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Nominee for 2021 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Agata Skamruk (Bublewicz)

  • Previous Board Service: New board member
  • Employer: Code Squat
  • Other Affiliations:, PyData Warsaw, PyData Trójmiasto, PyCode Conference, Women in Technology
  • Nominee Statement:

      Hi i'm Agata I have been programming in Python since 2015 and organizing workshops and conferences. Here is my activity:

      • President of the Polish Python User Group
      • Managing member of PSF
      • PyCode Conference founder and organizer:

      The aim of PyCode Conference is to raise the qualifications of the participants and to draw attention to the latest trends in Python. It is also important that we spread good programming practice. The conference is open to all Python programmers. It opens up to a community at all levels of experience which means it is designed for advanced professionals as well as beginners, including students.

      We help and contribute to supporting the diversity group in IT. We build an inclusive community, free from prejudice and discrimination, in which everyone can feel safe. We strive for this, each participant felt accepted. Diversity is a highly valued value by us. We protect it as such as the Code of Conduct of the conference and we do not check behavior that is harmful to diversity. Supporting diversity enables one to integrate with a part of the underrepresented community, listening to their perspective and experience.

      • Meetups organizer like: PyData Trójmiasto, Women in Technology, PyLadies Poland departments Trójmiasto
      • Python Group founder: PyLbn and PyKosz
      • Python Developer in Code Squat
      • Python Teacher
      • Teacher of technical IT subjects and programming