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Nominee for 2022 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Iqbal Abdullah

  • Previous Board Service: New board member
  • Employer: LaLoka Labs LLC
  • Other Affiliations: PyCon JP, PyCon APAC, PSF Trademarks WG, PSF Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) WG
  • Nominee Statement:

      My nomination statement in 日本語 and Bahasa Melayu will be after the English statement.

      Nomination for 2022 Python Software Foundation Board Election


      My name is Iqbal Abdullah. I am a Malaysian, based in Japan and have been actively participating with the Python communities around the East Asia and South East Asia region. I understand fluently three natural languages and am a basic at one. I am a Supporting and Managing Member of the PSF. I make a living by running a small technology company called LaLoka Labs which I am also happy to mention uses a lot of Python.


      I first ran for a seat on the PSF board in 2020. I received 11th place out of 26 nominees with 4.78% of the votes. Looking at the results, I realized how little representation the PSF has from the different communities in other parts of the world beyond the United States and Western Europe, even though a significant portion of community work and possible opportunities for technical expertise would come from these communities. I wrote an essay about in my blog titled Diversification is the Future for the PSF.

      I ran again in 2021 with a clearer direction on what I think is needed for the PSF, based largely on my thoughts from that essay. To sum it up, in 2021 I wanted to: - Increase representation and acknowledgement of the diverse communities that we have - Increase the portion of the PSF revenues from non-PyCon US, specifically from non-US and non-Western Europe sources.

      For 2021, I came in 7th place with 7.34% of the votes. It was an improvement, but not good enough.

      This will be my third time running for a seat on the PSF board.

      Not much has changed within the past one year, and my objectives running for a seat in 2022 still remains the same as 2021. I believe these are still relevant and needed to be worked upon.

      In fact, I am hoping to use my platform as a PSF director, if elected, to accelerate interest within the East Asia and South East Asia region on what and how we can contribute more to the Python community.

      We need more people who can be community leaders to give ideas and manage programs, more people that understand how to manage money to support open source, more people that understand law to help support our intellectual properties, and most importantly, more people that care.


      Other than help managing cooperation between the different Python and PyCon organizing communities within the Asia Pacific region, I am still serving as a member of the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Working Group and the Trademarks Work Group of the PSF.

      I was the chairperson for PyCon MY in 2015, the chairperson for PyCon APAC 2017 and served on the board for PyCon JP from founding in 2013 until 2018.

      I was one of the panelist for the panel discussion for the Diversity and Inclusion WG for PyCon APAC 2021.

      Saying thank you

      I was also given the honour to give a keynote for Python Pizza Hamburg where I addressed the issue of open source volunteers being taken for granted and more acknowledgement (including helping them with more money and paying our share) that needs to be done. This is an important topic close to our hearts, so within another business I founded, we annually give out grants to open source projects, including to the Python Software Foundation.

      If you've read this far

      For 2022, even if not elected, I will be happy if I can get a higher result than my previous elections. This will at least mean that the message and ideas I'm trying to bring has gained some traction among the people that matters and are invested: Those of you who will be voting. I can then bring this along with me in the future and tell my story to anyone that wants to listen with hope.

      At the very least, regardless of the results, I hope my experience in participating in the elections will open the minds and hearts of the people around me, and doors for them, as by the people that have gone before me have done for me.

      Thank you.

      PS: A special thank you to Dustin, Aiko and Kamal for reviewing this nomination statement and its translations.




