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PSF Meeting Minutes for Sept. 20, 2010

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The Python Software Foundation
Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

September 20, 2010


A regular meeting of the Python Software Foundation ("PSF") Board of Directors was held over Internet Relay Chat beginning at 16:00 UTC, 20 September 2010. Steve Holden presided at the meeting. Pat Campbell prepared the minutes.

All votes are reported in the form "Y-N-A" (in favor — opposed — abstentions; e.g. "5-1-2" means "5 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstentions").

1   Attendance

The following members of the Board of Directors were present at the meeting: Raymond Hettinger, Steve Holden, Marc-Andre Lemburg, David Mertz, Doug Napoleone [arrived at 16:18], Jesse Noller, Tim Peters, Greg Stein, and Gloria Willadsen. Also in attendance were Kurt Kaiser (Treasurer), and Pat Campbell (Secretary & Administrator).

2   Minutes of Past Meetings

The 16 August 2010 Board meeting minutes were voted on and approved.

Approved, 7-0-1.

3   Votes Taken Between Meetings

There were no votes taken since the last Board meeting held on 16 August 2010.

4   Treasurer Report

The monthly Treasurer's Report was provided to Board members by K. Kaiser prior to the Board meeting. There were no major changes in the PSF's financial position since the last Treasurer's Report a month ago.

5   Progress Report

The following board reports were submitted to the board mailing list one week prior to this month's meeting:

5.1   Communication Status

D. Hellmann, Communication Officer, is continuing his efforts to recruit and find volunteers to help write for the blog found at

5.2   Core Development Tasks

B. Cannon, Core Development Tasks Project, will begin working on this 2-month project in January 2011.

5.4   Marketing Material

M.A. Lemburg, Marketing Material Project, is meeting with contacts, working on writing a proposal for board consideration...

5.5   PyCon US Website

D. Napoleone, PyCon US Website Project, will be launching the new website to the public. "Working with committee heads and Eldarion to finalize proposal system for Talks, Tutorials, and Posters."

5.6   pyOpenSSL Status

J.P. Calderone, pyOpenSSL Project, has been working to improve the coverage provided by pyOpenSSl's test suite.

5.7   Sprint Committee

J. Noller, Sprint Committee Chair, is looking to revitalize the sprints volunteer mailing list.

5.8   Trac Hosting

S. Reifschneider, Trac Hosting Project, is currently coordinating the installation of an issue tracking tool to be utilized by the PSF to help organize the day-to-day PSF administrative activities.

5.9   Trademarks Committee

D. Mertz, Trademarks Committee Chair, A few words from the TMC chair: "In general summary, the Trademarks Committee has continued to receive requests for usage of the Python wordmark and/or logo. Many of these are originally sent to the Board, and I forward them to the committee as needed."

The board members agreed to also provide PSF members with copies of the board reports per month.

6   PyCon US 2011 Budget

The board discussed and approved the proposed budget for PyCon 2011.

RESOLVED, that the PSF approve the proposed PyCon 2011 budget presented by Van Lindberg.

Approved, 8-0-2.

7   New Sponsor Membership Application

The board recommended Zimbio Inc. as a new pending sponsor member of the PSF. The new sponsor member recommendation will be voted on at the next members' election.

RESOLVED, that the board recommends Zimbio Inc. as a pending sponsor member.

Approved, 8-0-0.

8   Other Business

The board briefly discussed and is considering modifying the members election calendar time-slot from once or twice a year to holding quarterly member elections.

9   Adjournment

S. Holden adjourned the meeting at 16:57 UTC.