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PSF Meeting Minutes for July 27, 2022

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The Python Software Foundation
Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

July 27, 2022

A regular meeting of the Python Software Foundation ("PSF") Board of Directors was held over Group Conference Call via phone and Internet Relay Chat/Slack beginning at 19:00 UTC, on July 27, 2022. Olivia Sauls took notes/minutes.

All votes are reported in the form "Y-N-A" (in favor-Y‚opposed-N‚abstentions-A; e.g. "5-1-2" means "5 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstentions").

1   Attendance

The following members of the Board of Directors (10 of 13) were present at the meeting: Lorena Mesa, Nina Zakharenko, Jannis Leidel, Jeff Triplett, Thomas Wouters, Dustin Ingram, Van Lindberg, Deb Nicholson, Débora Azevedo, Marlene Mhangami.

Jackie Augustine (Director of Events), Joe Carey (Accounting Manager), Phyllis Dobbs (Controller), Ee W. Durbin III (Dir of Infrastructure), Laura Graves (Financial Analyst), Olivia Sauls (Event Assistant & Admin), Loren Crary (Director of Resource Development), Chloe Gerhardson (Infrastructure Engineer) were also in attendance.

2   Minutes of Past Meetings

Minutes from prior meeting June 7, 2022:

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation approve the minutes at as representing a true and accurate record of the June 7, 2022 meeting.

Approved, 7-0-2

3   Board and Staff Monthly Reports for July 2022

3.1   Deb Nicholson

  • Finished running a successful board election, thanks very much to Ee for their support and to Ewa for leaving such thorough documentation
  • Conducted Staff evaluations with Thomas and set COLA, merit increases and market increases
Identifying opportunities for individual growth for PSF staff members (ongoing, but a focus at Eval time)
  • Took over managing Łukasz from Ee, we're meeting every other week solo and every alternating week with the Steering council
  • Civi is migrated, next I'm setting up meetings with our Civi contractors with Accounting staff and then with Fundraising staff to find tasks that can be optimized with an up-to-date installation
  • First PyCon planning meeting, discussed community concerns post-Roe about Utah and how to handle that
  • Discussed PyCon Website coverage and improvement, we're hiring Bernardo for one day a week and looking for a second contractor that will report to Bernardo to improve the sponsorship workflow and make the PyCon website something that can be used, hacked on and improved on by community members.
  • Staff retreat is set for October 3rd - 6th in Vermont
  • Granted $150 USD to Annabell Ossowski with PyLadies London for the purchase of a Zoom pro license on 6/10/2022
  • Working on discussing a contract with OpenSSF
  • Gathering a proposal for work we could do for Georgetown
  • Secured Fannie Mae (new sponsor)
  • Convinced Indeed to increase their gift this year
  • Presented at GitHub's Maintainer Summit on how delegation helps grow projects
  • Participated in a remote panel at Open Source Summit on the topic of Participating in Open Source as an Employee, providing the non-profit project steward perspective
Looking ahead
  • Started gathering ideas on how to best do translations with volunteers and keeping them current
  • I'm looking forward to meeting with Finance Committee and discussing budget plans for the coming year
  • I'm also looking forward to working with Loren on our updating our Sponsor framework for the 2022/2023 year
  • I'm exploring ways to diversify our revenue streams
  • I'm exploring strategies to improve our Comms work and see where we could give existing staff a little more breathing room on outreach and admin duties

3.2   Jackie Augustine

PyCon US
  • Continued to finalize PyCon US 2022 budget and contracts
  • Drafted and published the PyCon US 2022 Transparency Report
  • Assisted in developing PyCon US 2023 sponsorship benefits
  • Assisted in identifying updates for sponsorship processes and application
  • Assisted with updates to sponsorship tracking document
  • Began work on PyCon US 2023 project timeline and milestone dates
  • Worked with the designer and chair on design concepts for 2023
  • Call with designer and website design contractor to discuss PyCon US website design updates
  • Negotiated with virtual platform vendor for 2023 contract
  • Began work on PyCon US 2023 budget - updates and changes
  • Assisted with development of blog for PyCon US city selection addressing community questions about current state policies
  • Weekly staff calls with interim manager, director of infrastructure, director of research development
  • Bi-weekly staff call with accounting
  • Daily touchbase with Event Assistant

