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Nominee for 2023 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Kelvin Oyanna

  • Previous Board Service: New board member
  • Employer: Airbyte
  • Other Affiliations: Member, Pycon Africa Team; Co-organizer, PyData Lagos; Previous Chair, Python Nigeria Board
  • Nominee Statement:

      Hi, I'm Kelvin. I'm a data & analytics engineer. I've spent the last 7+ years helping businesses build data platforms, tools, and optimized data infrastructure to power their AI/ML & analytics initiatives, leveraging the Python programming language and its open-source frameworks/libraries. As part of the effort to contribute to the learning, adoption, and growth of the Python programming language in Nigeria, I served as the lead/chairperson of the board of Python Nigeria between 2018 - 2019. While in service, I championed various initiatives with the team including: * Organized the annual Pycon Nigeria conference, which brought over 500 attendees together for learning about the Python programming language and networking. * Organized a 12-week boot camp that had over 100 participants trained in Web development using Python/Django and Data science. * Organized a series of monthly meetups that had over 50 participants (at each meetup) trained in coding in Python. * Create public awareness for the adoption & learning of the Python programming language through participation in Python communities. This was done through various conference speaking engagements and panel participation like The Digital Right and Inclusion conference.

      My impact on talent development through the Python Nigeria community was recognized & applauded in the media by the body of Software Practitioners in Nigeria (ISPON). I further served as a member of the Board of Pycon Africa, the team that organized the first pan-African Pycon conference which was held in Accra, Ghana. I'm also a co-organizer of the PyData Lagos community.

      Besides my leadership capability, I've also spoken at various Pycon conferences and meetups as well as facilitated training in Python at various training programs/boot camps. My talk at the 2019 Pycon Africa conference was another opportunity to share knowledge & experience on bridging the talent gap between Python communities and the Industry. I have demonstrated in various capacities my passion to train and mentor others, contributed to the growth of Python communities, and drive the growth and adoption of the Python programming language across Africa.

      I am running for the PSF board this year to further contribute to the adoption and growth of the Python programming language while helping more Pythonistas have access to opportunities. Being on the PSF board will give me the opportunity to champion the key developmental goals below:

      Accelerate Fundraising drive:

      Having worked on 6 major fundraising projects for non-profits and sponsorship for community programs/events, I understand how difficult fundraising can be. When I become a member of the PSF board I will be helping to create and execute effective fundraising strategies. I will work with the Public Support Committee (PSC) to create compelling fundraising proposals/ads, create new value-driven fundraising initiatives and foster a better PSF-Industry (donors) relationship to improve funding for the PSF.

      Raise the bar on learning & skill development:

      In my over 5 years of leading and participating in Python community activities, I've come to understand that meetups and conferences are great but not enough. When I become a member of the board of the PSF, I will be helping to create specialized learning and skill development programs that will accelerate learning for new and existing users of the Python programming language and its frameworks. These programs will leverage the open-source ideology for knowledge pooling, sharing, and mentorship within and across different Python communities. This will not only accelerate learning and skill development but also foster inter-community collaborations and networking.

      Initiate a talent placement pipeline program/platform:

      Scouting through various job boards (including jobs from the Python Job Board list) when looking for a job can be quite daunting. How about simplifying this task for Pythonistas by creating a pool of vetted talent from which employers can source candidates? When I become a member of the PSF board, I will work with the Python Job Board Work Group to create a robust talent vetting and placement pipeline that will help more people find employment. This will be done in collaboration with hiring companies to simplify their talent sourcing and hiring processes. The program/platform can also become a fund-generating avenue for the PSF.

      I count on your vote to make these goals a reality. Thank you.

  • Nomination Statements:
    • Nomination by: Marlene Mhangami

      I would like to endorse Kelvin Oyanna for the PSF board of directors. Kelvin was one of my co-organizers for the first and second editions of PyCon Africa. Kelvin was an active member of our team and was always reliable and a delight to meet in person at the conference. He is currently based in Nigeria and chairs PyCon Nigeria. The Python community in Nigeria is the biggest community in Africa and I've enjoyed seeing Kelvin be a leader in this growing group. Kelvin is a strong speaker and his organizational skills would be an asset to the board.

      As many of you know I have continued to advocate for the presence of Africans within the community and in leadership. I'd love to see Kelvin join the board and share his perspective and unique insights. I hope you consider joining me in adding Kelvin's name to your ballot.

      Marlene Mhangami