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Nominee for 2021 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Cristián Maureira-Fredes

  • Previous Board Service: New board member
  • Employer: The Qt Company
  • Other Affiliations: Python Chile, Python España, Python en Español
  • Nominee Statement:


      My name is Cristián, and I have been using Python for a long time, and without realizing it, I have been advocating Python in the different stages of my life:

      • While studying computer science, I was part of a student group that started pushing to adopt Python as a first-programming-language for all the students in the University, replacing the current program with C, we succeeded 🎉. In parallel, I started formally and informally teaching Python, and pushed for the adoption of the language in areas like Scientific Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Astronomy.
      • During my doctoral studies, I started to help my peers with Python utilities, showing them how nice the language was. Most of them moved their usual workflow and embraced Python as the language-to-go in automation scripts for Astrophysical and Astronomical simulations.
      • My current job position is to be in charge, among other things, of the whole Python offering of my company, and since I joined, I have been pushing for the adoption of Python as an official language in the framework (C++).

      Before COVID, I spent most of my time participating in local Python related meetups, helping PyLadies Berlin and other local Python groups, and attending (sometimes as speaker) conferences in Germany and other countries, but due to the lock-down, I quickly realized that it was a golden moment to reach out more people in the community, because most of us were participating in online events and I was one click away of most of those. This allowed me to directly participate with communities in Latin America like Python Chile and Python Argentina, and in Europe with Python España.

      Talking with people from different Spanish speaking communities, we decided to start the Python en Español initiative, with the main objective of connecting all the communities that speak Spanish in one place, to learn from each other, and nurture the community further on. Currently the community is being coordinated with people from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, República Dominicana, España, México, Nicaragua.

      With more native speakers than English, Spanish is the second language globally with more native speakers, and Spanish speaking communities have been growing with time and becoming a really important part of the Python community too. This can be confirmed by the world class level PyCon events in Spanish speaking countries, the Latin American conference PyLatam, and the special track at PyCon US, “Las PyCon Charlas”, and crucial initiatives like the official translation of the Python documentation which I was also actively participating.


      The goals of my candidacy focus on four main ideas:

      1. PSF International Advocacy

      Many people in the PSF have been doing their best to reach communities all over the world, but still it’s an important pending task that the PSF has. I will join current efforts and start new ones to make the PSF a globally recognized institution, prioritizing communities and countries that are not aware of all the help they can get from the PSF.

      2. Improve PSF presence in Spanish speaking countries

      What is the PSF? How can they help me? How can I help the PSF? are typical questions I heard/read when the official Chilean community was starting, and I would like to clarify those points in all the Spanish speaking countries that are still in the process of formalizing their communities, organizing their first events, etc.

      The ideas, activities, projects, etc will be properly documented so other communities that share a common language would be able to replicate them.

      3. PSF i18n

      I will push for the translation of PSF resources, like the main website, documentation related to processes, forms and even important blog posts. I’m certain we could offer the option to translate those resources into different languages, to at least break the initial barrier many people might have due to English not being their mother tongue. This has been started already, with initiatives that enable the different languages, like the official documentation.

      4. Education initiatives between communities

      I firmly believe that teaching is more than only preparing slides, exercises or videos, and it’s a more complex process that requires us to understand the context of the target audience, to help them acquire not only skills, but habits, values and a sense of belonging. I will contribute to the current initiatives, and start new discussions and projects to get Python everywhere.


      I spend most of my spare time in Python related activities, and I love to help the community: answering questions on different platforms, helping teaching initiatives, organizing local and global events, and many other activities to bring more people to our beloved community.

      I firmly believe that the duties of being a PSF Director will blend perfectly with the current activities I'm involved.

      With every little action, I’m trying to show everyone how important is to be actively involved in the Python community, and the fulfillment you can get with helping and connecting people. My /evil/ plan is to motivate people to be more involved in the many initiatives we have, both locally and globally, so we can all together improve Python everyday.

  • Nomination Statements:
    • Nomination by: pablo lira

      Cristian is a great leader in the Python community in Chile, he has contributed his time and knowledge to the Python ecosystem in the country of Chile. It would be a great contribution to the international community and an excellent link with the Spanish-speaking community.