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Grants - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a maximum grant size that can be awarded?

A. There is no set maximum, but grants are awarded with consideration for the annual PSF grant budget and the other grant requests that have been submitted and awarded. The Foundation reserves the right to make a grant smaller than the total you request. If this would not be acceptable you should state such in the application.

Q. I am running a Python conference. How big a grant should I ask for?

A. The maximum conference grant size is typically USD 10 per attendee, with a preference towards helping new events to establish themselves in their local community. Larger conferences (300+ attendees) are expected to have access to additional local funding options and hence may be granted a lower amount per attendee. Conferences that are running separate educational programs may also apply for a separate educational grant.

Q. I am running a Python educational program or workshop. How big a grant should I ask for?

A. The maximum educational program grant size is typically USD 25 per student, provided the students each receive at least 6 hours of Python instruction as part of the educational program. We give preference to students who would otherwise not be able to attend such classes. If the class has an educational hardware component such as a Raspberry Pi that the students get to keep, you may request up to USD 50 per student. Please note that subsequent funding requests for workshops in the same region may be funded at a lower rate to encourage sustainable, long-term relationships with local sponsors. When submitting your workshop grant request, it helps the board to see a brief budget for your event. Here is a sample based on one we have received from a recipient: sample budget

Q. Will the PSF fund grant requests for Python sprints?

A. Yes, the PSF will consider grants up to USD 300 for Python-related sprints. Please provide information about focus and goal of the sprint in your application, as well as the number of expected participants. And don't forget to include some photos in your grant follow-up so that we can tweet about your sprint :-)

Q. Will the PSF fund swag?

A. We do not mind if a small portion of your budget is for swag, but we will not fund full requests for swag.

Q. Is there anything I need to know about fund disbursements?

A. We prefer to make payments at an organization-to-organization level when possible due to US IRS accounting rules. If you will be requesting a wire transfer, adjust your request to account for wire transfer fees. PayPal payments to organizations may incur service fees that will need to be paid by the grant recipient.

Q. Are there any restrictions on how I describe receiving a grant from the PSF?

A. Yes, there are. Specifically, the PSF awarding a grant to support a community activity is not the same as formally endorsing a particular project or commercial offering in any capacity, and should not be represented as such. This can be readily achieved by sticking to phrasing like "We have received funding from the PSF" or "This event was sponsored by the PSF".

Q. Will the PSF fund grant requests for Python User Group (PUG) website hosting costs?

A. Yes, the Python Software Foundation (PSF) offers reimbursement for Python-related meetup subscriptions. Meetup organizers should request reimbursement at

If you are developing a hosting or event advertising plan for your PUG, please research the following open source options before applying for a grant:

  1. Oregon State University's Open Source Lab (OSU OSL) hosting services: the PSF has a partnership with OSU OSL for website and server hosting for free or discounted for open source-affiliated projects.
  2. Read the Docs is a free platform for creating, hosting, and browsing documentation online.
  3. CiviCRM is a free, open source, web-based, internationalized relationship management and event management platform.

Q. Does the PSF issue grants for event-subscription sites like

A. If the groups' Meetup 6-month subscription is $89.94 or more, please contact to request being added to the PSF Meetup Pro network and include a link to your group's code of conduct.

Meetup subscription reimbursement requests should be submitted within 120 days from the start of a meetup subscription period or the reimbursement will not be approved. For example, if a meetup subscription period begins on June 25, 2018, the organizer may submit a grant request before June 25, 2018 or up to October 23, 2018.

Reimbursements of meetup subscriptions made to PSF fiscal sponsorees are not charged against the fiscal sponsoree's fund balance.

Here is a sample proposal:
  • Grant Proposal: $144 to cover the cost of the Boston Python user group’s subscription for 12 months: January through December of 2018.
  • Grant Objective: helps to increase the visibility of the user group, as well as boost attendance through automated reminders, RSVP functionality, and other tools. It also makes organizing and promoting the group easier, as well as providing a platform to garner sponsorships and thank sponsors publicly.
  • Grant Size: $144 total, which is the cost of 12 months to organize a group on
  • Grant Beneficiaries: The Boston Python user group has over 1500 members on We have had monthly meetings since before 2007 and have an average attendance of 60-100 Python programmers. provides a centralized location where our members see what’s coming up and who has RSVPed for the meeting.
  • Preferred method of funds delivery: A deposit into the PayPal account for

NOTE: If your group uses a site other than to advertise events you are still encouraged to submit a general grant proposal for a particular expense using our online form:

Q. When should I submit my grant request?

A. We ask that grant requests be submitted at least 6 weeks before the funding is needed - this gives us enough time to thoroughly review, ask questions, and have enough time to send you the funds. We will not accept grants that are submitted within 10 days of the event.

Q. How should we report after the event/project?

A. The PSF has a policy that requires all events to submit reports. These reports are useful for us to gauge the impact we are having and how the event went. For subsequent events, we require past reports in order to consider further requests. Workshops: If there were different organizers working on the previous event in your area, it is your responsibility to reach out to them to ensure a report was filed. Python conferences: If there were different organizers/or a different conference chair running the conference the previous year, please contact them to make sure a report was submitted before you submit your new grant request. We are currently working on a template for reports. We will post it as soon as we finish it. For now, be sure your report includes an event overview (including location, venue, participation demographics), sponsors, reflections (including things that went well and things that could be improved, any feedback you received from participants.

Q. What are the ways that PSF distributes grant funds?

A. Check, wire transfer, and PayPal. If your grant request is approved, specific information will be requested in the email notification.

Q. Once my grant is approved, how long does it take to receive funds?

A. After you receive a notification with the amount of funding the PSF approved for your grant request and you submit an invoice, payment will be processed within 7 business days and the Controller will notify you when the payment has been sent. We sometimes run into issues when sending funding internationally so that is why we ask to receive grant requests 6 weeks out.

More information is available on our grants page .