3.3   Oliva Sauls

PSF & PyCon US
  • Started working on PSF and PyCon US Volunteer Program
  • Drafted blog post for PyCon US City Selection
  • Reviewed PyCon US 2023 Hubilo proposal
  • Attended PyCon US 2023 design concept meeting
  • Created tech request template to communicate website/software updates/requests to Director of Infrastructure
  • Upload conference recordings provided by AV team and adding captions on YouTube
  • Answered general PSF email and moderate @psfboard mailing list and @pycon-reg
  • Log fellow member nominations, run quarterly votes, update Fellows page on pydotorg, update CiviCRM with new Fellow members, notify new members, write blogs for new members
  • Continued tracking and scheduling social media posts for PyPI sponsorships
  • Added board meeting minutes and resolutions to public records
  • Daily one on one call with Director of Events
  • Attended first PyCon US 2023 planners meeting

3.4   Laura Graves

  • Ongoing accounting responsibilities
  • Managed Grants Work Group
  • 2021 Audit Fieldwork
  • Made updates to SAM registration
  • CiviCRM upgrade review
  • Participated in AP system implementation with accounting team

3.5   Joe Carey

July report not provided.

3.6   Ee Durbin

  • Assisted in finalizing CiviCRM migration to new managed/supported hosting
  • PyPI incident response and support of admins and contributors
  • Improvements and upgrades to local development environment for PSF Infrastructure with Chloe
  • General onboarding with Chloe Gerhardson, Infrastructure Engineer
  • Re-engaged Bernardo Fontes for Django development support for and
  • Developed a project roadmap for site for 2023 and beyond to better support Event Director and staff
  • Began triage and intake for work requested by Events Director and Director of Resource Development for improvements to PSF Sponsorship applications
  • Engaged Kabu Creative (Nicole Harris) to support Packaging Project Manager in user research for packaging community vision/strategy survey

3.7   Phyllis Dobbs

  • Review contracts for 2023
  • Reconcile PyCon 2022 financials to accounting system
Fiscal Sponsorees and Projects
  • Support fiscal sponsorees particularly revenue relationships for Pallets and PyPA and 2022 forecast for CPython
  • Sign official fiscal sponsorship agreement for PyLadies
  • Audit: work with accounting team on 2021 financial audit requests including reviewing and updating accounting policies and procedures
  • Financial Statements: begin preparing Q2 2022 financial statements
  • Fundraising: review sponsor contract questions, work with Director of Resource Development on improving sponsor contract workflow
  • Human Resources: design and test performance review templates in HR system.
  • Issue annual merit/COLA and bonuses for staff.
  • Ongoing accounting, budgeting, contract, tax, payroll, and human resources responsibilities

3.8   Loren Crary

  • I was out on sick leave for much of the month, so activities were less than expected
  • Correspondence with current and potential sponsors
  • Early preparations for PyCon 2023 sponsorship program, including drafting a sponsorship prospectus, updating benefits, and submitting requests to the infrastructure team
  • Reviewing Success Story submissions
  • Self-directed learning about Python and open source

3.9   Chloe Gerhardson

  • Assisting Ee with making upgrades and improvements to the local development environment for PSF Infrastructure
  • General self-study around software and technologies involved in role

3.10   Lorena Mesa

July report not provided.

