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Nominee for 2023 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Denny Perez

  • Previous Board Service: New board member
  • Employer: Nventive
  • Other Affiliations: Python Chile - PyCon Latam - Python en Español - PyCascades - Pyladies
  • Nominee Statement:


      I'm Denny Perez. My journey in the Python community began five years ago when I attended PyCon US in Cleveland in 2018. As a professional accountant with over ten years of experience, I decided to change careers when I immigrated to Canada and immersed myself in the exciting world of Python programming.

      As a PSF Fellow and a mother of three, I have learned that the Python community is not only made up of programmers and developers who enhance the packages but also of people behind the scenes who organize conferences, meetups, and workshops. I belong to this second group. Although I am a beginner in Python, my contribution focuses on project management, marketing, events, and community management. I learn from developers while they give talks and share their experiences at the events I help create. Volunteering is challenging, but the Python community has always been an invaluable support. Many of the successes I have achieved in my career would not have been possible without the valuable support of my friends and collaborators. I have been an unwavering advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout my work. I firmly believe in creating environments where all individuals, regardless of their background, gender, or ability, have equal opportunities to participate and thrive.

      Contributions to the Python Community

      Over the past five years, I have worked hard to empower the Spanish-speaking community in various countries. Since 2019, I have been involved with different Python-related groups and activities. As the founder of the "Chicas en Programación Mtl" group, I organized in-person events and mentored Python from scratch to Latinas in Montreal. Although the pandemic slowed down the group, I sought other initiatives to help and joined as a Python en Español Discord Server coordinator. This community aims to bring together Spanish speakers of Python.

      I have volunteered at various Python conferences in different roles, including PyCon US 2018 and 2019 (PyLadies booth and auction), PyCon Latam 2019 (host and volunteer team coordinator), PyCon Canada 2019 (registration and swag), Python Brasil 2021 (host and session organizer), PyCon US 2021 (PyCharlas chat room moderator), and PyCascades 2022 (chat room moderator).

      Additionally, I have had the opportunity to speak at numerous events and conferences, such as Python Panamá, Python Nicaragua, Python Dominicana, Python Bolivia, PyCon Brasil, and PyCon US.

      In addition to my involvement in the Python en Español Discord Server, I have been a co-organizer of PyCon Latam since 2020 and a co-organizer of the Python Chile community (where I helped establish the first PyCon Chile in 2021). Since last year, I have been the Co-chair of the PyCon Charlas Track at PyCon US, the community manager of the SciPy Latam conference in Argentina, and the Volunteer Chair at PyCascades. This year, I started collaborating as a co-organizer of PyJamas Conf.

      PyLadies Community

      In the PyLadies community, I co-founded the first chapter in Chile, PyLadies Santiago, established in 2021. I have also collaborated as a co-founder in two other PyLadies chapters, which I am currently coordinating: PyLadies en Español, a chapter specifically created to empower people throughout Latin America and Spain to grow as a Spanish-speaking community, and PyLadies Santo Domingo. Additionally, I lead a community within the Python en Español Discord Server called "Casi Viernes con PyLadies" (Almost Friday with PyLadies). This space gathers every Thursday to share knowledge on creating communities around the Python programming language while learning more about the PyLadies community. My ultimate goal is to expand the network of PyLadies chapters throughout Latin America and Spain, providing more opportunities and support to women interested in programming.

      Objectives as a Board Member

      As a member of the Board of Directors of the Python Software Foundation, I have clear and defined goals to continue contributing to the growth and strengthening of the community.

      The objectives of my candidacy focus on four main ideas:

      International Advocacy for the PSF

      Improve the official PSF blog to other communities with active communities translating the documentation, like the Spanish group, to help with the official blog posts to increase the visibility of "local heroes" in the Python community. These new posts will highlight developers' success stories and achievements, inspiring others, with the primary objective to bring the PSF closer to our members.

      Create a platform for non-English speakers and Python content creators to showcase their work and promote their publications on social media platforms like YouTube, expanding their exposure and reach and having a community-based moderation team to verify the content adheres to the PSF code of conduct.

      Engaging Students

      Redefine the role of Python Ambassador and develop programs to actively involve students, fostering their participation in the Python community.

