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Python 2.1.1

Python 2.1.1 - a bugfix release for Python 2.1

Note: This is no longer the most current Python release. See Python 2.1.3 for a patch release and the download page for more recent releases.

We're releasing Python 2.1.1 - a bugfix release for Python 2.1 (July 20, 2001).

We've fixed the license: Like Python 2.0.1, Python 2.1.1 is GPL-compatible. We took the Python 2.1 license and applied the required change to section 7 that the FSF told us would suffice to make it GPL-compatible. The result (after changing the version number) is the new Python 2.1.1 license. The FSF was quick to approve it (when we used the same license for Python 2.0.1)!

Note that this doesn't mean that we're now distributing Python under the GPL. Like always, the Python license, unlike the GPL, lets you distribute a modified version without making your changes open source. The new license makes it possible to combine Python 2.1.1 with other software that is released under the GPL; the old (2.1) licence didn't.

What's New?

  • We've been very careful to fix only bugs and not add new features. Thanks to Thomas Wouters for taking care of the thankless chore of poring over the CVS logs and SourceForge bug reports and re-applying selected patches!

  • For the full scoop, see the release notes.

Download the release

Windows users should download Python-2.1.1.exe, the Windows installer, from one of the download locations below, run it, and follow the friendly instructions on the screen to complete the installation. ( is a set of DLLs for Windows developers compiled in debug mode; it contains nothing of value for regular Python users.) Windows users may also be interested in Mark Hammond's win32all, a collection of Windows-specific extensions including COM support and Pythonwin, an IDE built using Windows components.

Mac users please go to Jack's MacPython Page for downloads.

All others should download Python-2.1.1.tgz, the source tarball, from one of the download locations below, and do the usual "gunzip; tar; configure; make" dance.

Red Hat Linux users may also try to download the RPMs made available by Sean Reifschneider.

Download locations

MD5 checksums

    eb34371c49b271abc74b42572883e1b4 Python-2.1.1.tgz
    39ef54d3e29ea402c8b693b4f3fedd4a Python-2.1.1.exe


The documentation has been updated too:

  • Browse HTML on-line
  • Download using HTTP (choice of HTML, PDF, PostScript, GNU info, or LaTeX)

Bugs and Patches

To report a bug, always use the SourceForge Bug Tracker. If you have a patch, please use the SourceForge Patch Manager. Please mention that you are reporting a bug in 2.1.1!