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Member meeting at OSCON

<p>There will be an extra PSF Member Meeting at the <a href=""> O'Reilly Open Source Convention</A>, July 22-26 in San Diego.

<p>We've reserved a room for the meeting:

<br>Location: Marina II <br>Date: Wednesday, July 24 <br>Time: 8:00 - 10:00 pm

<P>It is likely that only 8-10 PSF members will show up. This is not sufficient to make quorum without proxies: the quorum is 1/3 of the membership, which given the current is 17. Therefore we hope that many people will send in their proxy forms.

<h3>Tentative Agenda</h3>

<ul> <li> Approval of new sponsor members STScI and AB Strakt <li> Progress report of 501(c)(3) application. <li> Statistics/progress regarding (sponsor) membership applications <li> Income and how to spend it <li> Future Python conferences </ul>


<p>If you cannot attend the meeting, you can <a href="proxy-july-2002.html"> vote by proxy</A>.

<p>The following members will attend the meeting, and are thus able to serve as proxies. Other members who plan to attend should contact the secretary to be included in this list.

<ul> <li>Aahz <li>Jason Abate (Hostway) <li>David Ascher <li>Guido van Rossum </ul>

<h3>Members having voting rights</h3>

<p>Summary <br>Total: 52 <br>Individual: 46 <br>Sponsor: 6 <br>Quorum: 17 ( ceil((46 + 6) / 3) )

<p>According to the bylaws (Section 3.8 Record of Members Having Voting Rights.), we must make a list of members having voting rights available prior to the meeting. The list of names, sans private contact info, is available here. (Members should receive the full required info by private email.)

<p><b>Sponsor Members</b>

<p>ActiveState, represented by David Ascher (pending receipt of sponsor fee) <br>Advanced Simulation Technology Inc. (ASTi), represented by Patrick Gaffney <br>Archaeopteryx Software, Inc., represented by Stephan Deibel <br>Hostway Corporation, represented by Jason Abate <br>O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., represented by Betsy Waliszewski <br>Zope Corporation, represented by Paul Everitt

<p><b>Nominated Members</b>

<p>Aahz, David Abrahams, David Ascher, Donald Beaudry, Finn Bock, Fred L. Drake, Jr., Paul F. Dubois, Greg Ewing, Jim Fulton, Lars Marius Garshol, Mark Hammond, Thomas Heller, Neil Hodgson, Michael Hudson, Jeremy Hylton, Jack Jansen, Cameron Laird, Marc-Andr&eacute; Lemburg, Martin von L&ouml;wis, Fredrik Lundh, Mark Lutz, Mike McLay, Ken Manheimer, Alex Martelli, Trent Mick, Skip Montanaro, Sjoerd Mullender, Neal Norwitz, Uche Ogbuji, Mike Olson, Samuele Pedroni, Tim Peters, Paul Prescod, Eric S. Raymond, Guido van Rossum, Sam Rushing, Neil Schemenauer, Peter Schneider-Kamp, Greg Stein, Christian Tismer, Charles G. Waldman, Greg Ward, Barry Warsaw, Thomas Wouters, Ka-Ping Yee, Moshe Zadka