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Python 3.1.0

Release Date: June 26, 2009

Python 3.1 has been superseded by 3.1.1. You can download 3.1.1.

Python 3.1 final was released on June 27th, 2009.

Python 3.1 is a continuation of the work started by Python 3.0, the new backwards-incompatible series of Python. Improvements in this release include:

  • An ordered dictionary type
  • Various optimizations to the int type
  • New unittest features including test skipping and new assert methods.
  • A much faster io module
  • Tile support for Tkinter
  • A pure Python reference implementation of the import statement
  • New syntax for nested with statements

See these resources for further information:


This is a production release.

We currently support these formats for download:

The source tarballs and Mac installer are signed with Benjamin Peterson's key (fingerprint: 12EF 3DC3 8047 DA38 2D18 A5B9 99CD EA9D A413 5B38). The Windows installers are signed with Martin von Löwis' public key which has a key id of 7D9DC8D2. The public keys are located on the download page.

SHA1 checksums and sizes of the released files:

8590b685654367e3eba70dc00df7e45e88c21da4  11359455  python-3.1.tgz
f8c610f47e6c9420314e48871b9c697a93ed2e42   9510460  python-3.1.tar.bz2
2a0dc4829e5d3842d363a16594e077b8d7e2df88  14094336  python-3.1.amd64.msi
4b499d3e4ba47f8c7f814ef379cb24c89f9b43c1  13814272  python-3.1.msi
02ceddc7d2b65b7d378ca9f333e43f9b0bec7bb1  17119035  python-3.1.dmg
[1]The binaries for AMD64 will also work on processors that implement the Intel 64 architecture (formerly EM64T), i.e. the architecture that Microsoft calls x64, and AMD called x86-64 before calling it AMD64. They will not work on Intel Itanium Processors (formerly IA-64).

Full Changelog


Version Operating System Description MD5 Sum File Size GPG
Gzipped source tarball Source release 26d10a8f591886af67b2b19e155e8daf 47.6 MB SIG
bzip2 compressed source tarball Source release f64437a24d39f1917aa1878cc70621f6 9.1 MB SIG
Mac OS X installer macOS fd1547fefabd7f73f9a038b812fd1017 16.3 MB SIG
Windows x86 MSI installer Windows 85b0ce2e6dc5334d856a3fba534010b3 13.2 MB SIG
Windows x86-64 MSI installer Windows for AMD64/EM64T/x64 9c90c9bbdd4bab5124802a9b43b95f3b 13.4 MB SIG