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Conversion to Emeritus PSF Membership

The PSF needs active members. Active members represent the Python community and, at minimum, participate in the annual PSF members' meetings. If you are unable to participate actively, please consider conversion to emeritus membership.

Inactive members make progress difficult for the PSF. PSF members' meetings require a quorum, a minimum number of members who attend in person or vote by proxy/absentee ballot. Some decisions require a two-thirds majority vote of all members. PSF members who are inactive make achieving quorum less likely, and may make two-thirds majority votes impossible.

To convert to emeritus status, please fill out the blanks below and send a signed copy to the PSF.

The form may be sent by GPG/PGP-signed email to:

psf at

or faxed to:

+1 858 712 8966

or mailed to:

Python Software Foundation
9450 SW Gemini Dr.
ECM# 90772
Beaverton, OR 97008

Thank you!

I, ______________________________________________________,
   (full name)

ask for my membership in the Python Software Foundation to be
converted to emeritus status.