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2014 PSF Members' Meeting Minutes

The Python Software Foundation
Minutes of the 2014 Members' Meeting

July 23, 2014

The Python Software Foundation (the "PSF") held its annual members' meeting on July 23, 2014 at 17:30 CEST in the BCC Berlin in Berlin, Germany (EuroPython 2014). The agenda is available here. Marc-Andre Lemburg presided over the meeting and also prepared these minutes with the assistance of EJ.

1   Attendance

The following members were present at the meeting:

  • Nicholas Tollervey
  • João Matos
  • Michael Foord
  • Ronald Oussoren
  • Harald Armin Massa
  • Nicola Iarocci
  • Claudiu Popa
  • Petr Viktorin
  • Giles Thomas
  • Jim Baker
  • Milap Bhojak
  • Joseph Wenninger
  • Richard Jones
  • Fabio Pliger
  • Giovanni Bajo
  • Lynn Root
  • Walter Dörwald
  • Gael Varoquaux
  • Simon Cross
  • Naomi Ceder
  • Stéphane Wirtel
  • Jannis Leidel

2   Introduction

A short welcome was given by Marc Andre Lemburg to the new PSF members.

3   Reports

3.1   Board Report

  • Finished transition to the new bylaws
  • New website
  • New board settling in

3.2   Treasurer Reports

(as of 2013-12-31)
  • Assets: 1.684.000 US$
  • Liabilities: 761.000 US$
  • Equity: 922.000 US$
(as of 2014-03-31)
  • Assets: 2.541.000 US$
  • Liabilities: 1.664.000 US$
  • Equity: 876.000 US$

5   New Business

5.1   Introduction to the new PSF membership model

Membership size

  • PSF was founded in 2001: 16 members, 2 sponsor members
  • June 2012:204 members, 26 sponsor members
  • March 2013:283 members, 28 sponsor members
  • July 2014: 1877 Basic Members!

In 2014 a new membership model was approved by the membership and board. It consists of the following New membership model

  • Basic members
    • Sign up via web form
    • No voting rights
    • No fees to pay
    • May attend members meeting
    • Open to anyone, anywhere
  • Supporting members
    • Basic membership, plus the following:
    • voting rights
    • yearly fee or lifetime fee
  • Sponsor members
    • Legal persons only
    • yearly fee
    • voting rights via delegates
    • various sponsor levels (each w/ different benefits and # of delegates)
    • voted in by the voting members
  • Managing members
    • Basic membership, plus the following:
    • voting rights
    • need to sign up to at least one working group and invest at least 5 hours work per month
    • requirements revisited on a yearly basis; conversion to basic membership in case requirements are no longer met
  • Contributing members
    • Basic membership, plus the following:
    • voting rights
    • need to invest at least 5 hours work per month contributing to (Python related) open-source projects
    • requirements revisited on a yearly basis; conversion to basic membership in case requirements are no longer met
  • Fellows
    • Basic membership, plus the following:
    • voting rights
    • need to be nominated by other Fellows
    • need to be voted in as Fellow by 2/3 of the voting members
    • stay member for life
    • all nominated members automatically turned into Fellows

5.2   Information for Voting Members

  • Special group of members: All members with voting rights, who have indicated that they want to use this right
  • Voting rights must be reestablished each year (via checkbox)
  • Members lose voting rights for a the remainder of a year in case more than 4 votes are not cast
  • The PSF will use Special online voting software. It is Based on the OSS eVote system. It was developed by Massimo di Pierro and maintained byDavid Mertz: It is Already used by OSI at

5.3   New Concept: Workgroups

  • Can be proposed by any member
  • Voted in by voting members or PSF board
  • Integration into the PSF defined by work group charta
  • Can get their own budget
  • Workgroups will help with Creating closer ties between the PSF and national Python organizations
  • Getting more work done
  • Decentralizing PSF work

5.4   Moving the PSF outside the US

Basically the same as on the PSF members ML. It's better to invest work in making communication channels safer than to spend time on moving the PSF. Most of the PSF sponsors are US based, so a move would have a direct probably negative effect on the PSF income.

5.5   Contributing members and large Python projects

Members did see the potential for problems, but did not feel that we should set up rules such a limits of number of contributing members per project right now. Instead, we should make sure that we get the needed information from contributing members to monitor the effects:

  • have a field with the project name to which the member contributes in the database
  • have a field with the affiliation of the member in the database

6   Voting

With the new e-vote system in place, we no longer have fixed voting times, but instead call for votes on an ad-hoc basis. Discussion of the votes will happen on the psf-members list which is open to all voting PSF members.

If there are any known upcoming votes at the time of the meeting, we will give a short overview.

It was also suggested that we put a text on the voting page that reminds of the fact that votes are anonymous and personal and should not be biased by corporate needs.

8   Adjournment

Marc-Andre Lemburg adjourned the meeting at 2014-07-23 18:30 CEST.