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Nominee for 2023 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Adam Hopkins

  • Previous Board Service: No
  • Employer: PacketFabric
  • Other Affiliations: Sanic Community Organization
  • Nominee Statement:


      Dear Python Community,

      I am excited to announce my self-nomination for a position on the Board of the Python Software Foundation (PSF). As a dedicated member of the Python community and an advocate for open-source software (OSS), I am committed to contributing my skills, experience, and passion to further advance the Python programming language and support its vibrant ecosystem.

      Qualifications and Experience

      Deep Involvement in the Python Community

      • 25+ years of experience: I have been actively involved with Python for over two decades, witnessing its growth and evolution.
      • Python expertise: I am a Python expert with a strong command of the language's fundamentals and advanced concepts.
      • Contributor and maintainer: I have made significant contributions to the Python community through my participation in mailing lists, forums, and GitHub repositories. I have also maintained several open-source projects, helping to foster collaboration and innovation.
      • Tech conferences and speaking engagements: As an active speaker at tech conferences, I have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and insights on Python with the community. I believe in the power of knowledge sharing to promote growth and learning. I have been honored to be asked to speak as the keynote speaker at PyCon IL this Summer.

      Dedication to Open-Source Software

      • Advocate for open-source philosophy: I firmly believe in the principles of open-source software and its transformative impact on technology and society. I actively promote the adoption and use of open-source software in various forums.
      • Open-source contributions: Beyond Python, I have contributed to numerous other open-source projects, allowing me to gain valuable experience and insights into collaborative development processes.
      • Published author: I have authored a book on web development, emphasizing the importance of open-source tools and frameworks. This experience has given me a deep appreciation for the role of documentation in enabling wider adoption and growth within the Python community.

      Leadership and Community Building

      • Management experience: In my current role as VP of Software Engineering, I head a division of globally-distributed software engineers. I have honed my leadership skills and gained a comprehensive understanding of managing teams with vastly different backgrounds, and driving strategic initiatives.
      • Community engagement: I actively engage with the Python community in as many different forums as I can. I have been on a personal missing to give back to the community that has enabled me over these many years. I believe in fostering a sense of inclusivity and collaboration to empower all members of the community.

      Vision and Goals

      If elected to the Board of the Python Software Foundation, I will focus on the following key areas:

      1. Community growth and inclusivity: I will work to foster a diverse and inclusive Python community, creating opportunities for underrepresented groups and promoting a welcoming environment for newcomers. I do this already within the Sanic community, and I would like to bring this experience to the PSF.
      2. Education and outreach: I aim to enhance educational resources and initiatives that promote Python as a powerful tool for learning programming and problem-solving.
      3. Supporting open-source projects: I will advocate for resources and funding to support the development of critical open-source projects and initiatives within the Python ecosystem.
      4. Collaboration and partnerships: I will seek to strengthen relationships with other organizations, academic institutions, and industry partners to foster collaboration and drive innovation.
      5. Transparency and governance: I will promote transparency and effective governance within the PSF, ensuring that decisions are made with the best interests of the community in mind.


      I am deeply committed to the Python programming language and the values that the Python Software Foundation represents. If given the opportunity to serve on the Board, I will dedicate my time, energy, and expertise to furthering the mission of the PSF and supporting the incredible Python community.

      Thank you for considering my self-nomination. I would be honored to have the chance to contribute to the Python Software Foundation's continued success.

      ```python class Adam: work = PacketFabric("Director of Software Engineering") oss = Sanic("Core Maintainer") home = Israel("Negev")

      async def run(self, inputs: Union[Pretzels, Coffee]) -> None:
          while True:
      def sleep(self):
          raise NotImplementedError