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Python Special Interest Groups


There are a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for focused collaborative efforts to develop, improve, or maintain specific Python resources. Each SIG has a charter, a coordinator, a mailing list, and a directory on the Python website. SIG membership is informal, defined by subscription to the SIG's mailing list. Anyone can join a SIG, and participate in the development discussions via the SIG's mailing list.

Below is the list of currently active Python SIGs, with links to their resources. The link in the first column directs you to the SIG's home page: a page with more information about the SIG. The links in the "Info" column direct you to the SIG's archives, and to the SIG's Mailman page, which you can use to subscribe or unsubscribe yourself and to change your subscription options.

The SIG mailing lists are managed by GNU Mailman, a web-based interface for mailing lists written in Python.


There is also a list of retired SIGs; these SIGs existed in the past but are no longer active. Their archives and home pages are retained. A retired SIG can be revived, using the same criteria as for creating a new SIG.

Regional Groups

There are also local Python User Groups, organized by region rather than by special interest.


All SIG mailing lists are archived.

  • hosts the Mailman archives. Click on the link in the "Archive" column below for the archive of your favorite SIG.
Name Coordinator Description Info
capi-sig Campbell Barton Support for Using the Python/C API archive, subscribe
cplusplus-sig Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve Development of Python/C++ bindings archive, subscribe
datetime-sig Alexander Belopolsky Discussions related to date and time archive, subscribe
db-sig Andy Todd Databases archive, subscribe
distutils-sig A.M. Kuchling Packaging and build tools. archive, subscribe
doc-sig Fred Drake Documentation archive, subscribe
edu-sig Timothy Wilson Python in Education archive, subscribe
email-sig Barry Warsaw email package SIG archive, subscribe
i18n-sig Andy Robinson Internationalization archive, subscribe
image-sig Fredrik Lundh Image Processing archive, subscribe
import-sig Barry Warsaw Import SIG archive, subscribe
meta-sig Barry Warsaw SIG about the SIGs archive, subscribe
mobile-sig Jeff Hardy Python for mobile devices archive, subscribe
pythonmac-sig Jack Jansen On Apple Macintosh archive, subscribe
sssc-sig Dustin Ingram Secure Software Supply Chains for Python discussion list archive, subscribe
stdlib-sig Barry Warsaw Development, improvement, and maintenance of the Python standard library. archive, subscribe
web-sig Bill Janssen Web-related Enhancements archive, subscribe
xml-sig Rich Salz XML Processing archive, subscribe