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Nominee for 2020 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Iqbal Abdullah

  • Previous Board Service: New board member
  • Employer: Xoxzo Inc.
  • Other Affiliations: PyCon JP, PyCon MY, PyCon APAC
  • Nominee Statement:

      I have been active with PyCon APAC and PyCon JP since 2010. I have helped founded PyCon JP and also PyCon MY, and these conferences have been successful to attract current and new Python users and developers. I was also the chairperson for PyCon APAC 2017.

      My intention is to contribute to the PSF by giving input from the perspective of a member from the Asia Pacific reason. I also hope to evangelize for Python in general and the PSF specifically within the Asia Pacific region. Of late, there has been a lot of interest towards Python, in Asia Pacific and also in Japan. There has even been an attempt to register Python as a trademark in Japan unrelated to the PSF, which I have played a small role to try and stop. In terms of Python users, we are seeing greater participation within the Asia Pacific with the creation of new country specific PyCons, such as PyCon TH and PyCon ID, and I believe we need to put in more work by understanding and supporting these new communities coming up in this region.

      I believe we need someone to act as a bridge and contribute back to the PSF and the worldwide Python community in general the values, views, concerns and support from the Asia Pacific community, and I will like to be that person.

  • Nomination Statements:
    • Nomination by: Younggun Kim

      I proudly nominate Iqbal Abdullah for the 2020 Python Software Foundation Board.

      Who's Iqbal Abdullah

      Iqbal has always been one of the most active community members, especially in the Asia region. He is one of the founding members of PyCon Japan, and later, he started PyCon Malaysia. He was also the chairperson for PyCon APAC 2017. In addition to his priceless effort in the areas, he is also taking a fantastic lead on PyCon APAC group.

      What value Iqbal Abdullah would bring to the Board

      Iqbal has experience in business and community activities in various countries within Asia. As an active APAC member, he is more than eligible for regional bridge roles in the Board.

      Why former-PSF-director-from-the-region nominate Iqbal Abdullah for the Board.

      I was privileged to be nominated by Carol Willing as she was able to observe growing enthusiasm in Asia when we met at PyCon Philippines. All the story I told her about the Asian Python community was written by Iqbal and the others' years of devotion, which was recognized recently.

      While I'm making my effort reaching out to underrepresented nations in Asia, I believe Iqbal is the best person who will be a voice from them in the Board. I would be supporting him not only for this election but also throughout all three years of the terms.


      For this year's election, we're about to choose four new directors who would be serving for three years.

      From my experience as a former director, I understand that it would be a lonely and tough role if there's not enough support from the supporters.

      In that respect, I have no doubt Iqbal deserves your vote.


      Younggun from Seoul