      イクバル・アバドゥラと申します。日本に拠点を置くマレーシア人で、東アジアや東南アジア地域においてPythonコミュニティでの活動に積極的に参加しています。3つの言語を流暢に話しますが、一度に一言語が基本です。PSFのContributingManaging Member です。LaLoka Labsという小さなテクノロジー会社を経営しており、ここでも たくさん Python を使っていることを嬉しく思います。



      私は、2021年にも、そのエッセイにある私の考え方に大きく基づいた、より明確な方向性を示し、再度立候補しました。 つまり、2021年、私がやりたかったことは、

      • 我々が持っている多様なコミュニティの象りと認知を高める
      • 米国PyCon以外からの、特に米国や西欧諸国以外からのPSF収益の割合を増やす ということでした。




      実際、もし選出されれば、私はPSF理事としての基盤を活用し、東アジアおよび東南アジア地域 Pythonコミュニティに対し、何をどのように貢献していけるかということを加速していきたいと考えているのです。



      アジア太平洋地域でPythonやPyConを催すいくつものコミュニティの相互協力を束ねているだけでなく、私は PSFの Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Working GroupTrademarks Work Group の一員としても活動しています。

      2015年の PyCon MY2017年の PyCon APAC では会長職を務め、PyCon JPにおいては、2013年の設立から2018年まで、理事を務めました。

      The Diversity and Inclusion WG for PyCon APAC 2021のパネルディスカッションでは、パネリストの一人ともなりました。


      Python Pizza Hamburgでは、キーノートを行う機会にも恵まれました。そこで、私は、オープンソースのボランティア達にもっと敬意を払い、より経済的な支援や私達の分担を通じた支援を含めた、認知が必要であるという問題について提議しました。これは大変大きな意味を持つ、重要な議題であるため、私の設立したもう一つのビジネスでは、Pythonのソフトウェアを含めたオープンソースプロジェクトに対して、毎年寄付を行ってきました


      2022年について、もし当選しなかったとしても、 これまでの選挙よりも高い結果が得られれば幸いです。それは、私が伝えようとしている考えやメッセージが、重要な関わり合いを持つ人、つまり投票するあなたたちの間でなんらかの注目を集めているということであるからです。そうなれば、私は今後もこのメッセージを携えて行き、私の話を期待感を持って聞きたい人に話し続けることができるからです。



      Kenyataan pencalonan untuk kerusi Pengarah PSF 2022

      Untuk mereka yang ingin membaca dalam Bahasa Melayu,


      Nama saya Iqbal Abdullah. Saya adalah seorang warganegara Malaysia, bermaustatin di Jepun dan telah mengambil bahagian secara aktif dalam komuniti Python di sekitar rantau Asia Timur dan Asia Tenggara. Saya fasih bercakap dalam tiga bahasa dan pada tahap asas dalam satu bahasa. Saya adalah seorang Contributing dan juga Managing Member untuk Python Software Foundation (PSF). Untuk kerjaya, saya mengusahakan sebuah syarikat teknologi kecil iaitu LaLoka Labs yang saya juga berbangga untuk menyatakan kami menggunakan Python dalam banyak perkara yang kami lakukan.


      Pertama kali saya bertanding untuk kerusi dalam lembaga PSF adalah pada 2020. Saya mendapat tempat ke-11 daripada 26 calon dengan 4.78% undian. Melihat kepada keputusan pemilihan, saya menyedari betapa sedikit perwakilan PSF datang daripada komunit-komuniti selain daripada Amerika Syarikat dan Eropah Barat walaupun sebahagian besar kerja komuniti dan kemungkinan peluang untuk kepakaran teknikal turut datang daripada komuniti tersebut. Saya menulis esei tentang ini dalam blog saya bertajuk Diversification is the Future for the PSF.

      Saya bertanding lagi pada 2021 dengan hala tuju yang lebih jelas tentang perkara yang saya rasa perlu untuk PSF, berdasarkan sebahagian besar daripada pemikiran saya daripada esei terebut. Kesimpulannya, pada tahun 2021 saya ingin:

      • Tingkatkan perwakilan dan pengiktirafan kepelbagaian kelompok dalam komuniti pengguna dan penggiat Python
      • Tingkatkan bahagian hasil PSF daripada bukan PyCon US, khususnya daripada sumber bukan Amerika Syarikat dan bukan Eropah Barat.

      Untuk 2021, saya berada di tempat ke-7 dengan 7.34% undian. Ia adalah satu peningkatan, tetapi tidak masih belum cukup baik.

      Ini adalah kali ketiga saya bertanding untuk kerusi di lembaga PSF.

