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PSF Meeting Minutes for May 14, 2002

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The Python Software Foundation
Minutes of Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

May 14, 2002.

David Ascher
Marc-Andre Lemburg
Martin v. Löwis
Jeremy Hylton
Tim Peters
Guido van Rossum

Thomas Wouters was absent; the Board had quorum. The meeting starts at 17:00 UTC.


1. Minutes from two previous IRC board meetings still need to be approved.
2. Reports.
3. How are we doing on new members that were approved in February? Is everybody now sworn in?
4. 501(c)(3) application status.
5. 2001 tax filing.
6. Next member meeting.
7. Python conferences in 2003

1. Last minutes

The minutes from February 12th are approved with 4 ayes and two abstentions (Guido moves, Martin seconds). Approval of other minutes is deferred for a month.

2. Reports

There were no reports.

3. New members

Martin explains the Wiki page recording the application status, and reports that Barry Warsaw requested that new members subscribe themselves to the psf mailing list. Guido suggests that new members are added automatically to the mailing list. Martin volunteers to do so. There is discussion on the status of members who have been invited, but haven't sent their application form; Jeremy volunteers to remind Andy Robinson; Martin volunteers to remind the other potential members.

There is discussion on the number of members. Guido reports that we currently have 42 individual and 6 sponsor members; Jeremy reports that were 45 nominated members, and one pending sponsor member (STSI). Marc-Andre suggest that member meetings on IRC should allowed. There is agreement that this would be good, but would require changes to the bylaws. The board will discuss this next month.

4. 501(c)(3)

Guido reports that little progress has been made, so that there is nothing to discuss.

5. Tax Filing

Guido ask whether the PSF should file for 2001. Tim speaks in favour of doing so, since it shows we're responsible. Guido reports that the accountant said we are not required to file. David says it's a matter of CYA, and good for audits. Guido points out that it has to be done within two days; David offers help in filling the form out. Tim, Jeremy, and Guido will do a "paperwork sprint" today, and Jeremy will then check the draft against his records.

6. Member meeting

Guido proposes to meet at OSCON. Marc-Andre suggest to have a meeting at EuroPython. There is discussion on the potential number of participants, the quorum, and the potential agenda. There is agreement that the meeting should be at OSCON.

The Board also discusses the status of the AB Strakt membership; Guido expresses concerns that the status of paperwork is often unclear in the PSF. Jeremy promises to send an email message to the board list for every piece of paper received, at the time of reception.

7. Next year's conferences

Guido asks whether Gina Blaber of O'Reilly can be told that we'll gladly have Python11 at OSCON2003. There is much agreement, Martin disagrees and proposes that the conference at OSCON should not be called Python11. There is discussion. Guido moves to tell O'Reilly to organize Python11 at OSCON 2003. Marc-Andre seconds. The motion is approved with 4 ayes, 1 nay, and 1 abstention.

There is also discussion about the conference organized by Yet Another Society (YAS). Guido reports that Adam Turoff has not responded to Email in this matter, and that the status of the conference is uncertain.

The board discusses conference committees. Guido volunteers to head a Python11 committee, David volunteers for the YAS conference. Jeremy suggest that there should be a single conference committee. There is discussion, then agreement to continue discussion next month.

8. Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 18:00 UTC.