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PSF Meeting Minutes for Nov. 12, 2002

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<center> <h3>The Python Software Foundation <br>Minutes of Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors </h3> </center>

<p>November 12, 2002.

<p>A regular meeting of the Python Software Foundation (the "PSF") Board of Directors was held over Internet Relay Chat at 10:09 pm PST. Guido van Rossum, president of the Foundation and chairman of the Board, presided at the meeting.

<h4>1. Attendance</h4>

<p> The following members of the Board of Directors were present at the
meeting: David Ascher, Jeremy Hylton, Tim Peters, Guido van Rossum, Thomas Wouters. A quorum was present.

<h4>2. Meeting minutes of past IRC meetings.</h4>

<p> Guido moves to approve the meeting minutes of October 8th. Motion
passes unanimously.

<h4>3. Secretary/Treasurer's report</h4>

<p> Some tasks to be done:


<li> register python with BXA for crypto issues <li> put Delaware state taxes in the mail <li> cash AS membership check <li> send payment to Zope for legal representation (> $1000)


<p> Current status:


<li> Invoices sent to Strakt Holdings and Merfin LLC, $1000 each. <li> Current cash on hand in bank account is $11,963.52. <li> Rough net worth including accounts receivable is $14,500.


<p> Jeremy asked when the PSF should expect Python Cookbook royalties.
David said he would check with ActiveState accounting staff regarding the status of any royalty checks AS may have received.
<p> Jeremy asked whether we should remind the sponsors that they can
change the membership fee if they so wanted. There was general agreement that that would be the right thing to do.

<h4>4. IRS status report</h4>

<p> We haven't heard from them. Jeremy said he'd call them.

<h4>5. Conference status report</h4>

<p> We received a contract for the space. Adam Turoff is mostly out of
the loop. We have until Nov 14 (this Thursday) to sign it. The total costs for the space are $12975; 10% of that is due with the contract. This does not include catering, and it doesn't include all A/V equipment -- those things are extra. The contract requires us to get insurance for a million dollars before we are allowed in the space. Guido plans to talk to Shawn O'Donnell (Zope Corp's CFO) to see if we do this via Zope Corp's insurance.
<p> Guido has asked the GWU representative some questions about the contract;
she hasn't sent the replies yet (she's promised Guido an email). He's also received a helpful commentary on the contract from Tony Stanco, the lawyer who runs the Cyber Policy Institute at GWU; Adam Turoff has worked with him on other conferences in the same space; the CPI has made space available for local Python and Perl user groups. The only worrysome thing he saw was a phrase at the very end that appeared to suggest that Guido would be personally liable for the contract; he suggested to sign as "president of the PSF".
<p> YAS (Kurt DeMaagd) will do registration and online payment for us, in
return for a mention as a sponsor. They expect that the costs (bank fees on credit card transactions etc.) will be approximately 5%. They won't charge us extra above the actual costs.
<p> Steve Holden is conference chair and will send out a conference
announcement as soon as we've signed the contract. We've created mailing lists for the conference, and a handful of volunteers have signed up already. We plan to put the conference website up at
<p> The conference has a name. It's Python Programmers Conference,
abbreviated as PyCon.

<h4>6. Contribution forms status report</h4>

<p> Nothing to report.

<h4>7. Python Support Committee status report [4]</h4>

<p> Nothing to report.

<h4>8. Adjournment</h4>

<p> There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:48