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Python 3.5.0b2

Release Date: June 1, 2015

Python 3.5.0b2

Python 3.5 has reached end-of-life. Python 3.5.10, the final release of the 3.5 series, is available here.

Python 3.5.0b2 was released on May 31st, 2015.

Major new features of the 3.5 series, compared to 3.4

Among the new major new features and changes in the 3.5 release series so far are

  • PEP 448, additional unpacking generalizations
  • PEP 461, adding support for "%-formatting" for bytes and bytearray objects
  • PEP 465, a new operator (@) for matrix multiplication
  • PEP 471, os.scandir(), a faster alternative to os.walk()
  • PEP 475, adding support for automatic retries of interrupted system calls
  • PEP 479, change StopIteration handling inside generators
  • PEP 484, the typing module, a new standard for type annotations
  • PEP 486, making the Windows Python launcher aware of virtual environments
  • PEP 488, eliminating .pyo files
  • PEP 489, multi-phase extension module initialization
  • PEP 492, coroutines with async and await syntax

Python 3.5 has now entered "feature freeze". By default new features may no longer be added to Python 3.5. (However, there are a handful of features that weren't quite ready for Python 3.5.0 beta 2; these were granted exceptions to the freeze, and are scheduled to be added before beta 3.)

Notes on this release

  • The binaries for AMD64 will also work on processors that implement the Intel 64 architecture. (Also known as the "x64" architecture, and formerly known as both "EM64T" and "x86-64".) They will not work on Intel Itanium Processors (formerly "IA-64").
  • Windows users: If installing Python 3.5.0b1 as a non-privileged user, you may need to escalate to administrator privileges to install an update to your C runtime libraries.
  • Windows users: There are now "web-based" installers for Windows platforms; the installer does not contain Python, but instead downloads just the needed software at installation time.
  • Windows users: The Windows binaries were built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, which is not yet officially released. (It's currently offered in "Preview" mode, which is akin to a "beta".) It is our intention to ship Python 3.5 using VS2015, although right now VS2015's final release date is unclear.
  • OS X users: The OS X installers are now distributed as signed installer package files compatible with the OS X Gatekeeper security feature.
  • OS X users: There is important information about IDLE, Tkinter, and Tcl/Tk on Mac OS X here.

Full Changelog


Version Operating System Description MD5 Sum File Size GPG
Gzipped source tarball Source release 5b6436d16c899241e5f671707277f69c 19931103 SIG
XZ compressed source tarball Source release ef12dce3770032138d83f6159e7d5c3a 14715572 SIG
Mac OS X 32-bit i386/PPC installer macOS for Mac OS X 10.5 and later 81800c76b56e043dbe623e639ca2062f 25316466 SIG
Mac OS X 64-bit/32-bit installer macOS for Mac OS X 10.6 and later 059b5bff7d3f4d3d39aa9cafc127ac22 23657621 SIG
Windows help file Windows 514e74c21c0cdbfd5289d68dec631d5e 7587734 SIG
Windows x86-64 embeddable zip file Windows for AMD64/EM64T/x64 cf9930e68f855ac831f24a89faa5a885 7825533 SIG
Windows x86-64 executable installer Windows for AMD64/EM64T/x64 d0d4fe0b670f3ec280b7bc0d9621af4b 28826392 SIG
Windows x86-64 web-based installer Windows for AMD64/EM64T/x64 72929c9dbcdd267f1e052dd9f49e96d4 916040 SIG
Windows x86 embeddable zip file Windows ec51b5cb09ab4d5aa9f852d880fe689a 7045755 SIG
Windows x86 executable installer Windows e3dcc1c990be92046e497777c906d3e8 27962032 SIG
Windows x86 web-based installer Windows b5679902ff7913e0fbcdfbe43193e306 889384 SIG