3.11   Jeff Triplett

  • [PSF] General Slack, email, and discussions
  • [PSF] PyCon Committee meetings and online discussion
  • [PSF] Conduct WG bi-weekly meetings
  • [PSF] Finance Committee ??
  • [DSF] General discussions
  • [DEFNA] Board meetings
  • [DEFNA] DjangoCon US weekly meetings and conference planning
  • [Community] monthly conference organizer’s meetups
  • [Community] spoke on an OSS Twitter Space

3.12   Joannah Nanjekye

  • [PSF] Participated in board discussions on slack and elsewhere
  • [PSF] Published a year in review covering happenings towards my goals for the board as promised to the community when i ran
  • [PSF] Provided feedback and clarity on staff evaluations from a report presented by Thomas
  • [PSF] Discussed the ambassador program, and research involvement at Pycon with the ED
  • [Community] Participated in general discussions in the community i.e CPython, PyPI etc
  • [Community] Organized speakers for Pyladies Kampala
  • [Community] Got 11 members to help with Pycon Uganda, but planning is on hold

3.13   Thomas Wouters

  • Interim GM: Provided a final report on employee evaluations to the Board
  • PSF Board Member: Participated in board meetings, mailing list discussions, Slack.
  • PSF Board Member: Participated in the Finance, Fellow and PyCon US committees.
  • PSF Board Member: Attended MCH2022 and dropped a couple hundred Python 3, PSF and PyCon US stickers on the communal sticker table. (They were gone in a day.)
  • Steering Council: Participated in weekly SC meetings and PEP review.
  • Steering Council: Bi-weekly meetings with the Developer-in-Residence.

3.14   Jannis Leidel

  • [PSF] Participated in board discussions, e.g. improvements to board setup, suggesting improvements to security key rollout and discussing with employer to possibly sponsor Yubikeys for non-eligible recipients.
  • [PSF] Reviewed my past goals for being a member of the board, ran on an updated set of goals, focusing on improving the representation of community members on the board, facilitating board advisors and community board long-term.
  • [Community] Attended SciPy 2022 conference in Austin, TX and participated in discussions among “Scientific Python” maintainers in their meetings/workshops. Represented PSF in encouraging collaboration between the efforts happening around Scientific Python and the various PSF working groups and encouraged to apply for fiscal sponsorship to create another revenue stream
  • [Community] While at SciPy 2022 met with members of PyPA and discussed bridging the conda ecosystem and Python packaging, especially around creating compatible wheel distributions mechanism and coordinating user experience improvements between pip/cibuildwheel and conda/boa/conda-build.
  • [Jazzband] The regular maintenance work, also IRL meeting with one of the oldest contributors and discussing next steps for Jazzband (adding additional roadies). Handled a few security reports together with the project leads.

3.15   Débora Azevedo

July report not provided.

3.16   Kushal Das

July report not provided.

3.17   Marlene Mhangami

July report not provided.

3.18   Nina Zakharenko

  • [PSF] Participated in board discussions
  • [PSF] Wrote and circulated a proposal to my employer requesting sponsorship to send an additional 500-1000 PyPi maintainers Yubikeys, covering regions where Titan Keys are not eligible to be shipped.
  • [Community] Prepared and delivered a keynote for PyCon Colombia
  • [Community] PSF Election - reviewed a nomination and wrote a statement of support

3.19   Tania Allard

  • [PSF] Participated in board discussions on slack and elsewhere
  • [Community] Participate in CoC working group discussions and meetings
  • [Community] PyCon UK organisation

3.20   Van Lindberg

July report not provided.

