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PSF PyCon Trademark Usage Policy

Version 1.0

"PyCon" Trademark Policy

In order to protect the term "PyCon" against unwanted or misleading use by third parties, the PSF claims the term “PyCon” as a trademark worldwide for conference activities. The PSF is additionally pursuing registration of the mark in various jurisdictions.

It is the policy of the Python Software Foundation to allow the use of "PyCon" for conferences that focus on Python the programming language, have adopted a code of conduct compatible with that of the PSF, and allow anyone to attend the conference subject to a reasonable conference fee. Use of the trademark is subject to approval by the PSF trademarks committee (write to psf-trademarks at

The PSF may update this policy from time to time. Updates will be published and announced by the PSF.

Version 1.0 of this "PyCon" trademark policy was adopted by the PSF board on 2014-05-16.

PyCon Conferences Around the World

PyCon conferences are community-focused gatherings of Python programmers around the world. Want to start a PyCon in your own country? Contact us! We want to help.

The following are national-level and regional authorized PyCon conferences:

  • "Kiwi PyCon", "PyCon NZ" in New Zealand
  • "PyCon Africa" in Africa (rotating location)
  • "PyCon Amazônia", in South Amercia
  • "PyCon Asia Pacific", "PyCon APAC" in Asia
  • "PyCon AR", "PyCon Argentina" in Argentina
  • "PyCon AU", "PyCon Australia" in Australia
  • "PyCon BY", "PyCon Belarus" in Belarus
  • "PyCon CA", "PyCon Canada" in Canada
  • "PyCon CN", "PyCon China" in China
  • "PyCon CZ", "PyCon Czech" in Czech Republic
  • "PyCon DE" in Germany
  • "PyCon ES", "PyCon España", "PyCon Spain" in Spain
  • "PyCon FI", "PyCon Finland" in Finland
  • "PyCon FR", "PyCon France" in France
  • "PyCon GH", "PyCon Ghana" in Ghana
  • "PyCon HK", "PyCon Hong Kong" in Hong Kong
  • "PyCon ID", "PyCon Indonesia" in Indonesia
  • "PyCon IE", "PyCon Ireland" in Ireland
  • "PyCon IL", "PyCon Israel" in Israel
  • "PyCon IN", "PyCon India" in India
  • "PyCon IR", "PyCon Iran" in Iran
  • "PyCon IT", "PyCon Italia" in Italy
  • "PyCon JP", "PyCon Japan" in Japan
  • "PyCon KE", "PyCon Kenya" in Kenya
  • "PyCon KR", "PyCon Korea" in Korea
  • "PyCon LK", "PyCon Sri Lanka" in Sri Lanka
  • "PyCon LT", "PyCon Lithuania" in Lithuania
  • "PyCon MEA (Middle East & Africa)" in Dubai
  • "PyCon MY", "PyCon Malaysia" in Malaysia
  • "PyCon NA", "PyCon Namibia" in Namibia
  • "PyCon NE", "PyCon Niger" in Niger
  • "PyCon NG", "PyCon Nigeria" in Nigeria
  • "PyCon NL", "PyCon The Netherlands" in The Netherlands
  • "PyCon NP", "PyCon Nepal" in Nepal
  • "PyCon PH", "PyCon Philippines" in the Philippines
  • "PyCon PK", "PyCon Pakistan" in Pakistan
  • "PyCon PL", "PyCon Poland" in Poland
  • "PyCon Pune" in India
  • "PyCon RO", "PyCon Romania" in Romania
  • "PyCon RU", "PyCon Russia" in Russia
  • "PyCon SE", "PyCon Sweden" in Sweden
  • "PyCon SK", "PyCon Slovakia" in Slovakia
  • "PyCon SO", "PyCon Somalia" in Somalia
  • "PyCon SG", "PyCon Singapore" in Singapore
  • "PyCon TH", "PyCon Thailand" in Thailand
  • "PyCon TW", "PyCon Taiwan" in Taiwan
  • "PyCon UK" in the United Kingdom
  • "UA PyCon", "PyCon Ukraine", "PyCon UA" in Ukraine
  • “PyCon US” in the United States
  • "PyCon UY", "PyCon Uruguay" in Uruguay
  • "PyCon VE", "PyCon Venezuela" in Venezuela
  • "PyCon Web" in Germany or elsewhere (subject to yearly approval)
  • "PyCon ZA", "PyCon South Africa" in South Africa
  • "PyCon ZW", "PyCon Zimbabwe" in Zimbabwe

If we have forgotten a national or regional PyCon conference in this list or have used the wrong naming, please write to the PSF trademark committee for approval.

It is also possible to use a sub-domain as home for the conference. Please write to webmaster at to request a sub-domain.