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Nominee for 2022 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Gift Ojeabulu

  • Previous Board Service: No
  • Employer: CBB Analytics
  • Other Affiliations: Machine Learning thought leader for GlobalAIHub, Co-Organizer and Head of Community for DataFestAfrica, Founder and facilitator of The African Data Community Newsletter, Planning MLOps Africa, Remote operator at Europython 2022
  • Nominee Statement:

      I have experience writing step-by-step articles with several Python open-source tools, giving talks on webinars, several pycon and open source tech conferences virtually and in person. I have shared lots of tweets, threads, and posts on python open source software, its usage, and guide enthusiasts on how to use these tools. I am an advocate of telling people to be proactive in the data community, which is why the African data community newsletter where part of my primary goal is to inform Africans about tech conferences happening in different African countries including Pycon Kenya, Pycon Africa, and so on, and also inform about the recent open-source data tool to contribute. My love for the data community made me a co-organizer and Head of Community for DataFestAfrica. I'm currently among the planning team for MLOps Africa where python is our primary language and remote volunteer operator for the upcoming Europython 2022.