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Python 3.8.11

Release Date: June 28, 2021

This is a security release of Python 3.8

Note: The release you're looking at is Python 3.8.11, a security bugfix release for the legacy 3.8 series. Python 3.9 is now the latest feature release series of Python 3. Get the latest release of 3.9.x here.

Security content in this release contains three fixes. There's also two fixes for 3.8.10 regressions. Take a look at the change log for details.

According to the release calendar specified in PEP 569, Python 3.8 is now in security fixes only stage of its life cycle: 3.8 branch only accepts security fixes and releases of those are made irregularly in source-only form until October 2024. Python 3.8 isn't receiving regular bugfixes anymore, and binary installers are no longer provided for it. Python 3.8.10 was the last full bugfix release of Python 3.8 with binary installers.

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Version Operating System Description MD5 Sum File Size GPG
Gzipped source tarball Source release f22ef46ebf8d15d8e495a237277bf2fa 23.6 MB SIG
XZ compressed source tarball Source release 5840ba601128f48fee4e7c98fbdac65d 17.6 MB SIG