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Nominee for 2020 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Ngazetungue Muheue

  • Previous Board Service: New board member
  • Employer: Python Namibia Society(Volunteer).
  • Other Affiliations: PyCon Namibia organizer, PyCon Africa organizer - 2020, Django Namibia Chair, Pytho Namibia Society executive member.
  • Nominee Statement:

      Hi, I’m Ngazetungue Muheue, a Python Software Foundation Fellow and one of Namibia’s International Pythonistas. I'm a co-founder and executive Board member of the Python Software community in Namibia (PyNam Society), a group that organizes all Python activities of the community in Namibia and I work close to the community to bring opportunities to everyone who wants to get involved in python programming e.g high school learners and entire tech community.

      It's with great pleasure that I humbly submit my name for the 2020/21 term of the Python Software Foundation Board member.

      Python Usage .

      I’m a Python user of 5+ years. I've worked with Python as a Web developer and use it for data analysis, education purposes and e.t.c. I play a major role in advocating for usage of Python in Namibia, especially at the university and high school level where I tutor university students, high school learners as well as community members. I’ve found tutoring Python especially rewarding.

      How do I contribute to the Python Community:


      I have been an active volunteer in the Python community for several years, advocating for usage of Python in Namibia and around the globe. I work closely with high school learners and the entire community in Namibia. For the past seven years, I have been spearheading the transition to Python from Java and other heavy weight technologies in our community.

      Most of the developing countries around the world, depends on open and user-friendly technology and by increasing community engagement and teaching Python we will have transformative power for both our countries and citizens. With this, i try all my level best to bridge the tech gap among high-school learners to allow them to participate in the global tech community in Namibia by placing them in python user groups leadership role: to organizer event, and sharing their skills with other learners in the community through tutorials and python projects. This opens my eyes to fight for underprivileged or underrepresented groups of people in the tech space. With all this experience I gained after working with group of people, I was motivated to start the Django Community in Namibia under Python Namibia Society which I have been organizing as lead organizer or a Chair. My unique experience of working with people of all backgrounds motivates me to share my knowledge with others and help to grow Python in Namibia and around the globe. By joining the PSF board member, I will have a strong support to inspire, encourage and motivate other nation to engage young and underprivileged people in the tech related activity , so we can protect the interest/mission of our community and the PSF together.

      • With Current PSF Director Marlene Mhangami and other we had a successful meeting in Namibia 2018 that led to the birth of PyCon Africa and our dream comes true and we’re organizing second edition after a successful first Pan Africa Conference last year (2019).
      • We established different Python user group or initiatives in Namibia and I'm full organizer of all these initiatives e.g PyData Namibia, PyNam AI, PyLadies Namibia, PyNam Scholars and etc to name few.
      • PyNam Scholars is one of our strongest group of high school learners around the country, and they focus more on coding . With our support, the PyNam Scholars have won the national programming competition twice, and this had motivated the community members and other school to take part in Python journey.

      Python Namibia and PyCon Namibia executive role:

      I started using Python in 2014, over that time I’ve held many roles in Python Namibia Community.

      • Responsible for Web and Graphic design, social media activities for the events.
      • PyCon Namibia - 2019 - 2020 System (Chair) and Communication (Co-chair)
      • CFP system planning and implementation.
      • Badge System planning and implementation.
      • Chair of Django community in Namibia
      • Event Organiser e.g Django Meetup, PyData Namibia, PyLadies, Python Week of Code.
      • Django and Python tutor and Instructor in the Python Namibia society

      Python Conference Organizing.

      • PyCon Africa 2020: Organizer
      • PyCon Namibia Organizer since: 2016- 2020

      Python Conference Speaking.

      I am one of the Namibia international Pythonista, having spoken at some international event in Wales and Ghana. Most of my talks is about the community building and some are technical.

      • PyCon UK 2018 - Cardiff, Wales.
      • PyCon Namibia 2018-2020 - Windhoek, Namibia.
      • PyCon Africa 2019 - Accra, Ghana

      Goals as a Board Member.

      • Translation of Python documentation: I will engage with documentation, Code of Conduct, registration form translation and other articles to strengthen Python’s ongoing work around our community to fit the local community context, and make it accessible to Python user who are non - English speakers e.g in Africa. Language barrier is a main problem in most part of our community.
      • Increase project grant and Implement internship program: Help to increase project grants as a key part of the PSF’s mission and this will motivate Python community members to contribute to open source project. I believe we can have or create a next generation of Python community by supporting them through the university level by offering paid internship opportunity. This is one of my goal if I become a board member.
      • Increase Python global community: I would engage and support the creation of new communities, local meetups and conferences in Africa and as well as other continent as we did with PyCon Zimbabwe, PyCon Nigeria and the Pan Africa Conference. The number of Python community around world is growing fast and its need our support to keep the community together through the continental conference and local meetup. Community need to be provided with relevant information/resources of the PSF at the right time.
      • Reduce the tech gap among young girls: I would like to bring young girls in high school (developing country) to join the movement so that we can create the next generation of Python community members around women and also engage them in leadership role of our user groups and this will strengthen PyLadies in some of our local community.
      • Python in inclusive education: I would like to help the PSF to reach out or expand it’s wings/branch to underprivileged communities and help the PSF to make its resource available to all special school in our communities through Python in Education program. The foundation resources should be made available to people living with disability through University or Disability resources center by printing braille that will help them keep up with the fast growing technology or community.


      In closing, I would be honored to serve the Python community as a Python Software Foundation board member. The foundation resources should be made available to all people even in rural area where there is no internet connection or electricity. Thank you.