      Collaborate with educational institutions to promote Python and provide resources that enable students to learn and engage with the language. This will be achieved by:

      • Gather interested PSF members to give informational and language talks at Universities

      • Provide feedback to students on program content

      • Notify about conference opportunities and other activities

      • Inform about the options communities have with regards to the PSF help

      Strengthening Collaboration with PyLadies

      Foster a strong and collaborative relationship between PyLadies and the PSF, working directly with the global PyLadies council.

      Encourage PyLadies chapters worldwide to become more involved in PSF programs and working groups, thus contributing to the growth and development of the Python ecosystem. This can be achieved by:

      • Open global calls

      • Language-based calls for ongoing chapters

      • Questions and Answers sessions for new interested chapters,

      • Empower other diversity initiatives like Women in Tech, Django Girls, etc.

      Establishing i18n recommended practices

      After the success of many language translations for the Python documentation and a few other resources, it’s time for us as PSF to define workflows and recommendations for new teams of people, so they can have the necessary information for translating material, including the documentation.

      I would like to connect communities like the French and Spanish to define a proposal for i18n good practices for documentation. I would also use this knowledge to extend the possibilities for translating the leading Python site and other critical resources like the profound blog.

      This will ensure communities in every corner of the world have the basis and a team of people to start exposing resources in their cultures and languages.


      In summary, as a member of the Board of Directors of the PSF, I am committed to providing opportunities to the Python community and working tirelessly to achieve greater diversity, equity, and inclusion. I firmly believe in creating environments where all individuals, regardless of their background, gender, or ability, have equal opportunities to participate and thrive. I am ready to take on this challenge and make a meaningful contribution to the growth and continued success of the Python community.

      Find me around web

  • Nomination Statements:
    • Nomination by: Marlene Mhangami

      I would like to endorse Denny Perez for the PSF board of directors. Denny has contributed significantly to the global Python community. I first met Denny on Twitter a few years ago after seeing her consistently post helpful resources and updates about the Python community in Latin America. More recently, I met her at PyCon US and I'm happy to say that she is just as friendly, welcoming and insightful in person as she is online. Denny created a Python group called “Chicas en Programación Mtl” that helps women Spanish speaking women in Montreal learn Python from scratch. Seeing more women be involved in the Python community is a passion both of us share and it's been a joy also seeing Denny's participation in PyLadies. She is also a fellow conference organizer, leading the team that puts on PyCon Latam.

      We need as much global representation as we can possibly get on the PSF board and I believe Denny will serve as a voice for the Spanish speaking community. I gladly will be casting my vote for her during this election and hope you consider doing the same.

      Marlene Mhangami

    • Nomination by: andreagriffiths11

      I am writing to wholeheartedly nominate Denny, a remarkable community leader who has made significant contributions to the growth and success of GitHub users and the Open Source Community in LATAM. Through her exceptional initiatives and unwavering dedication, Denny has proven herself as an invaluable asset to the Python ecosystem and would be an excellent addition to the board. Allow me to elaborate on her achievements and why she would excel in this role. Denny's passion for engaging with the community and promoting Python in the region is truly inspiring. One of her most impactful initiatives has been the GitHub Presente streams, where she has invited pythonistas to share their insights and experiences. These streams have not only helped to raise community awareness but have also fostered meaningful connections and knowledge exchange among developers. Denny's ability to connect with developers and create engaging content showcases her exceptional talent in community building and outreach.

      In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse Denny as a valuable board member for GitHub in LATAM. Her skills, dedication, and passion for fostering growth and success make her an ideal candidate to contribute to strategic decision-making. I am confident that her inclusion in the board will bring fresh perspectives, drive innovation, and empower developers in the LATAM region.

    • Nomination by: Valeria Calderon

      I am nominating Denny Perez for the current election to the PSF Board because I have been a witness of the big work that Denny has done for the Python community for many years. She has been co-organizing multiple events like PyLatam and Pycon Charlas, and has been mentor and co-founder for communities like Pyladies Chile. Along all these years I can see that she is a very good leader and planner, with a lot of energy towards accomplish the community objectives. Also she has been involved in multiple LATAM communities and also in North America Communities which is really good for a PSF board position in order to embrace diversity and give that point of view that not everyone have. I firmly believe she has a lot to of value to add as a PSF board member.

