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Member meeting at PyCon 2006

<h1>Member meeting at PyCon 2006</h1>

<p>The annual PSF member meeting will be at <a href="">PyCon 2006</a> on February 24th, at 5:10 pm, in the Bent Tree room.


<p>You can vote by <a href="ballot-february-2006">absentee ballot</a> or by <a href="proxy-february-2006">designating a proxy</a>. If you cannot attend the meeting and know how you would like to vote on each issue, use the absentee ballot. It will simplify the vote tally and help the meeting run smoothly. You can also designate a member to vote on your behalf at the meeting. Be sure that you proxy will be attending the meeting and is willing to act as your proxy.


<ul> <li> Head / proxy count <li> Review of the year

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<ul> <li>Financial review (Kurt) <li>Grants process (Martin) <li>Other reports </ul>

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<li> Member vote to accept new nominated members
<br>A simple majority is required to elect new members. <ul> <li>Georg Brandl <li>Paul Everitt <li>Jim Hugunin <li>Travis Oliphant <li>Anna Martelli Ravenscroft <li>George Paci </ul>
<li> Member vote to accept new sponsor member
<br>A simple majority is required to elect new members. The board has already approved <a href="">CCP Games</a> as a pending sponsor member <ul> <li>CCP Games </ul>

<li> Member vote on candidates for new Board of Directors.

<br>There are currently eight candidates. <ul> <li>David Ascher <li>Brett Cannon <li>Stephan Deibel <li>Steve Holden <li>David Goodger <li>Andrew Kuchling <li>Martin von Loewis <li>Tim Peters </ul>
<li>Discussion on whether the PSF should become an umbrella organization
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<li>Discussion of how to get the SF bugtracker migrated (Brett). <li>Adjournment

<li>Good of the order (Q&amp;A and discussion)