      Tidak banyak yang berubah dalam tempoh setahun yang lalu dan objektif saya bertanding untuk kerusi pada 2022 masih kekal sama seperti 2021. Saya percaya ini masih relevan dan perlu diusahakan.

      Malah, saya berharap untuk menggunakan platform saya sebagai pengarah PSF, jika dipilih, untuk memacu pertumbuhan minat di rantau Asia Timur dan Asia Tenggara tentang bagaimana kami boleh menyumbang lebih banyak kepada komuniti Python.

      Kita memerlukan lebih ramai orang yang boleh menjadi pemimpin komuniti untuk memberi idea dan mengurus program, lebih ramai orang yang memahami cara mengurus wang untuk menyokong sumber terbuka, lebih ramai orang yang memahami undang-undang untuk membantu menyokong harta intelek kita, dan yang paling penting, lebih ramai orang yang cakna akan apa yang kita usahakan.


      Selain membantu mengurus kerjasama antara komuniti penganjur Python dan PyCon yang berbeza di rantau Asia Pasifik, saya masih berkhidmat sebagai ahli Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) WG dan Trademarks WG PSF.

      Saya adalah pengerusi untuk PyCon MY pada 2015, pengerusi untuk PyCon APAC 2017 dan salah seorang ahli pengarah untuk PyCon JP daripada penubuhan di 2013 sehingga 2018.

      Saya adalah salah seorang ahli panel dalam perbincangan panel untuk Kepelbagaian dan Rangkuman WG untuk PyCon APAC 2021 .

      Mengucapkan terima kasih

      Saya juga diberi penghormatan untuk menyampaikan ucaptama untuk Python Pizza Hamburg di mana saya menyentuh isu sukarelawan sumber terbuka sering diambil mudah dan lebih banyak pengiktirafan (termasuk membantu mereka dengan lebih banyak dana dan membayar bahagian kita) yang perlu dilakukan. Ini adalah topik penting yang dekat dengan kita, jadi dalam perniagaan lain yang saya asaskan, kami setiap tahun memberikan geran kepada projek sumber terbuka, termasuk kepada Yayasan Perisian Python.

      Jika anda telah membaca sejauh ini

      Untuk tahun 2022, walaupun tidak dipilih, saya akan berasa gembira jika saya boleh mendapat keputusan yang lebih tinggi daripada pemilihan sebelum ini. Ini sekurang-kurangnya memberi gambaran bahawa mesej dan idea yang saya cuba bawa telah mendapat sedikit daya tarikan di kalangan orang yang penting dan pemegang taruh: Anda yang akan mengundi. Saya kemudian boleh membawa mesej ini bersama saya pada masa hadapan dan menceritakan kisah saya kepada sesiapa sahaja yang ingin mendengar dengan penuh harapan.

      Sekurang-kurangnya, tanpa mengira keputusan yang bakal saya perolehi, saya berharap pengalaman saya menyertai pemilihan ini akan membuka minda dan hati orang-orang di sekeliling saya, dan pintu untuk mereka, seperti yang dilakukan oleh orang-orang sebelum saya untuk saya.

      Terima kasih.

  • Nomination Statements:
    • Nomination by: Thomas Wouters

      Iqbal is an important member of the Python community, representing the PSF in East/South East Asia. He also represents those communities to the PSF, which has been tremendously valuable. He has strong ideas and goals that go to the hart of the PSF, and having him on the Board of Directors would be of benefit to everyone.

    • Nomination by: WEI LEE

      Iqbal Abdullah helps and coordinates PyCon APAC group for many years.

    • Nomination by: Younggun Kim

      I proudly nominate Iqbal Abdullah for PSF Board director as I'm seeing there's a good role he can play within the board.

      From my past experience as a director of PSF, it is essential to be connected with local Pythonistas in the region one is representing. Iqbal has been one of the most active community members and taking a fantastic lead in PyCon APAC group.

      Your vote for Iqbal would never be in vain.

