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PSF Meeting Minutes for Oct. 26, 2022

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The Python Software Foundation
Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

October 26, 2022

A regular meeting of the Python Software Foundation ("PSF") Board of Directors was held over Group Conference Call via phone and Internet Relay Chat/Slack beginning at 19:00 UTC, on October 26, 2022. Olivia Sauls took notes/minutes.

All votes are reported in the form "Y-N-A" (in favor-Y‚opposed-N‚abstentions-A; e.g. "5-1-2" means "5 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstentions").

1   Attendance

The following members of the Board of Directors (9 of 13) were present at the meeting: Thomas Wouters, Van Lindberg, Jeff Triplett, Dustin Ingram, Deb Nicholson, Kushal Das, Jannis Leidel, Simon Willison, Dawn Wages.

Joe Carey (Accounting Manager), Ee Durbin (Director of Infrastructure), Laura Graves (Financial Analyst), Phyllis Dobbs (Controller), Olivia Sauls (Event Assistant & Admin), Loren Crary (Director of Resource Development), Chloe Gerhardson (Infrastructure Engineer) were also in attendance.

2   Minutes of Past Meetings

Minutes from prior meeting September 21, 2022:

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation approve the minutes at as representing a true and accurate record of the September 21, 2022 meeting.

Approved, 9-0-0

3   Board and Staff Monthly Reports for October 2022

3.1   Deb Nicholson

  • Staff retreat went well
  • Drafted a job description for second events team member
  • Working with JMA (CiviCRM contractor) to get ready for year-end membership campaign
  • Planning for the year-end membership drive, focused on publicizing the the new lower tier
  • Restarted the PSF newsletter, it should be in your inbox right now!
  • Still waiting on final contract from OpenSSF
  • We have a draft proposal for work we could do for Georgetown with Shamika
  • Worked on our health and safety plans for PyCon US
  • Keynoted Open3D Event and will continue to build bridges between our communities
  • Participating remotely at SeaGL next month

3.2   Oliva Sauls

  • 2023 Staff Retreat
  • Attended IMEX conference in Las Vegas with Director of Events to source potential vendors for PyCon US 2024/2025 and cities for PyCon US 2026/2027
  • Began offboarding process with Director of Events
  • Launched PyCon US 2023 conference website
  • Launched PyCon US 2023 Call for Proposals
  • Began preparing PyCon US 2023 registration flow for tech team
  • Drafted job description for new position and new hire
  • Managed Grants WG
  • Ran Q3 2022 Fellows vote, notified new Fellows, updated Civi and public records, published blog post
  • Answered general PSF email and moderate @psfboard mailing list and @pycon-reg
  • Launched PyCon US Call for Volunteers for CFP reviewers and Online Experience Committee

3.3   Laura Graves

  • Ongoing accounting responsibilities
  • Prepaid schedule for 2022
  • Updates to SAM profile
  • Completing schedules for 990
  • Review of groups in Meetup Pro
  • Meeting with Nexonia to discuss next steps
  • 2023 Staff Retreat

3.4   Joe Carey

October report not provided.

3.5   Ee Durbin

October report not provided.

3.6   Phyllis Dobbs

October report not provided

3.7   Loren Crary

  • Sponsor and potential sponsor communications
  • Sponsor agreement negotiation
  • 2022 end of year fundraiser & membership drive planning
  • Supporting membership changes
  • Review of PyCon US launch materials
  • Success Story review and posting
  • PyCon planning support
  • Communications content
  • 2023 Staff Retreat

3.8   Chloe Gerhardson

  • Completed Kubernetes Certification course
  • PSF Staff Retreat
  • Worked with Ee to develop an understanding around PyPI infrastructure
  • Began training with Ee on PagerDuty and assigned FrontLine OnCall rotation
  • Reconfigured Planet Python’s automated certification renewal
  • Began preparing for CompTIA Linux+ Certification Exam
  • Worked with Ee solving problems around PyConUs site launch
  • Out sick with Covid

3.9   Thomas Wouters

  • PSF Board Member: Participated in board meetings, mailing list discussions, Slack.
  • PSF Board Member: Participated in the Finance, Fellow and PyCon US committees.
  • Steering Council: Participated in weekly SC meetings and PEP review.
  • Steering Council: Bi-weekly meetings with the Developer-in-Residence.
  • Steering Council: Attended the Python Core Dev Sprint in Google's Sunnyvale office.
  • Release Manager: participated in the 3.11.0 final release party/stream
  • Release Manager: released Python 3.12.0 alpha 1

3.10   Jeff Triplett

  • [PSF] General Slack, email, monthly director's meeting, and online discussions
  • [PSF] PyCon US Committee meeting and online discussion
  • [PSF] Conduct WG bi-weekly meetings
  • [DEFNA] helped run DjangoCon US in San Diego
  • [DSF] General discussions and some PSF
  • [DSF] spoke on the State of Django Panel and represented both the PSF and the Django community
  • [DEFNA] Monthly Board meeting
  • [Community] lots of good discussion about what Django/DSF can learn from Python/PSF and lots of follow up to discuss for ED, sponsorship, WGs, in-person sprints, etc.
  • [Community] monthly conference organizer's meetup
  • (it was a busy month and I'm only capturing a small part of it)

3.11   Débora Azevedo

October report not provided.

