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PSF Fellow Membership

Deadline to nominate someone for Quarter 1 consideration is February 20, 2024

Please send your nomination to:

Your nomination should include:

  • The name of the person you are nominating.
  • Why you think they meet the Fellow criteria, i.e. how they have served the Python community.
  • Please also include an email address for the person you are nominating.

Example nomination: I, Marcia Nominator, propose that Marvin Pythonista be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, due to their significant contributions to the Python community as a co-founder of the PyCon Foobar regional conference, a lead organizer for the 2016 and 2017 editions of the Martian Python community's flagship Python conference, MarsPython and as a long-term contributor to international collaborative efforts amongst the Martian Python community.

The PSF Fellow Work Group has decided to review nominations on a quarterly basis and we also established a criteria for handling the nominations. Here are the nominations timeline and criteria:


  • First quarter: January to the end of March (01/01 - 31/03) Cut-off for nominations will be February 20. New fellows will be announced before March 31.
  • Second quarter: April to the end of June (01/04 - 30/06) Cut-off for quarter two will be May 20. New fellows will be announced before June 30.
  • Third quarter: July to the end of September (01/07 - 30/09) Cut-off for quarter three will be August 20. New fellows will be announced before end of September.
  • Fourth quarter: October to the end of December (01/10 - 31/12) Cut-off for quarter four will be November 20. New fellows will be announced before December 31.


Fellows are members who have been nominated for their extraordinary efforts and impact upon Python, the community, and the broader Python ecosystem. Fellows are nominated from the broader community and elevated by a vote of the members. Fellows are eligible to vote in PSF elections. You can see the full list of Fellows at the PSF Fellows Roster page.

  • For those who have served the Python community by creating and/or maintaining various engineering/design contributions, the following statement should be true:
    • Nominated Person has served the Python community by making available code, tests, documentation, or design, either in a Python implementation or in a Python ecosystem project, that 1) shows technical excellence, 2) is an example of software engineering principles and best practices, and 3) has achieved widespread usage or acclaim.
  • For those who have served the Python community by coordinating, organizing, teaching, writing, and evangelizing, the following statement should be true:
    • Nominated Person has served the Python community through extraordinary efforts in organizing Python events, publicly promoting Python, and teaching and coordinating others. Nominated Person's efforts have shown leadership and resulted in long-lasting and substantial gains in the number and quality of Python users, and have been widely recognized as being above and beyond normal volunteering.
  • If someone is not accepted to be a fellow in the quarter they were nominated for, they will remain an active nominee for 1 year for future consideration.
  • It is suggested/recommended that the nominee have wide Python community involvement. Examples would be (not a complete list - just examples):
    • Someone who has received a Community Service Award or Distinguished Service Award
    • A developer that writes (more than one) documentation/books/tutorials for wider audience
    • Someone that helps translate (more than one) documentation/books/tutorials for better inclusivity
    • An instructor that teaches Python related tutorials in various regions
    • Someone that helps organize local meet ups and also helps organize a regional conference
  • Nominees should be aware of the Python community’s Code of Conduct and should have a record of fostering the community.
  • Sitting members of the PSF Board of Directors can be nominated if they meet the above criteria.

In all that this person does, Nominated Person is an example of what we aspire to be in the Python community.

Welcome 2023 Q4 Fellow Members!

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Denny Perez, James Lopeman, John Hawley

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Ana Dulce Padovan, Marcelo Elizeche Landó, Sarah Kaiser

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Anthony Sottile, Bernát Gábor, Cristián Danilo Maureira-Fredes, Michael Iyanda, Nicolás Demarchi

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Cheuk Ting Ho, Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel, Francisco Palm, Ivan Levkivskyi, Jakub Baláš, João Sebastião de Oliveira Bueno, Jukka Lehtosalo, Michael J. Sullivan, Miroslav Šedivý

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Briana Augenreich, Georgi Ker, Joe Banks, Leah Silen, Leon Sandøy, Sebastiaan Zeeff, Zac Hatfield-Dodds

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Batuhan Osman Taskay, Elaine Wong, Fiorella De Luca, Nicole Harris, Pablo Rivera, Philip James

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Karolina Ladino, Débora Azevedo, Ines Montani, John Roa, Katia Lira, Mariatta Wijaya, Melissa Weber Mendonça, Ng Swee Meng, Nilo Ney Coutinho Menezes, Park Hyun-woo, Ram Rachum, Sebastian Vetter

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Berker Peksag, David Lord, Julien Palard, Kristian Glass, Marco Rougeth, Roy Hyunjin Han, Younggun Kim

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Al Sweigart, Alexandre Savio, Darya Chyzhyk, Kenneth Love, Kevin O'Brien, Serhiy Storchaka, Thea Flowers, Tom Christie

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Humphrey Butau, Ngazetungue Muheue, Pablo Galindo Salgado, Patrick Arminio

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Welcome 2019 Q2 Fellow Members!

Tania Allard, Rami Chowdhury, Chris Jerdonek, Pradyun Gedam, Florian Bruhin, Aaron Yankey, Matt Lebrun, Michaela Reyes

Welcome 2019 Q1 Fellow Member!

Christoph Gohlke

Welcome 2018 Q4 Fellow Members!

Elana Hashman, Alexander Hendorf, Zachary Ware, Jeff Triplett

Welcome 2018 Q3 Fellow Members!

David Markey, Eduardo Mendes, Stefan Behnel, Claudiu Popa, Andrew Godwin

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Katie McLaughlin, Anthony Shaw, Joris van den Bossche, Rizky Ariestiyansyah, Marc Garcia, Christian Barra, Jeff Reback, Tom Augspurger, Wes McKinney, Yury Selivanov

Welcome 2018 Q1 Fellow Members!

Nathaniel Smith, Michael Kennedy, Eyitemi Egbejule, Amber Brown, Ernest W. Durbin III

Welcome 2017 Q4 Fellow Members!

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