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Nominee for 2022 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Georgi Ker

  • Previous Board Service: No
  • Employer: Self-employed
  • Other Affiliations: PSF Fellow, PSF Community award Q4 2020, PSF D&I WG, Conference Lead PyCon TH (2020) APAC 2021,, Co-founder PyLadies BKK
  • Nominee Statement:

      Hi I’m Georgi, I’m a fellow member and a mother of 2 teenage kids. I received the PSF Community Service award in Q4 2020 and this is the first time I’m running for the board of Directors. The Python community is not only people who help improve the language and packages, but also people behind the backstage organising meet-ups, conferences, or forums. I belong to the 2nd group. I speak 8 different languages and code as a hobby. Being a novice in Python, I don’t give talks on 101 Python tips and tricks but I contribute to what I’m good at: design, project managing, marketing and events. I learn when developers give their talks and share their experiences in events I help create. Contributing as a volunteer is never a bed of roses. But the Python community has always been extremely helpful and supportive. Many successes would not have happened without these friends. Being an immigrant living in several countries, a woman over 40 with no CS certification, a lefty with atypical learning path, an ex-teacher for students with mental disabilities, I also advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

      Below is an overview of my contributions to the community -

      Community contributions

      In Thailand and APAC:

      • Helped design PyCon TH logo in 2018
      • Managed marketing for PyCon TH in 2019
      • Conference lead PyCon TH in 2019 (which unfortunately had to cancel due to COVID)
      • Conference lead PyCon APAC in 2021
      • Advisor for organiser of CUPy (Chulalongkorn University Python)

      In PyLadies community:

      • Co-founded PyLadies Bangkok
      • Part of the global PyLadies Interim council
      • Assisted in translation to French and Chinese in documentation
      • Co-organised the first PyLadies International Women’s Day along with Lorena Mesa (Chicago) and Tereza Iofciu (Hamburg)

      In DEI efforts:

      • Member of the PSF D&I Workgroup
      • Spoke in D&I panel at PyCon US 2022, PyCascades 2021, PyCon APAC 2021
      • Assisted the formation of Microsoft APAC’s “Code; Without Barrier”
      • Spoke at Microsoft APAC’s “Code; Without Barrier” launch in 2021
      • Spoke about Bridging Differences in Microsoft APAC’s “Code; Without Barrier” in 2021
      • Studied Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace offered by the University of South Florida Muma College of Business
      • Collaborated with PyCon organisers in Asia for PyCon APAC 2021 to create more diverse Asian represented talk contents
      • Included multiple language chatrooms in PyCon APAC 2021 to create a more diverse environment for attendees

      Others projects:

      • Spoke in Open Source and Community Building led by Abigail Mesrenyame Dogbe
      • Spoke in “A Day in a life of a WFH Pythonista” by Python PH
      • Author of PyCon Organiser’s handbook
      • Wrote "How to give Positive Criticism"”, on Revue
      • Designed PyCon US 2022 and fund-raising assets. (Web, swag, on-site and online visual materials)
      • Designed PyCon US 2021 online platform assets
      • Co-organiser of Bangkok.RB and RubyConf Thailand 2019
      • Co-organised and assisted in events such as Codewar and Hacktoberfest BKK for developers of all languages.

      Goals as a board member:

      Expanding awareness about PSF membership During the year leading PyCon APAC, I realised that many developers and active community leaders (outside EU and US) were either not PSF members or have not even heard of the PSF membership. I hope to continue drawing more awareness to the works of the PSF to regions of active Python developers similar to the membership campaign created in Thailand where all 14 of the PyCon APAC organising team signed up as members to help push the membership drive.

      Create a more diverse and inclusive Python ecosystem Although the most number of Python users comes from Asia, Africa and South America, the current votes and seats in the PSF board are not projecting a balanced and healthy geographical representation. I hope to help create a more welcoming environment for a diversified community just like how Python is spread around the world.

      Create lower learning curve for new contributors to the Python language, packages and infrastructure around the community. Attending PyCon US 2022 in-person and interacting with core developers and active community leaders has given me a clearer perspective on the future of Python. I look forward to contributing in this aspect and help encourage more new contributors from different aspects.

      Create accessibility to welfare for Python community Python community thrives not only because the language is versatile, but also because of the humanity among the contributors in the community. While the language is what brought everyone together, people is the key to the growth and sustainability of the community. I believe by creating easier accessibility for those who need positive encouragement, mental support, guidance, and empathy could reinforce PSF and the future of Python.

      Finally, I hope if elected, my presence on the board will encourage more under-represented Python contributors and community leaders to step up in future.

  • Nomination Statements:
    • Nomination by: KwonHan Bae

      she is one of pycon apac folks and did great job on pycon apac 2021

    • Nomination by: Dustin Ingram

      I support Georgi Ker as a nominee for the PSF Board of directors. Georgi's work around around organizing Python events in Thailand and APAC are a strong indicator of her leadership qualities and desire to help the Python community grow. Her work in the PyLadies community and other DEI efforts demonstrate her focus on increasing diversity of the PSF community. Her collaboration with the PSF staff on digital media for events like PyCon have made the PSF's visual presence more professional, fun and vibrant. And finally, her upbeat attitude simply makes her a joy to work with and be around.

    • Nomination by: Iqbal Abdullah

      I would like to nominate Georgi for a seat of the PSF board. Georgi Ker was awarded the Python Software Foundation 2020 Q4 Community Service Award due to her work building PyLadies Global.

      She is also an active organizer for PyLadies Bangkok, the chairperson for PyCon APAC 2021, and also an instrumental compatriot with me in the PyCon APAC group. Due to her unconventional background and non-liner experiences, she can bring to the table viewpoints which can enrich the board when working with the diverse Python population around the world. Also due to her background and experience, she is also an important member of the Diversity and Inclusion Work Group (WG) of the PSF.

    • Nomination by: Ee Durbin

      As an outstanding member, contributor, and leader in the Python community Georgi Ker offers an enthusiastic, dedicated, and fundamental voice for under represented parts of our community to the Python Software Foundation Board of Directors and I am elated to nominate Georgi for election to this board.

      Aside from the direct contributions in leading PyCon TH and PyCon APAC, co-founding a PyLadies chapter in Bangkok and participating in the PyLadies Interim council, as well as extensive volunteerism with the Python Software Foundation and PyCon; Georgi represents numerous under represented concerns in the global Python community that the Python Software Foundation has a mission to serve, most notably the Python community in the Asia-Pacific region.

      Georgi will be an excellent and vibrant addition to the board by bringing critical experience and knowledge that is currently not present. It can be assured that the concerns Georgi is most familiar with will be shared and expressed clearly, thoughtfully, and most importantly with compassion.