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PSF Meeting Minutes for March 11, 2003

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The Python Software Foundation
Minutes of Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

March 11, 2003

A regular meeting of the Python Software Foundation (the "PSF") Board of Directors was held over Internet Relay Chat at 7 p.m. EST. Guido van Rossum, president of the Foundation and chairman of the Board, presided at the meeting.

1. Attendance

The following members of the Board of Directors were present at the meeting: Jeremy Hylton, Marc-Andre Lemburg, Martin v. Löwis, Tim Peters, Guido van Rossum, Thomas Wouters. A quorum was present.

2. Meeting minutes of past IRC meetings

Guido moved to approve the minutes of February 11th. Motion passes with 4 ayes and 2 abstentions.

3. Treasurer report

Jeremy reports that an advanced ruling from IRS for 501(c)(3) status was received. We must demonstrate "public support" for period from 2001-2005

The income from the conference at the time of the meeting is as follows: YAS registrations $15,969 (109 people), check registrations $2,5950 (including $250 for sprint registrations that may be refunded) Uncashed sponsor fees are $1,750, uncashed regular fees are $400, including $100 needed to refund.

The expenses so far are: $9,731.25 for space fees (3 installments). The current cash flow gives a net of $10,714.25.

Other recent income: Merlin contributed $1000 and O'Reilly $2,922.67.

Pending expenses are $100 for Delaware state taxes, $300 for the registered agent, and approx $750 for conference-related insurance.

The checking balance from 2/28 is $15,531.89. The income since tthen is $20,706 for conference registrations and sponsor fees. Expenses since then are $350 refunds for conference registration, $400 estimated taxes and registration fees, $750 estimated liability insurance, $3243.75 final installment for conference space, giving a subtotal of $4743.75.

Thomas asks what the O'Reilly funds are. Jeremy confirms that they are the first installment of Cookbook royalties.

Martin asks what further expenses are expected for the conference. Jeremy points to Tripp Lilley's budget at

4. Conference planning

Guido asks whether Jeremy can be given advance approval of conference related expenses. There is discussion. Tim moves that it is

RESOLVED, that the officers can spend PSF funds for the furtherance of the Python Conference, 2003, in an amount not to exceed projected conference revenue by more than US$3000.00.

The motion passes unanimously.

Thomas suggests that sprints are sponsored by the PSF. The proposal is discussed, and it is concluded that such a decision is supported by the motion just approved.

5. PSC report

Marc-Andre gives a report on PSC activities. Stephan Deibel suggested that several levels of sponsorship are offered, e.g. silver, gold, platinum, sorted by amount; others suggested to simply order sponsors by date. Marc-Andre proposes to sort them by level, then by date.

Another suggestion was to use t-shirts and other merchandise to generate donations, e.g. have $2 per t-shirt go to the PSF and use for the processing.

Stephan Deibel also suggested that companies buy "donations for bug fixes", but it was decided (in the PSC) that this is too much work for the organizers, so they dropped the idea.

There was discussion. Jeremy suggested that the top sponsor category be the same as the sponsor member fee, as we should not accept large contributions until we have a lot of public support.

Marc-Andre asks whether the PSC should a) go for the ordering, b) look into one-click-donations, or c) use t-shirts and other merchandise. He suggests to do all three. Tim agrees, but asks that b) is done first. Thomas supports that priority. Marc-Andre will take this recommendation back to the PSC.

Jeremy points out that the members should be informed about the IRS pre-approval. Tim asks that setting up a one-click donation procedure should be implemented in the very near future. Guido points out a terminology confusion (people/companies sponsoring the PSF, and sponsor members proper), and suggests to use the term "sponsor" for members and "donor" for other supporters.

6. Member meeting

Jeremy reminds the board that PSF members must be invited to the member meeting at PyCon. Board candidates should step forward on the PSF list, and new member nominations should be posted there as well.

7. PSF forms

Martin suggests to use Rosen's form as-is. Marc-Andre is -1 on that proposal, asking for several forms of contribution. Guido says he likes fewer forms better. Thomas is reluctant, saying it would mean a change of license. The discussion is tabled for the board list.

8. Other business

Jeremy says that a 2002 financial must be prepared, but he had no time to do that. Thomas asks whether the report must be validated by a third party. Nobody knows, and the issue is tabled until the report is done.

9. Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 20:15pm.