      Younggun from Seoul

    • Nomination by: Marc-Andre Lemburg

      I would like to nominate Iqbal for the PSF Board.

      I first met Iqbal at PyCon Japan 2018. He was helping with the organization of the conference and also heavily involved with the Japanese Python association.

      Since then, we've stayed in touch and Iqbal started working on the PSF Trademarks WG in 2019, which I co-chair together with David Mertz.

      Working with Iqbal has always been a pleasure. He has a unique and calm approach to handling challenges and never steers away from difficult decisions or tasks.

      Iqbal also brings a firm business background to the PSF, which will help the PSF mature into the more community oriented organization we would all like it to be.

    • Nomination by: KwonHan Bae

      iqbal worked so long and hard for Python in JP, APAC, MY. I think without his help, I could not start PyCon KR and APAC. he still works to spread python in apac region.

    • Nomination by: Dustin Ingram

      I support Iqbal Abdullah as a nominee for the PSF board of directors. Iqbal has demonstrated a desire to expand the PSF's reach into historically under-served areas by making substantial contributions to his regional PyCon communities in Malaysia, Japan and the APAC region. His efforts in the PSF's Diversity & Inclusion Work Group have demonstrated his dedication to ensuring the PSF becomes a truly global and equitable community. His objective to increase PSF sponsorship from non-US/non-Western European sources indicates a desire to do the work necessary to expand the PSF globally. Finally, his advocacy on behalf of the community service of others demonstrate his ability to recognize the important work of volunteers and lift those voices up.

    • Nomination by: David Mertz

      Iqbal would be an amazing Director, if voters choose to elect him this term. It's growing long ago now, but I myself served as a Director for 6 years, and I believe I have a good sense of the role and its obligations.

      Over a number of years, I have seen indirect reports of his dedicated contributions to organizing conferences, meetups, user groups, and the like throughout much of East Asia. He was long one of a small number of extraordinary community members I have seen indirectly, and admired for their dedication and skill.

      However, for the last 2 years, I have worked more directly with Iqbal. He joined the Trademarks Working Group at that time, a group which I have long co-chaired with Marc-André Lemburg. As background, this WG is one of the oldest the PSF has had, but one that operates slightly behind-the-scenes; in particular, like other committees and projects, it sees a lot of attrition as folks have initial interest in helping, but get distracted by other activities and obligations.

      Iqbal, in contrast, has helped this WG with dedication, precision, attention, and gone beyond the efforts of most past participants (maybe including myself :-)) in actively researching publications and projects that raise trademark concerns. For the most part, the WG relies on Python enthusiasts actively contacting us, but sometimes—including many identified by Iqbal—we make the contact with groups, persons, or organizations either inadvertently or maliciously violating the published trademark policy.

      As hugely grateful and better off as this WG is with his help, I think his contributions to other general organizing around Python activities has not slowed down at all, perhaps even increased, even through the obstacles of global pandemic. For example, he organized a pre-conference talk that I gave about the politics and technology of NFTs (which arose from one amusing request to the Trademarks WG initially). While I was delighted to put my thoughts on the topic together, it was Iqbal who advertised and coordinated, and worked with all the organizers of PyCon JP (which he chairs) and PyCon APAC, to create a delightful event. The main conferences themselves, of course, need him to run well—or at least it's hard to imagine anyone else filling his shoes.

    • Nomination by: Georgi Ker

      I would like to second the nomination of Iqbal Abdullah for the nomination as the Director of Python Software Foundation. Iqbal has been a long time community leader and contributor to the Python community in Asia. He contributes actively to open source and Python-related events wherever he is located from MY to JP. Apart from his involvement in local PyCon, Iqbal is also one of the backbones among the PyCon organisers in Asia Pacific. He has created several opportunities gathering PyCon organisers within E/SE Asia region together, providing support to new and experienced organisers. In addition to the above contributions, Iqbal is currently one of the members of the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Working Group and the Trademarks Work Group of the PSF. Iqbal's unconditional contributions to the Python community should be recognised and his presence on the board will create a positive impact to PSF.