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PSF Sponsorship Program

Your contributions matter and they make an IMPACT. Below are some of the ways the PSF uses its funding to support the Python community:

Python Community Infrastructure

The PSF supports the Python Package Index (PyPI),,, and In addition to the costs of the community web services we provide, we need staff to expand our services programs and keep them running 24/7.

The PSF community web services receive tens of millions of requests each month, with services like PyPI,,, and supporting the community everywhere.

PyPI In Numbers

23B requests/month 5.3B requests/month 757M requests/day

Core Development Support

The PSF funds an annual gathering of Python core developers to target improvements to CPython. In 2019, the CPython sprint received $25,000 in support from the PSF and in 2020, $6,000 USD for an online sprint.

The PSF is also financially supporting CPython through a complete migration to GitHub and, in 2019, allocated $19,000 USD to assist CPython with Python 2 sunset communications.

The PSF hosts the annual Python Language Summit at PyCon US. The Summit is a small gathering of Python language implementers (both core developers of CPython and alternative Pythons), third-party library authors, and other Python community members. The 2020 summit was held online due to the cancellation of the in-person PyCon. Core developers covered topics such as documentation, HPy, f-strings, and C-Python on mobile.


The PSF’s Grants Program awards hundreds of requests yearly to help the community grow and affirm and empower the PSF’s commitment to diversity.

Tens of thousands of attendees have been impacted by the PSF’s financial support. In 2019, the Grants Program provided $324,000 USD for initiatives in 60 different countries. Grants spending increased 44% between 2016 and 2019, including supporting more regional PyCons and doubling awards to PyLadies and Django Girls workshops.2019 also marked the first ever PyCon in Africa!

The PSF boosted support of worldwide Python Meetups by growing our network during 2019 from 34 to 72 groups in 17 countries with over 100,000 members. In 2020, the grants program was paused briefly due to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic andwe are elated to offer this service to our community again. The PSF compiled a list of free resources for all grant recipients and community members.

PSF Grants Disbursements between 2014-2019

PyCon US

PyCon US, the PSF’s signature annual event, generates over 65% of the PSF’s revenue. PyCon typically draws over 3,5000 attendees from at least 50 countries for a week-long gathering of experts, educators, and industry leaders. Thanks to increased sponsor support and more PSF funding, financial aid grew from $90K in 2016 to $190K in 2020 (prior to the cancellation) with a cumulative average growth rate of 21%.

Python in Education

More and more institutions around the world are introducing students to the opportunities that Python presents with your support! In 2019, the PSF authorized $62,000 able to fund two large Python in Education projects.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Even during uncertain times, PSF remains committed to increasing community collaborations and support. We continue to strengthen the support we provide to the Python community and add new services as well. The PSF has begun intentional discussions about strategic planning and how we can deepen community support.

An important element is the PSF’s commitment to growing the fiscal sponsorship program. The PSF currently supports 11 local user groups, regional conferences, and Python projects around the United States. Fiscal sponsorees benefit from the PSF’s nonprofit structure and back-end resources so the projects can concentrate on furthering their goals and reaching into the local Python community. Groups like Boston Python and the annual PyCascades conference have been successful in providing rich experiences to local communities.

Intellectual Property

One major component of the PSF’s mission is protecting Python-related intellectual property. To strengthen the PSF’s trademarks and copyrights for Python, PyCon, and PyPI, the PSF spent over $198,000 USD in 2019 and $77,000 through October 2020.

Revenue Trends

Program Service Expenses

More information can be found in our annual report.