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You may designate someone to vote on your behalf at the meeting, a proxy. Be sure that your designated proxy will be attending the meeting and is willing to act as your proxy. PSF members who have indicated their willingness to act as proxy are listed in the meeting agenda.

Designation of Proxy

As a member of the Python Software Foundation (PSF), I hereby appoint

[Print the name of the person you are appointing as your proxy.]

as my proxy with full power to vote in accordance with the directions provided here and on all other matters that may come before the PSF member meeting to be held at the Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum By The Galleria hotel on February 23, 2007 from 6:40-8:40 pm.

Election of Nominated Members

The following people have been nominated for membership in the PSF. To be elected, a nominee must receive more "Yes" votes than "No" votes.

Please vote to accept as a new nominated member (check one of "Yes", "No", or "Abstain" for each nominee):

Nominee Yes No Abstain
Steven Bethard      
Nick Coghlan      
Laura Creighton      
Catherine Devlin      
Doug Napoleone      
Sean Reifschneider      
Jeff Rush      

Election of Sponsor Members

The following organizations have been nominated and approved by the Board for sponsor membership in the PSF. To be elected, a nominee must receive more "Yes" votes than "No" votes.

Please vote to accept as a new sponsor member (check one of "Yes", "No", or "Abstain" for each nominee):

Nominee Yes No Abstain
cPacket Networks      
Madison Tyler LLC (EWT)      

Motion to Increase the Maximum Number of Directors

A call for nominations of PSF directors was issued, to the PSF-members, PSF-volunteers, and python-announce lists, and to the PSF blog ( We had a good response, with 4 new candidates stepping forward, in addition to the 8 incumbents. We have a total of 12 candidates for Director this year, but currently the Board is limited to 8 Directors. As Tim Peters put it, "the bigger the board, the more gets done."

This motion aims to increase the limit on the number of Directors going forward. We learned in the past that it's better to expand the Board than to miss out on offers of help. This does not mean that all candidates for Director will automatically be elected; this year's Directors will be decided in the election below.

The motion:

WHEREAS it is recognized that it is beneficial to the Foundation to have a large number of active Directors, be it

RESOLVED, that the PSF Board be increased to a maximum of twelve (12) Directors.

Please vote (check one)
[  ] For [  ] Against [  ] Abstain

To pass, the motion must receive more "For" votes than "Against" votes.

Election of a New Board of Directors

There are 12 candidates for a total of either 12 or 8 Director positions, depending on the outcome of the vote on the motion above. Since the outcome will not be known until the members' meeting, please vote on both possibilities:

  1. 12 Director positions (if the motion above passes). Vote "Yes" for a maximum of 12 candidates below in column "A".
  2. 8 Director positions (if the motion above fails to pass). Vote "Yes" for a maximum of 8 candidates below in column "B".

To be elected, a nominee must receive more "Yes" votes than "No" votes.

Please vote to accept as Director (check one of "Yes", "No", or "Abstain" for each nominee in each of columns "A" and "B"):

A: Check Max. 12 "Yes" B: Check Max. 8 "Yes"
Nominee Yes No Abstain Yes No Abstain
David Turvene            
Andy Todd            
James Tauber            
Mark Summerfield            
Tim Peters *            
Martin von Löwis *            
Andrew Kuchling *            
Steve Holden *            
David Goodger *            
Stephan Deibel *            
Brett Cannon *            
David Ascher *            

Incumbent Directors are marked with asterisks ("*"). See the candidates' summaries page (

Additional Instructions

With regards to any other issues which may come up for member vote at the meeting, my instructions to the holder of the proxy are to (check one):

[  ] Do as you see fit (this is the default)

[  ] Abstain

[  ] Specific Instructions:





Authorized Signature

I authorize the above-named designated proxy to act in accordance with the instructions set out above. I hereby revoke any proxy previously given for this meeting. If no voting instructions are given, the holder of the proxy may act at his or her discretion.

Name (print):






Filing Notes

Deadline for Receipt: February 19, 2007

This form must be filed with the Secretary of the PSF in advance of the meeting. The form may be sent by GPG/PGP-signed email to:

psf at

or faxed to:

+1 858 712 8966

or mailed to:

Python Software Foundation
P.O. Box 653
Ipswich, MA 01938

Please use fax or email if at all possible. We can't guarantee that postal mail will arrive in time. When using fax or snail mail, send a copy of the proxy designation by email.