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Nominee for 2023 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Asif Saif Uddin

  • Previous Board Service: New board member
  • Employer: TrendBreaker
  • Other Affiliations: Core Team member of Celery & Django REST Framework
  • Nominee Statement:

      Hi, I'm Asif from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I've been a member of the Python community for over 10 years and an active contributor to a large number of open source projects written in Python & Django. I am core team member & active maintainer of several critical python ecosystem projects like Celery, oAuthlib, pyJWT, Django REST framework and more.

      I'm currently self-employed, working on the open source projects to turn them into a sustainable business.

      I'm a member of DSF & contributing member of PSF from 2019. I contributed to several python working group & reviewed proposal in PyCon Japan.

      If elected, I'd like to:

      Work more on python localization projects & improving distributed computing capabilities in Python.

      Continue my work to be a voice for the people in our diverse, global Python community, especially when they are underrepresented in the PSF board and related committees. This is critical to continue to serve our mission.

      More focused work on Improve python packaging & tooling ecosystem.

      Continue to support research and development efforts in strategic areas such as supply chain security, cross-platform compatibility/usability and emerging technologies.