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Reasons to become a Sponsor of the PSF

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) establishes solid intellectual property foundations for the Python source code base. Our mission statement gives further details.

Sponsors have decided to join the PSF for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Wishing to facilitate a clear intellectual property environment for a technology which they rely upon in their infrastructure or product line.
  • Hoping to provide financial means by which key Python developers can focus their energy on Python development rather than legal matters.
  • As a means of increasing their visibility to the broader Python community, e.g. for recruitment purposes.
  • A general desire to "give something back" to the Python community.
  • Tax-deductibility: The PSF is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and donations are tax-deductible for organizations that pay taxes in the United States.

Sponsorship levels

Companies, divisions, groups, and organizations of various sizes can benefit from PSF sponsorship. The PSF suggests guidelines for choosing an annual sponsorship level based on the number of employees using Python for development, data analysis, process automation and other activities:

  • Diamond: $100,000/year – 2500+ employees
  • Platinum: $50,000/year – 1001 – 2500 employees
  • Gold: $20,000/year – 501 – 1000 employees
  • Silver: $10,000/year – 251 – 500 employees
  • Bronze: $5,000/year – 101 – 250 employees
  • Copper: $2,000/year – 26 – 100 employees
  • Iron: $500/year - < 25 employees

Divisions or groups within a larger organization can choose to sponsor the PSF as a group, and should choose a sponsorship level appropriate to the level of usage of Python within that group. However, if you belong to such a group within a larger organization, we urge you to consider whether the larger organization as a whole might be interested in helping the PSF and letting the world know about its support.

Individuals who wish to contribute at a higher level than a Supporting Sponsorship may also become sponsors of the PSF, at whatever level they feel is appropriate. Moreover, we certainly welcome smaller organizations who want to sponsor the PSF at more generous levels. Determine what is best for you and your organization: the PSF, like the Python language, trusts its users.

Non-reasons to become a Sponsor

Access to services
The PSF is not a professional services provider or development shop. Sponsors understand that their contributions do not entitle them to free technical support, preferential input into the Python development process, or any special access to the Python development process.
We put the company logos and web links pointing to sponsors on the PSF home page, but that's it. We don't feel it's appropriate to have advertising elsewhere on the web site.

How to become a Sponsor

To join the PSF as a sponsor, an individual or organization needs to apply for sponsorship, commit to a yearly financial contribution at an appropriate level, fill out the sponsor form, send it in, and pay the invoice in a timely manner (by check or wire transfer).

Download a copy of the PSF Sponsor Prospectus for more details about sponsorship.

Sponsorship policy

Any organization is welcome to apply for sponsor membership. Approval of the membership is conditional on a vote by the PSF Sponsor Working Group. In the time between discussion and approval by the working group, the sponsor may be listed as a Pending Sponsor on the website, after the application and prorated annual fee have been received. If a sponsor's application is not approved by the PSF Working Group, any fees already paid will be retained as a donation.


If you have any questions not answered here, please write to the PSF at