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PSF Meeting Minutes for March 26, 2004

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The Python Software Foundation
Minutes of Special Meeting of the Board of Directors


March 26, 2004

A special meeting of the Python Software Foundation (the "PSF") Board of Directors (the "Board") was held during PyCon, at the George Washington University Cafritz Center, at noon. Jeremy Hylton, secretary of the PSF, presided.

1. Attendance

This was the first meeting of the Board with the newly elected members present. The following members of the Board of Directors were present at the meeting: David Ascher, Stephan Deibel, Steven Holden, Hylton, Martin von Löwis, Tim Peters and Guido van Rossum. A quorum was present. Hylton took minutes.

2. Appointment of officers

In earlier years, the Board appointed a president but not a chairman of the board. The Board elected to do both this year, but to treat the position of president as a more honorific office than an active one.

Stephan Deibel was appointed chairman of the board. Guido van Rossum was appointed president. Neal Norwitz was appointed treasurer. Jeremy Hylton was appointed secretary. All appointments were unanimous.

The treasurer and secretary are both looking for help with their work. The Board expressed interest in appointing an assistant treasurer or assistant secretary to involve more people in these tasks.

3. Committee charters

The Board voted unanimously to re-appoint the Python Conference Committee and the Public Support Committee. (There was some discussion about whether any action was necessary; regardless of the need, it seemed appropriate.) Marc-Andre Lemburg resigned as chair of the Public Support Committee earlier, and Deibel was appointed chair to replace him.

The Python Website Committee was dissolved by unanimous vote. The Board intends to create a new committee to manage the web site at its next meeting. The Board discussed creating a public relations committee to replace the Python Website committee, but decided not to create such a committee immediately. One question was the distinction between a public relations committee and the Public Support Committee.

Von Löwis volunteered to chair a new grant committee. He will present a motion for its creation at the next board meeting.

4. Corporate address

The Board agreed that its official address should be changed from its current address care-of Zope Corporation. Deibel said he would contact our registered agent to see if we can use them for our official address.

5. Other action items

Von Löwis agreed to continue his work on the contributor agreements. Peters agreed to finish Lemburg's work on the bylaws; the goal is to revise the bylaws to allow for electronic communications and meetings.