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Python 3.11.6

Release Date: Oct. 2, 2023

Python 3.11 release logo

This is the sixth maintenance release of Python 3.11

Python 3.11.6 is the newest major release of the Python programming language, and it contains many new features and optimizations.

Major new features of the 3.11 series, compared to 3.10

Some of the new major new features and changes in Python 3.11 are:

General changes

  • PEP 657 -- Include Fine-Grained Error Locations in Tracebacks
  • PEP 654 -- Exception Groups and except*
  • PEP 680 -- tomllib: Support for Parsing TOML in the Standard Library
  • gh-90908 -- Introduce task groups to asyncio
  • gh-34627 -- Atomic grouping ((?>...)) and possessive quantifiers (*+, ++, ?+, {m,n}+) are now supported in regular expressions.
  • The Faster CPython Project is already yielding some exciting results. Python 3.11 is up to 10-60% faster than Python 3.10. On average, we measured a 1.22x speedup on the standard benchmark suite. See Faster CPython for details.

Typing and typing language changes

  • PEP 673 -- Self Type
  • PEP 646 -- Variadic Generics
  • PEP 675 -- Arbitrary Literal String Type
  • PEP 655 -- Marking individual TypedDict items as required or potentially-missing
  • PEP 681 -- Data Class Transforms

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