    • Nomination by: Naomi Ceder

      I am proud to nominate Denny Perez for the PSF board. She is truly and deeply involved in serving the Python community, both in Latin America and globally. I worked with Denny as she took over co-chairing the Charlas, PyCon US' Spanish language track, (which has continued to grow and flourish under her leadership), and I have worked with her as she has taken up leadership roles for PyCon Latam, and through out our Spanish speaking Python communities. She is also the driving force behind organizing an online global PyLadies conference. Throughout all of those activities, she is efficient, friendly, and a great communicator. She will make a great board member.

      I can think of no one who would be a better representative of Latin America on the PSF board, nor anyone who would be a better ambassador for the PSF to communities around the world. She has my total and absolute support.

    • Nomination by: carlos.maldonado

      Denny ha sido un pilar escencial en la organización de Python Chile. Siempre atenta y disponible para apoyar todas las iniciativas que surgen en torno a Python. Ademas sobresale su capacidad para generar redes, organizar equipos y de comunicar en las redes relacionadas a Python.

    • Nomination by: Cristián Maureira-Fredes

      I'd like to nominate Denny for the PSF Board of Directors for her many contribution to the Python community during the last years, and because I believe her profile match the responsibilities that the board is in charge of.

      I have been closely working with Denny in many communities and conferences, so I really believe she would do an amazing job in the board.

      For that, I would like to list the events and contributions I have seen she has been doing, which are for sure not a full list.

      • She joined the Python Chile organization when it was regrouping after some years without much activity, she participated in one online event and even though she was not living in Chile or had any connection, she got motivated to help in the community. After some time she became one of the main organizing, helping creating and coordinating other initiatives like PyLadies Santiago (the first pyladies chapter)
      • She has been helping in Python Conferences since she helped on her first PyCon, which motivated her to join the PyCon Latam initiative, and has been a coordinator since the beginning.
      • She joined the initiative that aim to create a central place for all the Spanish speaking communities, Python en Español, and has been a coordinator since the beginning. With that, and the collaboration with other chapters, she started to gather interested people and formed the PyLadies en Español chapter, which has a similar goal, but to mainly motivate the creation and healthy evolution of PyLadies communities in countries that speak Spanish.
      • After applying to help with the PyCon Charlas (the spanish track at PyConUS) we got invited in 2022 to join the organization of the track as co-chairs, which we kept doing together this year also.

      Denny is not only helping the Python community, she has been also helping other initiatives and conferences - being currently a Community Leader for the LATAM region for Github, for example - so I'm certain her motivation to help other people goes beyond the Python Community, which enables her to have a broader vision on how the PSF can keep evolving.

      She will provide the board a different view on all the Spanish-speaking communities she has been collaborating with, and will have enough strength to lead new initiatives that can bring the PSF into more people with a more diverse background.

    • Nomination by: Maria Jose Molina Contreras

      I would like to nominate Denny Perez for the PSF Board of Directors for her multiple contributions and continuous support to different python communities, I believe that she can contribute very positively being part of the board.

      I have been collaborating with her in spanish python communities and she has being doing a lot for them, for example, she started to gather interested people and formed the PyLadies en Español chapter, to mainly motivate the creation of PyLadies communities in countries that speak Spanish, among many others.

      I truly believe that her experience in different communities around the world will bring a great value to the PSF board by contributing and leading new ideas and initiatives.

    • Nomination by: Pablo Lira

      On behalf of the PythonChile community, I have the honor of recommending Denny Pérez as a candidate for the board of directors of the PSF.

      Denny has shown great commitment, passion and dedication within the PythonChile community. She has played a fundamental role in various areas of administration of the organization, such as the organization of outstanding events such as PyconChile and PyDayChile. She has also participated in the organization of various activities and has shown outstanding leadership in the communities of Pyladies Valparaíso and Pyladies Santiago. In addition, She has been responsible for the management of social networks and has actively contributed to the creation of promotional content. During the last three years, she has regularly attended the weekly meetings and has been a great support in the creation of the NGO PythonChile.

      I highly recommend Denny Perez's candidacy for the PSF Board of Directors and look forward to being given this opportunity to serve and represent Spanish-speaking communities.

      Sincerely, Pablo Lira