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Nominee for 2022 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Jay Miller

  • Previous Board Service: New Board Member
  • Employer: Microsoft
  • Other Affiliations: Unknown
  • Nominee Statement:

      Like many others, my career as a Pythonista started after seeking support in learning from community members. I was fortunate that in San Diego, my community included many previous board members and PSF fellows. Over the last few years, my career shifted towards mentorship, encouraging them to become active in the Python community and pursue career paths that would allow them to contribute more actively to the community whether directly or in their spare time. This has included folks who were so encouraged that they spoke on-stage for the first time at PyCon!

      The past few years have forced the Python community to change its approach to engagement in many ways. In those years I’ve spoken, co-organized, co-hosted, and volunteered at conferences and user groups both virtual and in-person. I’ve worked to bring new sponsors to the PSF through speaking and direct coordination.

      I understand that many organizers and group leaders are experiencing more challenges away from work and code. Many of my recent talks step away from coding and address supporting topics such as career-changing, mental health, and neurodiversity. I’ve also connected with conference and meetup organizers regularly to learn how to best support them as they begin transitioning to in-person and hybrid events.

      I believe the PSF can continue to adapt to the many new industries, communities, and technologies that have blossomed around Python. If elected, I hope to continue the positive progress in encouraging new and diverse voices.

      I also hope to empower new faces to get involved faster and easier than ever with mentorship and support! This involves pushing for new types of events to create safe ways to connect with Pythonistas in formats comfortable to them.

      Finally, I hope my background in content creation can also expand the PSF’s reach to those who aren’t yet prepared to meet in person and hope to still connect with others.

  • Nomination Statements:
    • Nomination by: Dustin Ingram

      I support Jay Miller as a nominee for the PSF board of directors. His focus on mentorship, advocacy and community organizing indicates his ability to work to expand the reach of the PSF. His work to bring in new sponsors of the PSF demonstrates a desire to do the necessary work needed to grow the PSF and ensure it is able to continue to function effectively in the future.

    • Nomination by: Jon Banafato

      I nominate Jay Miller to the Python Software Foundation Board of Directors. Jay is a principled advocate for his communities and works to support them via speaking, organizing, and directing sponsorship funding toward impactful organizations. His skill in connecting people within and across networks is invaluable toward building inclusive communities. I speak with Jay and a group of other event organizers on a regular basis, and I can always trust that he'll hold events and their organizers to their highest standards, especially when it comes to building spaces that support all of the members of the Python community in its entirety. I know he'll bring that same attitude to the PSF Board.

    • Nomination by: Jeff Triplett

      I am happy to nominate Jay Miller for election to the PSF Board. Jay is a developer, educator, content creator, conference speaker, event organizer, podcast host, and Python community member. He is a gifted communicator and would help the PSF improve our communication and transparency with the global Python community.

      Jay cares about building the Python community and reaching out to underrepresented communities. His presentations and demos feature diverse organizations and HBCUs (Historically black colleges and universities), and he would make an excellent director.

    • Nomination by: Ee Durbin

      As an enthusiastic, creative, and driven member of the Python community Jay Miller represents a unique and impact driven contributor. Through prolific speaking, mentorship, and advocacy Jay has worked to make the Python community respond and adapt to the needs of groups who are historically un or under supported.

      It is with enthusiasm I hope matches Jay's that I submit a statement of support for his bid to join the Python Software Foundation board.