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PSF Meeting Minutes for March 30, 2016

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The Python Software Foundation
Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

March 30, 2016

A regular meeting of the Python Software Foundation ("PSF") Board of Directors was held over Group Conference Call via phone and Internet Relay Chat beginning at 19:00 UTC, on March 30, 2016. Betsy Waliszewski took notes/minutes.

All votes are reported in the form "Y-N-A" (in favor-Y‚opposed-N‚abstentions-A; e.g. "5-1-2" means "5 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstentions").

1   Attendance

The following members of the Board of Directors (5 of 11) were present at the meeting: Naomi Ceder, Diana Clarke, Van Lindberg, Ashwini Oruganti, and Carrie Anne Philbin. Anna Ossowski, Carol Willing, Lynn Root, Nick Coghlan, and Marc-Andre Lemburg were represented by Ewa Jodlowska as proxy.

Kurt Kaiser (Treasurer), Betsy Waliszewski (Event Planner and Administrator), Mark Mangoba (IT Manager), and Ewa Jodlowska (Director of Operations) were also in attendance.

2   Minutes of Past Meetings

The 09 March 2016 Board meeting minutes were voted on and approved.

RESOLVED, that the PSF approve the minutes at as representing a true and accurate record of the March 9, 2016 meeting.

Approved 4-0-6

3   Meetup Expenses Approved

  • $44.91 - PyLadies Nigeria

4   Work Group Reports

Cuban Pythonistas

Medardo, Olemis and myself (Pablo) had 4 face to face meetings in La Habana between January and March. Some of the following issues were discussed:

  • Organization details of possible Cuban Pycon for next year.
  • Strategies for creating a more active Python community in Cuba.
  • Organization of a first PyDay event in La Habana.

On Saturday March 12th, in collaboration with the group Encuentro Social de Desarrolladores we organized a small Python event with the following three talks:

  • Olemis gave a very thorough overview of the current state of the Python language and its application to different fields of engineering and computer science.
  • Medardo spoke about the advantages of using Python as a teaching language in university courses, motivated by an example of teaching object oriented concepts.
  • I gave a talk about my experience of collaborating for the last two years with cuban Pythonista and friend Alejandro Zamora Fonseca while he was living in Cuba. I emphasized on some of the technical and legal difficulties we encountered, and how Python, its community and philosophy played a crucial role in making our work possible. The event had an audience of over 20 people and there was great interest created around it. Hopefully this kind of events will start to become more frequent and participative in a near future. Olemis, Medardo and Alejandro (currently living here in Córdoba) are already in contact with other developers in different towns of the island and we hope to find ways to help them start their own communities, with the goal of making things less centralized around Havana.

Motivated by my experience of remote work with Alejandro I am beginning to outline the idea of hiring other Cuban developers in a near future to do part-time work in some data analysis projects. I want to organize this as some kind of "remote internship" and Alejandro would be helping me coordinate this. It's a small contribution but it's defintely something that can help change the lives of a few Cuban developers and may be in the future can be scaled to a larger number. Also this is a great exchange experience that gives us first-hand contact with the challenges and potentialities of Cuban Python developers.


  • talkpython twitter account - requested modification of logo
  • districtdatalab twitter account - requested modification of logo
  • Armando Vasquez, Austin, TX - went with old untrademarked logo
  • Steven Hawkes - UK comic strip - approved
  • PYTHONBRAND - unrelated to programming - no action taken
  • Piotr Ciesielski - approved usage
  • Elizabeth Blackburn (Blueshifted Tech) - approved usage
  • Marcos Manuel Ortega, AlmerÌa, Spain - approved usage
  • ElizabethWickes - twitter - requested modification of logo
  • Justin Bush - Python Studio - did not get back to us
  • Rick Cornell, SAS Training - usage approved
  • John-Michael Faircloth - did not get back to us
  • Katrina Owen - - approved usage
  • - approved usage
  • Daniel Osvath, Flipper Electronics - approved usage
  • Michael Kennedy, Talk Python - approved usage of design that incorporates logo
  • Eric Raymond - did not get back to us
  • Argentina en Python twitter account - requested compliance with policy, they responded and said they were working on it
  • Fionnghuala Mauritzen - approved Python name usage for textbook


02/09/2016 PSF grant $2500 Django Girls New York City 2016 Passed 7-0-0

02/10/2016 PSF grant $300 for DVAITA'16, Palakkad, Kerala. Passed 9-0-0

02/21/2016 PSF grant $1200 for PyCode Carrots April 1st-3rd in Warsaw, Poland Passed 6-0-0

02/28/2016 PSF grant $750 Django Girls Harare Passed 8-0-0


Nothing new to report.

Bundle Sponsorship

We have the newly designed prospectus and will finish up final tweaks after PyCon.

5   Votes Approved by Working Groups

RESOLVED, that the PSF's Scientific Python Working Group grant $2000 USD to SciPy Latin America Conference that is happening in Florianópolis, Brazil May 16-20, 2016.

Approved February 25, 2016

RESOLVED, that the PSF Scientific Python Working Group grant $2,000 USD for SciPy 2016 for their conference happening in Austin, TX July 11-17, 2016.

Approved March 14, 2016

RESOLVED, that the PSF Grants Working Group grant $750 in support of the Django Girls event in Ogbomoso, Nigeria, May 7, 2016

Approved 7-0-0, March 17, 2016

RESOLVED, that the PSF Grants Working Group grant $1500 USD for PyCon Israel happening May 2-3, 2016 in Tel Aviv.

Approved 7-0-0, March 22, 2016

RESOLVED, that the PSF Grants Working Group grant $2700 USD (approximately 22491 SEK) to PyCon Sweden happening in Stockholm May 9-10, 2016.

Approved 8-0-0, March 22, 2016

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation grant $1800 USD for PyData London Conference happening on May 6-8, 2016.

Approved March 24, 2016

7   New Business

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation grant $750 to a Django Girls Dublin event happening on Saturday, April 23rd 2016

Approved 10-0-0

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation recommend Open Data Services as an Iron Level PSF Sponsor Member.

Approved 9-1-0

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation grant 27500 RAND ($1800 USD) to PyConZA, happening in CapeTown, South Africa, October 6-7, 2016.

Approved 10-0-0

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation grant $1500 USD to the Evans High School Robotics Club for a 2-day event happening on April 29 and May 13, 2016.

Approved 7-2-1

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation grant $500 to the CodeBoola hackathon that is happening at Yale University in April 2016.

Approved 9-0-1

RESOLVED, that the PSF grant $750 USD to the Springfield Public Library Summer Python Coding Camp, happening June 27-30, 2016.

Approved 8-0-2

RESOLVED, that the PSF grant $500 USD to Django Girls Akure, happening June 3-4, 2016.

Approved 7-0-3

8   Other Business / Discussions

Review grant process for workshops/activities for kids vs other types of grant requests.

9   Meeting Adjournment

Van Lindberg adjourned the board meeting at 20:00 UTC on March 30, 2016.