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Nominee for 2022 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Gajendra Deshpande

  • Previous Board Service: New board member
  • Employer: KLS Gogte Institute of Technology
  • Other Affiliations: EyeSec Cyber Security Solutions Private Limited, PyData Belagavi, OWASP Belagavi
  • Nominee Statement:

      Hello Everyone,

      I hope you and your loved ones are doing well and safe.

      About Me

      I am Gajendra Deshpande and I am using Python since 2013 for academic research and development activities. I develop prototypes and applications in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, and Web applications using Python and its ecosystem. I am working as a faculty of Computer Science and run a start-up in cyber security. I am an active member of the PyCon India community and served as program committee lead for PyCon India 2021. I have presented approximately 80 talks, 20 Workshops, and 15 posters across the globe at prestigious conferences like PyData Global, PyCon APAC, PyCon AU, EuroPython, DjangoCon US and Europe, SciPy India, SciPy USA, PyCon USA, JuliaCon, FOSDEM, and several other Python and FOSS conferences. I have helped Python and FOSS Conferences by reviewing the talk and tutorial proposals, mentoring first-time speakers, participating in the discussions, and organizing the events. I am passionate about community work and would love to continue contributing to the Python community. I believe that as a member of the PSF board I can contribute to the community more effectively.

      Conference Talks

      • PyCon DE and PyData Berlin 2022
      • Python Web Conference 2022
      • PyCascades 2022
      • PyCon Iran 2022
      • Scipy India 2021, 2020, 2018, 2017
      • EuroPython 2021, 2020
      • PyCon AU 2021, 2020
      • DjangoCon US 2021
      • DjangoCon EU 2021
      • DjangoCongress Japan 2021
      • PyCon JP 2021
      • PyCon SE 2021
      • PyCon ZA 2021
      • PyGotham 2021
      • PyCon Namibia 2021
      • PyCon Colombia 2021
      • esLibre 2021
      • BelPy 2021
      • FOSDEM 2021
      • FOSSCOMM 2021 Greece
      • AI DevWorld 2021
      • PyCon Taiwan 2021, 2020
      • PyCon APAC 2021
      • Python Pizza Hamburg 2021
      • XtremePython 2021
      • PyData Global 2020
      • PyCon France 2019
      • JuliaCon 2021, 2020, 2018
      • COSCUP Taiwan 2021, 2020
      • BuzzConf Argentina 2020
      • PyCon Africa 2020
      • PyCon Tanzania 2020
      • PyCon Indonesia 2020
      • PyCon ES 2020
      • PyCon Korea 2020
      • PyDay BCN 2020
      • PyConf Hyderabad 2020
      • GirlScript Summit India 2020
      • PyJamas 2021, 2020
      • PyCon Hong Kong 2021, 2020
      • HoneyCon 2021, 2020
      • PiterPy Russia 2020
      • Geekle’s python Universe WEB Edition Global Summit
      • Geekle’s Cyber Security Global Summit
      • PyOhio 2020

      Workshop Presentations

      • PyCon India 2021
      • FOSSASIA 2021
      • SciPy India 2020
      • Conducted Python workshops in a few institutes (Refer to website link at the end of this page )

      Poster Presentations

      • PyCon US 2022, 2021
      • SciPy US 2021, 2020, 2019
      • JuliaCon 2020
      • CMU AIDR 2020
      • SMILES 2020
      • IRISS 2019, 2016

      Upcoming Workshop Presentations (As of May June 16, 2022)

      • EuroPython 2022

      Upcoming Conference Talks (As of May June 16, 2022)

      • PyCon Columbia 2022
      • PyCon APAC 2022

      Conference/Meetup Organization and Non-profit

      • BelPy 2022 and Django Summit 2022 (Planning in October)
      • Session chair PyCon US 2022
      • PyCon India 2021, CFP Co-lead
      • BelPy 2021, Organizing Chair
      • Treasurer, Gangadharrao Deshpande Memorial, and Museum, Belagavi (Project by Govt. of Karnataka, India)
      • FOSSCon India 2019, Organizing Co-Chair
      • PyData Belagavi, Lead
      • OWASP Belagavi, Lead
      • PyCon India 2020, Volunteer


      • PyCon US 2022
      • EuroPython 2022
      • PyCon India 2021, 2020
      • SciPy US 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019
      • SciPy Japan 2020
      • PyData Global 2020
      • JupyterCon 2020
      • BelPy 2021
      • Journal of Open Source Software
      • Journal of Open Source Education
      • Manning Publishers, USA
      • Oxford University, Press, India

      Membership in Professional bodies

      • Managing Member Python Software Foundation
      • Individual Member Django Software Foundation
      • Senior Member IEEE
      • Life Member OWASP
      • Professional Member ACM
      • Professional Member British Computer Society
      • Member of Computer Society of India


      • Winning team of Manthan 2021, National Security Hackathon organized by the Government of India
      • Winning teams of Smart India Hackathon 2020, 2019, and 2018 organized by the Government of India
      • Top 7 Teams of CERN WebFest 2020
      • First Time speakers of PyCon US 2022, 2021, EuroPython 2021, SciPy India 2018 Projects
      • Ensuring inclusive language in speech and writing. The project is being implemented in Python.
      • Inventing Curriculum using Pointer-Generator Network: Received $5000 in Google Cloud Research Credits. The project is being implemented in Python
      • Flowgorithm Flow Chart Interpreter: Contributing as a translator for Kannada, Marathi, and Hindi languages to enable non-native English speakers to create executable flow charts in their own language.
      • Julia code generator for Flowgorithm.

      Goals as a PSF board member (2022 - 2025)

      • Start student chapters and professional chapters to spread awareness about Python and Open Source Projects. Introduce more people to the Python community and facilitate them to become contributors to the community in various capacities such as Speakers, Volunteers, and Core Python developers.
      • Work as a facilitator to start more regional Python conferences and City level chapters in the Global South. I started the BelPy conference in 2021 which is a regional conference in Belagavi, India. I have Initiated the organization of Django conference and grow it to DjangoCon in ASIA region like DjangoCon US and DjangoCon EU. The Django Conference is in the planning stage and will be organized in the last week of October or the first week of November.
      • Work with industries to develop Python courses and enable the adoption of industry-aligned Python courses in Universities and colleges. These courses can be offered as a part of the curriculum wherever possible or as add-on courses. The goal is to make more people employable in a short time using the “Train-to-Deploy” approach. The courses shall be made affordable to the Python community and especially for those who are suffering from economic hardships.
      • Work with start-ups for adoption of Python in product development thereby encourage them to contribute towards and Python community and PSF.
      • Create awareness among people regarding the activities of PSF, Python conferences, Projects, and grants. Motivate and mentor people from diverse backgrounds to apply for grants and projects.
      • Study the financial models of other technical communities and non-profit organizations and adopt proven and innovative ideas for sustainability.
      • Work with present PSF board members and actively contribute to the Python community.

      For more information about me kindly visit

      Thank you everyone for stopping by and going through my nomination. I ask for your vote and I look forward to earning your trust to serve the Python community.

      Stay Safe. Take Care.

      Best Regards

      Gajendra Deshpande