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PSF Grants Program

The Python Software Foundation welcomes grant proposals for projects related to the development of Python, Python-related technology, educational programs and resources. If you have questions about the Grants program, please read the FAQ and direct questions to

You can submit a grant request using our online form.

Be sure to read this page thoroughly as well as our FAQ page before you submit a request.

Grant Proposal Requirements

Proposals should be for specific projects with a clear objective, rather than support for ongoing activities. Check out our checklist of requirements in addition to the information below. Proposals should be brief (a few pages of text at maximum), and they should explain:

  1. The objective of the grant, including the date by which funding must be received. We need to receive requests a minimum of 6 weeks before the event - this gives us enough time to thoroughly review, ask questions, and have enough time to send you the funds. We will not accept grants that are submitted within 10 days of the event.
  2. The grant size. If the grant is funding several components of a project, please provide a breakdown of the cost of each component. Please note that the PSF may only be able to provide partial funding for a proposal. Be sure to include a breakdown of the amount you are requesting. We prefer to see what you plan on using the funds for.
  3. Our current focus is Python workshops, conferences (esp. for financial aid), and Python diversity/inclusivity efforts. Grants for non-Python specific events will only be considered where there's a clear Python component to the event, and that the grant will only be for the Python component of the event. The PSF will consider supporting a hackathon if the event has hands on Python education for at minimum 6 hours. We will not fund prizes for hackathons. We do not mind if a small portion of your budget is for swag, but we will not fund full requests for swag. For workshops/trainings we require:
    • A high staff:students ratio of at least 1:10 (one staff per ten students)
    • A lesson plan with learning outcomes for participants
    • A minimum amount of 50% hands-on training time
  4. A description of the beneficiaries of the grant (e.g. if the grant is for a Python User Group (PUG) event, state the size of the group, the anticipated size of the event, and who in particular from the PUG benefits from the grant).
  5. A description of the planned grant follow-up activities. The PSF would like to see how the grant was used, so we ask to receive a report on the event, project or program that was funded. The PSF has a policy that requires all events to submit reports. These reports are useful for us to gauge the impact we are having and how the event went. For subsequent events, we require past reports in order to consider further requests. We are currently working on a template for reports. We will post it as soon as we finish it. For now, be sure your report includes an event overview (including location, venue, participation demographics), sponsors, reflections (including things that went well and things that could be improved, any feedback you received from participants. If your event/project has a blog, social media post, pictures that relate to the grant we'd love to see them, too.
  6. The preferred method of funds delivery and delivery details (e.g. bank account information, an address for a check in the mail).
  7. If the request is for a conference or a workshop, please submit a link your event's code of conduct, it is required.
  8. The PSF will only fund up to two events per city and/or organizer within a given year. For example, if Python Workshop Mars was to request funding for a third workshop in one year, we will most likely decline it unless they show evidence in their grant request that a third workshop/training is necessary. Additionally, if event organizer Jesse asks the PSF for a third grant request in one year, we will most likely decline it unless they show evidence in their grant request that a third workshop is needed.

Please submit grant proposals via our online form at least 6 weeks prior to the event so the Grants Work Group has enough time to review your request.

We recommend reading through our FAQ for additional information:

Example Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal: The fifth annual PyCon Atlantis will be taking place this June, and sponsorship from the Python Software Foundation would be much appreciated.

Grant objective: In an effort to keep our ticket prices affordable, we've secured corporate sponsorship to cover the catering costs, and are hoping that the PSF will be able to help us pay for the venue rental and A/V fees. The conference runs Friday to Sunday, and the venue rental fee is $500 per day. The A/V costs are $500 for the whole weekend.

Grant size: $2000 total ($1500 for venue, $500 for A/V). To thank you for your sponsorship, we will place the PSF logo on our site and offer you 3 free tickets to PyCon Atlantis to distribute as you see fit.

Grant beneficiaries: We are expecting 300 attendees this year. We will also be recording the talks, and will make them available online a few days after the event.

Grant follow-up: We will post a summary of PyCon Atlantis on our blog and mention that the PSF sponsored the event. The PSF will receive an email pointing to the blog post once it is published, as well as additional pictures from the conference.

Preferred method of funds delivery: a check written out to:

Atlantis Python User Group
c/o PyPy McJython
123 Main Street
Atlantis, 45678

Recent Grants

Grant awards are typically announced to the public through the Python Software Foundation News blog. You can also find historical grant approvals in the Python Software Foundation Resolutions of the Board of Directors.