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Nominee for 2023 Python Software Foundation Board Election

KwonHan Bae

  • Previous Board Service: New board member
  • Employer: LINEYAHOO
  • Other Affiliations: Python User Group of Korea, PyCon KR
  • Nominee Statement:

      Firstly, I would like to emphasize my belief in the importance of community-based contributors, as opposed to only major library or core developers. While technical contributions are undeniably crucial, I firmly believe that a thriving, diverse, and inclusive community is equally important for the sustained growth and influence of Python worldwide.

      For over a decade, I have fostered such a community in Korea. My work has involved founding and leading a Python user group, thereby creating a solid platform for Python enthusiasts to share knowledge, collaborate, and grow together.

      My commitment to the Python community was exemplified when I delivered a lightning talk at PyCon US 2023. The talk, which can be viewed via this link provides a comprehensive overview of my vision and work.

      When creating PyCon Korea, I was fortunate to receive significant support and guidance from friends in Japan and Taiwan, which was instrumental in the success of the initiative. This experience of international collaboration not only strengthened our local community but also enriched my understanding of community building. I am now able to pay this forward, using the insights and experiences gained to assist friends in other countries to develop their Python communities.

      In my professional capacity, I am currently employed at LINEYAHOO, a major messaging company based in Japan. Although the company primarily uses Java for application development, I, as a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), strive to utilize Python in developing and managing the company's infrastructure. Further, I am actively encouraging developers within the company to adopt Python and participate in the wider Python community. This work reflects my belief in the value Python can bring to any organization and my commitment to its growth.

      Through the organization of user meetups, I have been instrumental in establishing community standards and propagating concepts such as the Code of Conduct. This model has since been adopted by various IT communities across Korea, with many looking to PyCon Korea as a standard of Community Driven IT Conference.

      My community-building efforts also extend to the international stage, where I have been part of the organization of PyCon APAC. Collaborating with teams across the region has granted me a broader perspective on the diverse needs and potential of the Python community in the Asia Pacific.

      Having led PyCon Korea for nine years, I am currently working on transitioning leadership to the next generation, a process that has further honed my skills in cultivating leadership and ensuring the sustainability of community initiatives.

      In conclusion, my experience and commitment to the Python community, both locally and internationally, equip me well for the Director position within the PSF. I am eager to leverage my passion for community building and my leadership experience to contribute to the Python Software Foundation at this higher level.

      Thank you for considering my nomination. I look forward to the possibility of serving the Python community in this capacity.

  • Nomination Statements:
    • Nomination by: JoeunPark

      He founded PyCon Korea with support of PyCon APAC folks. supporting PyCon APAC and help people to reach out to the world. making next generation of PyCon KR for future with his work and PSF's Support. PyCon Korea is a kind of standard conference and Community. and many folks from experience from PyCon Korea is leading current IT Community of Korea.

    • Nomination by: Dong-hee Na

      I would like to recommend KwonHan for the position of PSF Director. His outstanding contributions to the Python communities in Korea and the APAC regions over the past decade are truly remarkable. Prior to the establishment of PyCon KR, Python was not widely adopted in Korea. However, through his efforts in building PyCon Korea from the ground up, it has now become the largest conference for community-driven languages in Korea. As a result, Python has become one of the most widely used programming languages in Korea.

      KwonHan's experience working with various APAC regions has given him a deep understanding of the culture, which he can use to promote cultural diversity within the PSF. I am confident that he would be a valuable addition to the PSF.

      I believe KwonHan's passion for Python and his expertise have contributed to the success story that I have shared, and I hope that he can continue to excel.

      If you are interested in listening to KwonHan's story about how he set up PyCon Korea, please watch this video ?v=54q_cPCNNS8&t=172s.

    • Nomination by: WEI LEE

      KwonHan supports PyCon APAC lots and helps people to reach out to the world.

    • Nomination by: Sammy Fung

      KwonHan served in Python Korea and APAC communities for many years, he can help the PSF board to understand more about Python APAC communities.

    • Nomination by: Cheuk Ting Ho

      I first know KwonHan at PyCon US and he gave a touching lighting talk about how we juggle between job, family and founding PyCon Korea. To achieve his goal, he actively reached out to communities in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore and finally, he founded PyCon Korea. He is also one of the organisers of PyCon APAC and is actively connecting folks in the East and South East Asia region. Via all of those he has shown exceptional leadership and communication skills and I entrust him to be able to represent communities in APAC region if he has been elected to become a PSF board member.

    • Nomination by: Iqbal Abdullah

      Bae KwonHan was one of the founding members for PyCon KR, which has gone on to being an active member of the PyCon APAC Community. KwonHan is also a Fellow of the PSF (2022).

      We need active members of the community such as KwonHan to represent a huge but underrepresented communities within the PSF board, to lead the way by giving insights and guidance on how to further reach out and work together with these underrepresented communities, especially the East Asia and South East Asia region.

      I wholeheartedly nominate KwonHan as a director of the PSF.