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PSF Meeting Minutes for Sept. 23, 2021

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The Python Software Foundation
Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

September 23, 2021

A regular meeting of the Python Software Foundation ("PSF") Board of Directors was held over Group Conference Call via phone and Internet Relay Chat/Slack beginning at 19:00 UTC, on September 23, 2021. Olivia Sauls took notes/minutes.

All votes are reported in the form "Y-N-A" (in favor-Y‚opposed-N‚abstentions-A; e.g. "5-1-2" means "5 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstentions").

1   Attendance

The following members of the Board of Directors (10 of 13) were present at the meeting: Lorena Mesa, Jannis Leidel, Jeff Triplett, Thomas Wouters, Dustin Ingram, Ewa Jodlowska, Joannah Nanjekye, Nina Zakharenko, Tania Allard, Débora Azevedo.

Jackie Augustine (Director of Events), Joe Carey (Accounting Manager), Ee W. Durbin III (Dir of Infrastructure), Laura Graves (Financial Analyst), Phyllis Dobbs (Controller), Olivia Sauls (Event Assistant & Admin) were also in attendance.

2   Minutes of Past Meetings

Minutes from prior meeting August 24, 2021:

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation approve the minutes at as representing a true and accurate record of the August 24, 2021 meeting.

Approved, 9-0-1

3   Board and Staff Monthly Reports for September 2021

3.1   Ewa Jodlowska

  • Worked with Director of Events on updating sponsor records from 2021 so 2022 applications don’t get flagged
  • Continue to work on sponsorship with the team
  • Took a week off! 🎉
  • Working with two potential CiviCRM contractors and will work on selecting one before Sept is over
  • Working on grants with Grants WG, recording and notifying recipients
  • Worked with Director of Infrastructure on new plan for which platform best suits board meeting flows. Created templates.
  • Met with the Python Ghana board to discuss their initiatives for the coming year and how the PSF can support them
  • Held several onboarding sessions for Event Assistant and Admin, transitioned CLA work for Event Assistant
  • Several calls with GitHub Migration project manager and GitHub lead
  • Continuing to work with Communication/Writer contractor of PSF and PyCon work
  • Narrowed down the search to two potential candidates for the Director of Resource Development role. Held their interviews and will make a selection before Sept is over.
  • Continue to attend weekly Steering Council meetings and help take notes. I continue to review necessary Discourse & mailing list discussions.
  • Bi-weekly check-in with developer-in-residence.
  • Drafting monthly board meeting minutes, acting on approved minutes by adding them to &
  • Monthly individual goal review
  • Monthly meeting with chairperson to discuss outgoing staff, transition of ED role.
  • Continue to moderate several mailing lists
  • Continue to help review contracts, documents and other drafts written by staff
  • Continue to log the fellow member nominations, run quarterly votes, update Fellows page on pydotorg, update CiviCRM with new Fellow members, notify new members, write blogs for new members
  • Continue to answer general PSF email
  • Continue to participate in board discussions
  • Continue to review time sheets
  • Continue to meet with Director of Events, Finance Controller, Director of Infrastructure, and Director of Resource Development regularly and regular communications via Slack and continue to support the staff.

3.2   Jackie Augustine

PyCon US
  • Continued onboarding of Event assistant
  • Launched a call for volunteers to join the CFP committees
  • reviewed the volunteer applications and sent emails
  • Finalized PyCon US design and worked with the team to begin website build-out
  • Researched and reviewed a new platform for PyCon US CFP process
  • Communicated with the CFP Committee chairs about the new platform to finalize the decision
  • Began build-out of PyCon US CFP on Pretalx
  • Continued creating the PyCon US project in Asana
  • Draft of the AV RFP to send out for PyCon US 2022/2023
  • Began work on pages for launch of
  • Weekly team calls
  • Weekly staff calls with Executive Director and Director of Infrastructure
  • Bi-weekly staff call with accounting
  • Daily touchbase with Event Assistant