3.21   Dustin Ingram

  • [PSF] Rollout for & related response
  • [PSF] Met with Python release manager to discuss signing & integrity of CPython releases
  • [Community] Attended the Open Source Summit North America, related discussions
  • [Community] PSF election work - candidate Q&A, nomination reviews & statements of support

4   Work Group Reports

4.1   Code of Conduct

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.2   Funding

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.3   Grants

  • See list of resolutions under “Votes Approved by Working Groups”

4.4   Sponsors

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.5   Marketing

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.6   Jobs

  • Of the 477 Job submissions created in July 2022:
    • 179 have status approved
    • 3 have status archived
    • 21 have status draft
    • 130 have status expired
    • 83 have status rejected
    • 57 have status removed
    • 4 have status review

4.7   Trademarks

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.8   Fellows

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.9   Packaging

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.10   Infrastructure

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.11   Scientific Python

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.12   Translation

  • Polish Python docs translation team has a new member, now there's 17 people that ever contributed to the docs' Polish translation.
  • Heard about, the Ukrainian translation, it's very fresh, and not yet on, but soon I hope (they have some proofreading to do first IIRC).
  • This month was very productive for the Ukrainian team. There was created. It takes translations from Transifex where we have 11 translators and editors.
  • Our team is working on a review of already translated texts. There are some changes after review but it will be great if you add it to will help us to involve more people in this process.
  • Only one person working on Persian translation of the documents and the initial translation is progressing slowly, but the initial translation will probably be finished in the next 2 months

4.13   Diversity & Inclusion

  • Nothing to report at this time.

6   Votes Approved by Working Groups

6.1   Grants WG

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $1,500 USD to the Witty Virtual TechUp 2.0 event happening online June 9 - June 11, 2022.

Denied; 0-7-0, 2022-06-09

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $750 USD to the 4th Django Girls Maputo event happening June 18, 2022 in Maputo, Mozambique.

Approved; 7-0-1, 2022-06-21

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $5,000 USD to the seventh annual GeoPython Conference happening June 20, 2022 in Basel, Switzerland.

Approved; 10-0-0, 2022-07-01

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $2,500 USD to the PyCon Portugal event happening September 24, 2022 in Porto, Portugal.

Approved; 8-0-0, 2022-07-01

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $3,000 USD to the Python Nordeste 2022 event happening August 26-28, 2022 in Aracaju - Sergipe, Brazil

Approved; 7-0-0, 2022-07-12

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $2,400 USD to the PyCon Colombia event happening virtually July 9-10, 2022.

Approved; 7-0-0, 2022-07-14

6.2   Sponsors

  • None at this time.

6.3   Scientific Python

  • None at this time.

7   New Business

  • The PSF discussed appointing Deb Nicholson as Secretary and Van Lindberg as General Counsel of the PSF and voted on the following resolution:

    RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation appoint Deborah Nicholson as Secretary and Van Lindberg as General Counsel.

    Approved; 10-0-0, 2022-07-27

  • The PSF discussed appointing Thomas Wouters as Chair, Débora Azevedo as Vice Chair-Elect, Nina Zakharenk and Jeff Triplett as Co-Vice Chairs, and Dawn Wages as Treasurer of the PSF and voted on the following resolution:

    RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation appoint Thomas Wouters as Chair, Débora Azevedo as Vice Chair-Elect, Nina Zakharenko and Jeff Triplett as Co-Vice Chairs, and Dawn Wages as Treasurer.

    Approved; 10-0-0, 2022-07-27

  • The PSF discussed the grant request from the 2022 PyVasity Conference in Kampala, Uganda and voted on the following resolution:

    RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Board grant $4,030 to the PyVasity Conference happening August 6, 2022 in Kampala, Uganda.

    Denied; 0-10-0, 2022-07-27

8   Discussions

  • The board announced the 2022 Board of Directors election results and officially recognized newly elected directors: Kushal Das (returning), Jannis Leidel (returning), Simon Willison, and Dawn Wages.
  • The board elected new officers for Chair, Vice Chair, Vice Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and General Counsel (see resolutions under "New Business").
  • The board provided Board Committee Membership Updates and discussed membership and officers of the Finance Committee.
  • The board discussed PSF fundraising plans including funding from OpenSSF & Georgetown University.
  • The board discussed and voted on the grant proposal for the 2022 PyVarsity Conference taking place in Kampala, Uganda.

Meeting adjourned at 20:39 UTC.