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Nominee for 2019 Python Software Foundation Board Election

Maricela Miranda

  • Previous Board Service: New board member
  • Employer: Nearsoft
  • Other Affiliations: PyCon Charlas, PythonDay México, PyMX, Django Girls Puebla, Women Who Code Python
  • Nominee Statement:

      My community work is about trying to bring opportunities to everyone who wants to get involved in programming or Python community.

      • Co-chair and co-organizer of the PyCon Charlas track during PyCon North America.
      • Founder and organizer of PythonDay México, the first conference about Python in Mexico
      • Participation in several local meetups and conferences, giving talks and workshops
      • Organizer of a monthly meetup about Python in Mexico City
      • Organizer of Women Who Code Python webinars in Spanish and Portuguese

      I like to bring opportunities to as many people as possible because someone once gave me those opportunities. I think this is the essence of a community... Giving back!

      I want to be part of the PSF board because I want to give back more to this amazing community, the work of everyone in it it’s so meaningful to each and every person who uses Python so I want to contribute in a more supportive way.

      I'm very committed to achieving the goals that I set to myself.

      Goals as a board member:

      • Understand what is needed in the community.
      • Identify places where local communities can be created.
      • Support the creation of new communities, local meetups and conferences in Latin America.
      • Continue encouraging the creation of non-English content.

      Where to find me