3.3   Oliva Sauls

PSF & PyCon US
  • Logged CLA’s
  • Answered general PSF email
  • Helped review documents and drafts written by other team members
  • Reviewed and began drafting webpages for the launch of including Home Page, “What is PyCon?” tab, “Diversity” tab, “Code of Conduct” tab, and “Why Sponsor PyCon? tab
  • Created draft of PyCon US 2022 communication/social media plan
  • Weekly PyCon Team Call
  • Daily one on one calls with Director of Events
  • Continued onboarding with Executive Director and Director of Events
  • Indepedent Learning
  • Attended meeting with Program, Tutorial, Poster Committee chairs and Director of Events to discuss volunteer applicants and CFP platform and helped take notes
  • Assisted in the continued building of the PyCon US project in Asana

3.4   Laura Graves

  • Ongoing accounts payable responsibilities

  • AICPA nonprofit certificate training

  • 2020 Audit
    • compiling banking, expense, and payroll documentation for auditors
  • Reviewing new nonprofit accounting legislation and crypto donation acceptance options

  • Comparing PyCon 2021 budget sheet to what has been recorded in quickbooks

  • Creating and sending sign-off sheets for PSF staff to acknowledge receipt of federal/state/locality posters

  • Discussing retirement account options for PSF staff

  • Reviewed bank fees for 1st half of 2021 and negotiated rates with banks

3.5   Joe Carey

September report not provided

3.6   Ee Durbin

  • Oversight of sponsorship logo placement features development across and via new sponsorship features in pythondotorg
  • PyCon AU Keynote!
  • Onboarding, introductions, and support for development of Packaging questions on Python Developer Survey with Shamika Mohanan
  • PyPI Technical and User support

3.7   Phyllis Dobbs

September report not provided

3.8   Shamika Mohanan

  • Finalized packaging questions for Python Developer Survey after soliciting feedback from the packaging community (
  • Met members of the packaging working group to understand current status and future direction of packaging projects.
  • Read documentation around packaging projects and specific features. Met Ee to discuss and understand these features better.

3.9   Łukasz Łanga

3.10   Lorena Mesa

  • PSF Chair: Attended PSF Executive Director transition committee meetings
  • PSF Chair: Coordinated with Ewa for September 2021 agenda
  • PSF: Participated in board meeting and email correspondences
  • PSF: Participated in PSF Grants workgroup email correspondences
  • PSF: Participated in PSF Code of Conduct email correspondences and attended meetings
  • Community: 1:1s with PyLadies Council members
  • Community: Preparing Python & PyLadies Panama discussion on the PSF

3.11   Jeff Triplett

  • PSF: Participated in board meetings and correspondences
  • PSF: Participated in Code of Conduct WG meetings and correspondences
  • PSF: Attended PSF Executive Director transition committee meetings and three interviews
  • DSF - DjangoCon US: Weekly meetings and organizing
  • DEFNA - Participated in monthly meetings, email, Slack, and chat discussions.
  • DSF - Participated in email, dms, and chat discussions.
  • Outreach - Co-hosted July & August Python Organizers Hangout.
  • Outreach - mentorship.
  • Outreach - Helped with job outreach.

3.12   Joannah Nanjekye

September report not provided

3.13   Thomas Wouters

  • PSF: Participated in board meetings, mailing list discussions, Slack.
  • PSF: Participated in the Finance, Fellow, PyCon US and Executive Transition committees.
  • PSF: Several meetings with various parties around the Executive Transition.
  • PSF: Voted in the Q2 Fellows election.
  • Steering Council: Participated in weekly SC meetings and PEP review.
  • Steering Council: Rejected and accepted several PEPs, and wrote communication about them.
  • Steering Council: prepared and published the May/June/July community updates.
  • Steering Council: Hired the Developer-in-Residence.
  • Steering Council: Bi-weekly meetings with the Developer-in-Residence, and separately with the PM for the GitHub Issues migration.

