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PSF Contributor Agreement for Jython

Contributor Agreement for Jython

This Contributor Agreement is between Python Software Foundation (“PSF”) and the individual or other entity identified below (“the Contributor”):








Contributor offers to license certain software (a “Contribution” or multiple “Contributions”) to PSF, and PSF agrees to accept said Contributions, under the terms of the open source license identified below (the "Initial License"):

Initial License: __________________________________________

Contributor understands and agrees that PSF shall have the irrevocable and perpetual right to make and distribute copies of any Contribution, as well as to create and distribute collective works and derivative works of any Contribution, under the Initial License or under any other open source license approved by a unanimous vote of the PSF board. Contributor shall identify each Contribution by placing the following notice in its source code adjacent to Contributor's valid copyright notice: "Licensed to PSF under a Contributor Agreement."

PSF understands and agrees that Contributor retains copyright in its Contributions. Nothing in this Contributor Agreement shall be interpreted to prohibit Contributor from licensing its Contributions under different terms from the Initial License or this Contributor Agreement.



Name: __________________________




Date: ___________________________

Title: ___________________________
Python Software Foundation
9450 SW Gemini Dr.
ECM# 90772
Beaverton, OR 97008

Title: ___________________________

The accompanying Contribution Agreement signed by us on __/__/20__ is to apply to all prior contributions made by us to any Jython version.

Signature: _________________________