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PSF Meeting Minutes for June 11, 2002

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<center> <h3> The Python Software Foundation <br>Minutes of Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors </h3> </center>

<p>Jun. 11, 2002

<p>A regular regular meeting of the Python Software Foundation (the "PSF") Board of Directors was held over Internet Relay Chat at 1:09 pm EST. Guido van Rossum, president of the Foundation and chairman of the Board, presided at the meeting.

<h4>1. Attendance</h4>

The following members of the Board of Directors were present at the meeting: Jeremy Hylton, Tim Peters, Guido van Rossum, David Ascher, Martin von Loewis, Thomas Wouters. The following members were absent: Marc-Andre Lemburg.
A quorum was present.

<h4>2. Meeting minutes of past IRC meetings.</h4>

Guido moves to approve the meeting minutes of the previous three IRC meetings, on March 12 2002, April 9 2002 and May 14 2002. The motion passes unanimously.

<h4>3. Reports.</h4>

Thomas reports that he may have found a way to allow donations to the PSF to be tax-deductible in Dutch tax law. Investigation is ongoing.
Martin has processed the new PSF members who finished their applications, and sent out reminders to the pending members who have not.
Jeremy has received a bill from Carton Fields, for the review of the 1023 tax form. It is for 8.3 hours for a total of $1577, but it seems to include a courtesy deduction intended for Zope Corporation. Jeremy wants to make sure the couresy deduction does not apply to the PSF hours. Jeremy also points out that the filing of the 1023 form means the PSF is officially a charity and donations from the USA are now tax-deductible under the normal charity rules.

<h4>3. Bylaw changes for member meetings on IRC.</h4>

Since Marc-Andre proposed this agenda item but is absent, it was postponed until the next meeting.

<h4>4. Member meeting at OSCON2002</h4>

O'Reilly is making arrangements for a room at the Open Source conference, from 7 to 11 PM on July 24th. Announcements can go out as soon as the room number is available. Initial projections of the attendance indicate a quorum will not be present unless sufficient proxy forms are sent in. Jeremy will provide proxy form templates on the meeting notice.
Several suggestions were made for the membership meeting agenda, asside from the membership approval for STScI and AB Strakt:


<li> Progress report of 501(c)(3) application. <li> Statistics/progress regarding (sponsor) membership applications <li> Income and how to spend it <li> Future Python conferences


<h4>5. Conference committee</h4>

Jeremy proposed a comittee to deal with the planning of official Python conferences, to allow for coordination between them. David offers to chair the committee and wil start preparing its formation.

<h4>6. Next board meeting</h4>

Guido is on vacation from June 21 to July 8, and proposes to hold the next meeting on July 16th rather than the 9th. There are no objections.

<h4>7. Adjournment</h4>

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:48 pm EST.