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Nominee for 2023 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Sayantika Banik

  • Previous Board Service: New board member
  • Employer: Voltron Data
  • Other Affiliations: PSF Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) WG, PyLadies Bangalore, NumFocus
  • Nominee Statement:

      About me πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸŽ¨

      πŸ‘‹πŸ½ I am Sayantika (she/her), based out of India. I find joy in embracing various passions, from exploring technology and open source to expressing myself through art and caring for my little plants. I learn through interconnected experiences.

      My community journey 🫢🏽

      Right from the very beginning, my tech journey has been exhilarating, weaving together diverse experiences.

      Diversity and inclusion hold a special place in my heart. I have had the privilege of being involved in the Diversity and Inclusion Work Group at the Python Software Foundation (PSF), where we strive to create an inclusive Python community by amplifying diverse voices and advocating for equitable opportunities.

      As a founding committee member at NumFocus's Project Incubator, I enjoyed brainstorming and witnessing the power of open-source collaboration and mentorship.

      PyLadies Bangalore has always been close to my heart. Starting as a community member, I have grown exponentially through my journey to becoming an organizer.

      In the past, I had the privilege of serving as a workgroup member at RSE Asia, where I furthered my knowledge and explored the friendly research software engineering community.

      I am also proud to have served as a Board Member at the Django Software Foundation, actively shaping a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem for Django developers.

      Contributing as a reviewer for the Tapia 2020/2021 conference scholarships gave me a unique perspective on the remarkable achievements and potential of underrepresented groups in computing.

      Each experience has added a unique piece to the puzzle of my personal growth.

      Spreading knowledge about tech, community, and beyond πŸ’ͺ🏽

      • Presented at PyCon India 2021
      • Presented at stackconf 2020/2022
      • Collaborated and presented at PyCascades - Meet & Greet with PSF D&I workgroup
      • Collaborated on workshops/meet-ups with PyLadies Bangalore
      • Presented at meet-up by Infosec Girls Bangalore
      • Contributed to multiple workshops on taking the first step and contributing to open source

      My goals 🀝

      My primary goal will be to streamline processes and empower the larger community to access information effortlessly. This will serve as a stepping stone for multiple initiatives and foster growth driven by valuable feedback.


      • Enhancing communication and collaboration within the community.
      • Identifying and addressing unique challenges and gathering valuable input from community members.
      • Promoting transparency and designing accessible spaces.

      Hoping to add value and create a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone. Thank you for considering my nomination.

  • Nomination Statements:
    • Nomination by: Marlene Mhangami

      I would like to nominate Sayantika Banik for the PSF board of directors. Sayantika and I have been friends for a few years now and it's been so encouraging for me to see her serve the Python community in India and around the world. She currently serves as an organizer for PyLadies Bangalore, has experience serving on board of directors for the Django Software Foundation and is my co-worker at Voltron Data working on Open Source Python systems. Over the years, Sayantika and I have discussed our common hope to see the Python community continue to be diverse and welcoming. As a result she joined and is an active member of the PSF Diversity and Inclusion Work Group I currently chair. Sayantika's insightfulness and willingness to serve has been a great asset to our group and I believe will be the same to the PSF board.

      The board continues to lack representation from Asia and I would love to see Sayantika be a voice for a group that makes up a very large part of our community. Please consider voting for her as an incredibly qualified candidate for this role. I certainly will be.

      Marlene Mhangami