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Python 2.1.2

Python 2.1.2 - a bugfix release for Python 2.1

Note: This is no longer the most current Python release. See Python 2.1.3 for a patch release and the download page for more recent releases.

On January 16 2002, we're releasing Python 2.1.2 - a bugfix release of Python 2.1. We thank Anthony Baxter for being the releasemeister for this release (and we're using his timezone as an excuse to say it's January 16 :-).

This is the final release of Python 2.1.2.

While the most recent release of Python is 2.2, there are a number of bugs that have come up since 2.1.1 was released that made it worth while doing another bug fix release of the 2.1 series. This includes a couple of bugs that could cause the python interpreter to crash.

What's New?

  • There's only one new method been added to the Python code - the socket object received a new method 'sendall()' which will send all data - send() is not guaranteed to do this. This was added as it was the cleanest way to solve a number of different problems.

  • Aside from this, we've been very careful to fix only bugs and not add new features.

  • For the full scoop about this bugfix release, see the release notes.

  • If you're interested in learning what's new in Python 2.1 relative to Python 2.0, see Andrew Kuchling's article What's New in Python 2.1. If you're coming from Python 1.5.2, you might also want to review Andrew's What's New in Python 2.0. Also see the Misc/NEWS file in the source release for an exhaustive list of almost every little detail that changed.

Download the release

Windows users should download Python-2.1.2.exe, the Windows installer, from one of the download locations below, run it, and follow the friendly instructions on the screen to complete the installation. Windows users may also be interested in Mark Hammond's win32all, a collection of Windows-specific extensions including COM support and Pythonwin, an IDE built using Windows components.

There's no Mac release of Python 2.1.2; MacPython 2.1.1 or 2.2 will have to do.

Users on other platforms should download the source tarball. You can download Python-2.1.2.tgz, from one of the download locations below, and do the usual "gunzip; tar; configure; make" dance.

Red Hat Linux users may also try to download the RPMs made available by Sean Reifschneider.

Download locations

MD5 checksums

    4af22bded23a55f907365ed7610de8c9 Python-2.1.2.tgz
    cd03fd7506bc604c441f4552b3f4f5d4 Python-2.1.2.exe


The documentation has been updated too. You can:

Bugs and Patches

To report a bug, always use the SourceForge Bug Tracker. If you have a patch, please use the SourceForge Patch Manager. Please mention that you are reporting a bug in 2.1.2!