3.14   Jannis Leidel

September report not provided

3.15   Débora Azevedo

  • PSF: Participated in board meetings, mailing lists and Slack discussions
  • Community: organizing Python Brasil conference, participating in weekly meetings, discussion on Discord and helping managing social media

3.16   Kushal Das

September report not provided

3.17   Marlene Mhangami

September report not provided

3.18   Nina Zakharenko

September report not provided

3.19   Tania Allard

  • PSF: Participated in board meetings, Slack and email discussions
  • PSF: Participated in PyCon US and Executive transition committees
  • PSF: Joined the CoC WG
  • Community: Supported PyCon India Sprints
  • Community: Pyladies Council duties, meetings and CoC WG actions
  • Community: Python UK AGM and annual reporting
  • Community: Follow up on the GH migration work group, work on technical tasks associated to the migration

3.20   Van Lindberg

September report not provided

3.21   Dustin Ingram

September report not provided

4   Work Group Reports

4.1   Code of Conduct

  • Reviewed and added new members:

    • Drew Winstel - DEFNA, DjangoCon, The Noun Project,, tech256, DSF member, PSF contributing member - (available the second half of October)
    • Joe Banks - Owner of Python Discord
    • Łukasz Langa - Python Software Foundation
    • Tania Allard - PSF director, Quansight Labs, The Alan Turing Institute, PyLadies, DISC (Diversity in Scientific Computing)

4.2   Funding

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.3   Sponsors

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.4   Marketing

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.5   Jobs

  • Of the 379 Job submissions created in September 2021:
    • 96 have status approved
    • 3 have status archived
    • 10 have status draft
    • 151 have status expired
    • 80 have status rejected
    • 31 have status removed
    • 8 have status review

4.6   Trademarks

  • Nothing to report

4.7   Fellows

  • Reviewed and voted on Q3 Fellow nominations

4.8   Packaging

  • Nothing to report

4.9   Infrastructure

  • Nothing to report

4.10   Scientific Python

  • Nothing to report

5   PSF Board Votes Approved by Email

RESOLVED that the Python Software Foundation grant $120 USD to Pablo Galindo Salgado for CPython infrastructure costs approved via a board director's allowance on September 27, 2021.

6   Votes Approved by Working Groups

6.1   Grants

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $2500 USD to the PyCon TW 2021 Online conference happening October 2, 2021

Approved, 7-0-0, 2021-09-13

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $799.50 USD to the Django Girls Imo event happening October 30, 2021

Denied, 0-7-0, 2021-09-15

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $2000 USD to the PyCon Korea conference happening Oct 2, 2021

Approved, 7-0-0, 2021-09-17

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $3500 USD to the PyCon Indonesia conference happening December 04, 2021

Approved, 8-0-0, 2021-09-20

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation Grants Work Group grant $1000 USD to the PyCon Odessa event that happened the weekend of Sept 11, 2021 to help cover unexpected costs the conference incurred and to help pay for publishing the event's videos online.

Approved, 7-0-0, 2021-09-20

6.2   Sponsors

  • None at this time.

6.3   Scientific Python

  • None at this time.

8   New Business

  • The PSF reviewed the Code of Conduct WG's recommendation for new members and voted on the following resolution:

    RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation approves Philip James, Brett Cannon, Rami Chowdhury, Trey Hunner, Lorena Mesa, Jeff Triplett, Tereza Iofciu, Tania Allard, Drew Winstel, Joe Banks, and Łukasz Langa as members of the Code of Conduct Work Group.

    Approved, 10-0-0, 2021-09-23

9   Discussions

  • The Executive Transition Committee gave an update on the Executive Director transition work, which included the selection of Perret Laver as the final search firm.
  • The board discussed and resolved the addition of four new members to the Code of Conduct Work Group.
  • The board continued to discuss their upcoming November meeting. A doodle poll is in use to set the date and time.

Meeting adjourned at 19:28 UTC.