3.12   Joannah Nanjekye

  • [PSF] Participated in board discussions on slack. Here are key things for purposes of being on the record:
    • Diversity discussions for Pycon conferences. My idea was not to rush with harsh measures for countries with conservative laws. Some measures from PSF will make organizers susceptible to treason charges but also to take note that the most conservative areas are the underrepresented ones
    • Vaccine policy for Pycon US. I am not in support of mandating boosters. I think its unreasonable given US entry requirements only require two vaccines but also booster coverage world-wide is still wanting, so its an unfair bar.
    • Grants. I noted that we should consider not rejecting grants for publishing Python work, because 1) we seldom get such requests and 2) It is mostly a cry for help. This was from a rejected grant by a student who wanted to go publish a paper.
  • [PSF] Attended the CPython core developer sprints
    • I brought up the discussion of SEO optimization for CPython docs. The docs work group started a project with an action plan of possible optimizations.
    • I discussed error recovery for the Python parser with Pablo
  • [CPython] Did PR reviews

  • [CPython] Discussed with Guido and Yury some non-trivial work I will take on on Async IO

  • [Community] Lobbied speakers for Pyladies Kampala open source sprint

  • [Community] Led discussions for the Pyladies kampala open source sprint happening in November

  • [Pycon Committee] Attended Pycon US committee meetings

  • [Pycon Committee] Gave feedback on CFP launch messaging

3.13   Simon Willison

3.14   Jannis Leidel

October report not provided.

3.15   Kushal Das

October report not provided.

3.16   Dawn Wages

October report not provided.

3.17   Nina Zakharenko

October report not provided.

3.18   Tania Allard

  • [PSF] General Slack, email, monthly director's meeting, and online discussions
  • [PSF] PyCon US Committee meeting and online discussions
  • [CoC WG] Attended meetings and participated in Slack discussions
  • [Community] UKPA (UK Python association) planning for 2023 and reporting on 2022 activities and financials
  • [Community] Participated in the ESA (European Space Agency) Innovation workshop and was invited to a session aimed at discussing how space agencies could engage with OSS (Python and Scientific computing)

3.19   Van Lindberg

October report not provided.

3.20   Dustin Ingram

  • [PyPI] Participated in user testing for new Organizations features
  • [PyPI] Ongoing discussions about reducing support burden on PSF staff
  • [PSF] Spoke at CPython Developer Sprints on OSS Security for CPython (video),
  • [PSF/PyPA] Met with representatives from ActiveState on build & attestation service

4   Work Group Reports

4.1   Code of Conduct

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.2   Grants

  • See list of resolutions under “Votes Approved by Working Groups”

4.3   Sponsors

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.4   Marketing

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.5   Jobs

  • Of the 445 Job submissions created in October 2022:
    • 134 have status approved
    • 1 have status archived
    • 10 have status draft
    • 144 have status expired
    • 94 have status rejected
    • 45 have status removed
    • 17 have status review

4.6   Trademarks

  • Nothing to report

4.7   Fellows

  • Nothing to report

4.8   Packaging

  • Nothing to report

4.9   Infrastructure

  • Nothing to report

4.10   Scientific Python

  • Nothing to report

6   Votes Approved by Working Groups

6.1   Grants

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $5,000 USD to the VII Brazilian Conference on Data Journalism and Digital Methods (Coda.Br 2022) event happening from October 31 - November 6, 2022, in São Paolo, Brazil.

Approved; 7-0-0, 2022-10-11

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $2,000 USD to The International Workshop on Machine Learning for Space Weather: Fundamentals, Tools and Future Prospects event happening on November 11, 2022 in Yerba Buena, Argentina.

Denied; 0-7-0, 2022-10-27

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $7,200 USD to the PyCon Sweden event happening from November 3 - 4, 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Approved; 8-0-0, 2022-10-31

6.2   Sponsors

  • None at this time.

6.3   Scientific Python

  • None at this time.

8   New Business

  • None at this time.

9   Discussions

  • The Executive Director provided the board with an update on staffing plans, funding we are seeking for other roles, and a tentative hiring timeline.
  • The board discussed the PyCon US 2023 Call for Proposals and review process and ways to increase publication and communication support.
  • The board decided to move the Q3 CSA vote discussion to email.
  • The board discussed the PyCon Sweden grant request and general ideas for COVID related restrictions and rules for physical and in-person events that the Grants Working Group decides to fund.
  • The board discussed guidelines for holding PyCons that draw an international audience in jurisdictions with human rights issues in relation to PSF’s mission statement and Code of Conduct

Meeting adjourned at 20:51 UTC.