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PSF Meeting Minutes for June 14, 2005

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The Python Software Foundation
Minutes of Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

June 14, 2005

A regular meeting of the Python Software Foundation (the "PSF") Board of Directors was held over Internet Relay Chat at 17:00 GMT. Stephan Deibel presided at the meeting.

1. Attendance

The following members of the Board of Directors were present at the meeting: David Ascher, Stephan Deibel, Jeremy Hylton, Kurt Kaiser, Andrew Kuchling, Tim Peters, and Martin von Löwis. Kuchling took minutes.

2. Meeting minutes of past meetings

The May minutes were approved with a 5-0-1 vote.

3. Budget for PSF presence at EuroPython

Michael Hudson and Jacob Hallen have requested money to sponsor a social event at EuroPython and for a PSF banner or poster. Stephan Deibel moved that it is

RESOLVED, that a budget of $1,000 will be made available for banner, posters, brochures, and any food, drink, and venue costs for a PSF sponsored social event at EuroPython. Reimbursement will require receipts from the recipient of the funds.

The motion was approved 5-0-1.

4. "Summer of Code" plans

David Ascher said he expected to see around 200 applications from Google's "Summer of Code" program. Google will donate $500 to the PSF for each completed project, and Ascher wondered whether this money should be kept by the PSF or given to the project's mentor. After some discussion, the consensus was to offer the money to mentors but give them the option to let the PSF keep it; this way a mentor who wants the PSF to keep the money doesn't have to declare $500 of income.

5. Web site redesign status

Tim Parkin is planning to unveil the new site design at EuroPython. Some discussion followed about the payment schedule and about how images for the site would be found.

6. Other issues

von Löwis asked Kaiser about the status of postal and fax contact addresses for the PSF. Kaiser replied that the PO box is operational and he is receiving mail. Neal Norwitz is also forwarding his mail to Kaiser. Norwitz was using his private fax number for PSF purposes, but Kaiser doesn't have a personal fax. Deibel suggested a fax service that sends a PDF e-mail message for every fax received, and Kaiser said he would look into such services.

Kuchling asked if there were any questions about the infrastructure status report. Ascher wondered if it would be easy to populate the Wiki with a page for every Summer of Code proposal, and Kuchling promised to look into this.

Kuchling asked if there were any questions about the PyCon status report. von Löwis asked what date was currently being planned; Kuchling answered that the <REDACTED> university site requires the date to be the week of March 26 (spring break). The Dallas proposal offers a variety of dates, all in February, and the Chicago group has not provided any concrete details. Hylton noted that one person found it difficult to get a direct flight from California to Dallas; Kuchling checked Yahoo! Travel and found a few such flights.

7. Adjournment.

The meeting was then adjourned.