasing through to inventory, warehouse integration, ecommerce and more. Read more

Making our new website and admin work together using Python

Without the Python code we used, our options would have been to pay out thousands of pounds, or stick with an outdated payment system. Read more

Getting to Know Python

Python really is the Swiss Army Knife in my toolbox Read more

Securing Python Runtimes

Python developers aren’t unique - we’d prefer to follow security best practices with respect to runtimes, but not if it’s going to prevent us from getting our sprint coding tasks done. The ActiveState Platform provides a new option. It makes it simple for anyone - not just build engineers - to automatically create secure Python runtime environments for your project in just a few minutes. Read more