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PSF Sponsorship

The primary source of funds and resources for furthering the development and adoption of Python.

The PSF produces and underwrites the PyCon US Conference, the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. Our sponsors’ support enabled us to award $118,543 to 143 attendees in 2018. In addition, the PSF approved 94 grants from 44 different countries in 2017, totally $271,138.

We are looking for companies that are leaders in the development and strategic use of the Python programming language. We are also looking for individual supporters whose donations are used to help fund programs that help provide opportunities for underrepresented groups in technology.

By sponsoring the PSF you help sustain a vibrant community. Sponsorship also shows your support for our mission and for open source software more generally, and provides an opportunity to invest in the community. Your donations and sponsorships help us to support sprints, meet ups, and community events, and to help provide Python documentation, fiscal sponsorships, and community projects such as:

  • Core Develpopment Sprints
  • Python Developer’s Guide
  • Issue Tracker
  • PyPI - the Python Package Index

Companies get immeasurable value from using Python in their software development. It’s good business, and by contributing back, with code, issues, and dollars, you help these tools continue to be viable and improve. Committing to an annual PSF Sponsorship helps support the critical tools you use.

Being an annual PSF sponsor lets the Python community know that you support them. Our many supported conferences help members and sponsors tell their stories to the advantage of other Python users.

Being public about giving is important because it raises awareness, and opens the conversation with people in the open source world. You move from just being a user to a contributor. The open source world is an ecosystem, and those who participate most fully obtain the most benefit. We hope you will join us as a sponsor and help us continue to pursue our mission.

Sponsorship Levels

The PSF would not be able to operate without the generous financial support of our corporate sponsors.

  • Keystone: $100,000/year
  • Diamond: $70,000/year
  • Platinum: $50,000/year
  • Gold: $30,000/year
  • Silver: $15,000/year

Join the PSF as a Small Business Sponsor and choose your level of voluntary contribution.

Small Business

  • Bronze: $5,000/year
  • Copper: $2,000/year
  • Iron: $500/year
  • PSF Board Development Sponsor: $2,000/year
  • PSF Infrastructure Sponsor: $500/year

Access to services

The PSF is not a professional services provider or development shop. Sponsors understand that their contributions do not entitle them to free technical support, preferential input into the Python development process, or any special access to the Python development process.


We put the company logos on the PSF home page, but that's it. We don't feel it's appropriate to have advertising elsewhere on the web site.

How to become a Sponsor

To join the PSF as a sponsor, an organization needs to apply for sponsorship, commit to a yearly financial contribution at an appropriate level, fill out the sponsor form, send it in, and pay the invoice in a timely manner (by check or wire transfer).

Download a copy of PSF Sponsor Prospectus for more details about sponsorship.

Sponsorship policy

Any organization is welcome to apply for sponsor membership. Approval of the membership is conditional on a vote by the PSF Sponsor Working Group, comprised of Foundation members and staff.

The PSF is a non-profit foundation​, obliging it to focus on its declared mission to promote the development of the Python programming language and the growth of its international community. We therefore require sponsors to demonstrate the ways in which they support our mission. Examples of such activities might be:

  • Supporting Python User Group activities with funding and/or the provision of meeting space
  • Funding sponsorship of Python conferences
  • Producing products specifically aimed at Python users
  • Support for or involvement with Python-based open source projects
  • Use of Python as a business-critical technology
  • Supporting technical events such as hackathons or conferences that include Python hands-on learning.

Here's what a few of our sponsors have to say:

"ActiveState is proud to be a founding member and continued supporter of PSF. We recognize how important Python is for developers, IT administrators and data scientists--it continues to evolve and grow in popularity as a very powerful language with many use cases. We're excited about its future and helping the foundation's goal in advancing the language."

  • Bart Copeland, ActiveState President & CEO

“Sponsoring PSF brings tremendous opportunities for the entire Python community to actively participate, connect, and engage in many meaningful ways. It’s an opportunity to enrich the language by encouraging active dialogue on future directions, and to nurture compelling new ideas and projects, support the accompanying logistics and infrastructure needs, and uphold the open source values of the community. Intel continues to foster innovation with Python and is committed to contributing to the growth of this vibrant ecosystem.”

  • Sonali DeSouza, Product Manager - Intel® Python & Scripting tools team

“‘Work on stuff that matters’ is one of O’Reilly’s core principles, and we know how very much open source matters. The open source community spurs innovation, shares knowledge, encourages growth, and creates industries. The Python Software Foundation is a prime example of the power of open source, showing how focused, thoughtful, and consistent efforts can create a community whose impact extends far beyond meetups and lines of code. O'Reilly is proud to continue to sponsor this great foundation."

  • Rachel Roumeliotis, Strategic Content Director at O'Reilly and Chair of OSCON

“Delivering digital projects in Python is the core of our business; it solves the needs of our clients. The PSF does a fantastic job of protecting and investing in the future of Python. Sponsoring the PSF is how we not only give back for the past, but also protect our future.”

  • Steve Hawkes, Director, Blanc LTD


If you have any questions not answered here, please write to the PSF at

A list of current PSF Sponsors can be found here.