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Nominee for 2023 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Georgi Ker

  • Previous Board Service: never
  • Employer: Self-employed and also with Ukranian startup
  • Other Affiliations: PSF Fellow, PSF Community award Q4 2020, PSF D&I WG, PyCon APAC, PyConTH, PyLadies, PyLadies BKK
  • Nominee Statement:


      I'm Georgi Ker,

      I am running for the board again this year. Why am I running again? Well, it's simple. the board is missing something crucial – a voice for the APAC community. The PyCon APAC community is massive and I've been listening to the community, and that's why I'm here, ready to talk the talk and walk the walk. And as long as I don't see a member from this corner of the globe, I'll keep raising my hand.

      Currently, I may be living in Amsterdam, enjoying the perks of legal weed, fabulous pride celebrations, and affordable education for my kids, my heart still beats to the rhythm of Asia.

      Let me clear up a few things about myself. I'm not a core developer, and I don't hold a fancy BA, MA, or PhD. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and I'm definitely not the top scorer in any domain. None of that stops me from wanting to make a real difference.


      Thailand and APAC

      • 2018: Co-designed PyCon TH logo
      • 2019: Led marketing for PyCon TH
      • 2020- 2021: Conference lead PyCon TH + PyCon APAC, Advisor CUPy (Chulalongkorn University Python)
      • 2023- PyConTH Advisor


      • Co-founded PyLadies Bangkok
      • Part of the global PyLadies Interim council
      • Assisted in translation to French and Chinese in documentation
      • Co-organised 1st online PyLadies International Women’s Day with Lorena Mesa (Chicago) and Tereza Iofciu (Hamburg)

      DEI Efforts

      • PSF D&I WG member
      • Spoke in D&I panel for PyCon US 2023 & 2022, PyCascades 2021, PyCon APAC 2021
      • Played a part in establishing Microsoft APAC's "Code; Without Barrier" initiative
      • Spoke at Microsoft APAC’s “Code; Without Barrier” launch in 2021
      • Spoke about Bridging Differences in Microsoft APAC’s “Code; Without Barrier” in 2021
      • Took up Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace from the University of South Florida Muma College of Business
      • Collaborated with PyCon organisers in Asia for PyCon APAC 2021 to create more diverse Asian represented talk contents
      • Included multiple language chatrooms in PyCon APAC 2021 to create a more diverse environment for attendees


      • Designed PyCon US 2023, 2022 assets. (Web, swag, on-site and online visual materials)
      • Led team of 21 volunteers for the PyCon US 2023 online platform
      • Spoke in Open Source and Community Building led by Abigail Mesrenyame Dogbe
      • Spoke in “A Day in a life of a WFH Pythonista” by Python PH
      • Wrote PyCon Organiser’s handbook and a few other articles including "How to give Positive Criticism"”.
      • Designed PyCon US 2021 online platform assets
      • Co-organiser RubyConf Thailand 2019
      • Founded Bangkok.rb
      • Co-organised and assisted in events such as Codewar and Hacktoberfest BKK for developers of all languages.


      • Create a more diverse and inclusive Python ecosystem
      • Create lower learning curve for new contributors
      • Further develop accessibility to welfare for Python community
      • Encourage more under-represented Python contributors and community leaders to step up in future.

      That's all I can offer folks. If I haven't convinced you to cast your vote in my favor, I kindly ask you to at least consider supporting someone from the incredible APAC region.

      Thank you

  • Nomination Statements:
    • Nomination by: Jannis Leidel

      I fully endorse Georgi for a position on the board of directors given her experience as a leader in the PyCon APAC and PyLadies communities, helping with PyCon US and being instrumental in the PSF Diversity & Inclusion working group. She's an exemplary member of the Python community and facilitates the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers.

    • Nomination by: Ee Durbin

      With excitement, I wholeheartedly endorse Georgi Ker's nomination for the Python Software Foundation Board.

      Georgi has a no-nonsense approach to getting things done, while maintaining a whimsical nonsense that brightens the room when things get tough. I have been lucky to collaborate with Georgi directly over the past few PyCon US cycles and it has been amazing to see the ways that she is able to not only deliver impeccable results, but also help to facilitate others to do the same.

      There has been a groundswell of support over the past few PSF Board elections to elect members who represent the expansive and growing APAC Python community, and I believe Georgi is an impeccable candidate to bring that representation to the board with energy, empathy, and creativity.

    • Nomination by: Iqbal Abdullah

      I would like to nominate Georgi for a seat of the PSF board. Georgi Ker was awarded the Python Software Foundation 2020 Q4 Community Service Award due to her work building PyLadies Global.

      She was also an organizer for PyLadies Bangkok, the chairperson for PyCon APAC 2021, and also an instrumental compatriot with me in the PyCon APAC group. She is also a core member helping organize the previous PyCon US.

      Alongside Cheuk and KwonHan, Georgi represents the part of our community which has not been represented in the past. Our leadership has always been talking about diversity and including underrepresented groups, but those groups seldom get involved in the conversation.

      Georgi, Cheuk and KwonHan represents these groups, and I would like to nominate them so we can get them on the board.